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Welcome to The Double Dare Web. This is your one stop jam packed Double Dare information station. Here you will find accurate information, pictures, sounds, and much about all centered around the best kids game show of all time Double Dare. Please Check back for frequent updates. I'd love to hear from you. Please SIGN THE GUESTBOOK or EMAIL ME!

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Double Dare: History and Info This is a brief history of the show as well as the vital information to each version of the series.

Double Dare: Show Format This is a basic outline the Double Dare of what happened during an ordinary episode of Double Dare, Super Sloppy Double Dare, Fox Family Double Dare, and Family Double Dare.

Your Double Dare Host: Marc Summers Double Dare had one host, one of the most talented men in television, Marc Summers. This is a short biography of his life, career, and battle with OCD.

This Is Your Announcer, Harvey Though Double Dare had 2 announcers, one man will always be remembered as the voice of Double Dare, Harvey. This is a short bio of his life and career.

The Messiest Minute In TV: The Obstacle Course Every episode of Double Dare ended with the obstacle course. Here you will find a list of almost every obstacle used on the program.

It's Copy Cat Double Dare And Now here your Copy Cat Double Dare hosts, Ray Combs, Michael Berger, Xuxa, JD Roth and many more. Double Dare had many shows that tried to copy it's sucess but they usually feel down in defeat.

Life After Double Dare After Double Dare stopped production in 1993, Marc moved on in his career and did other projects as well as make apperences on various television shows. This sections explores this part of his life.

Full Episodes Of Double Dare I have done away with audio clips and will now be providing you with FULL episodes of Double Dare. The episodes will be changed frequently.

Double Dare Links Here is a list of links to pages that are related to this one. Please check them out.

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