The Guild of Taxis
The Guild of Taxis
Taxi is the Discworld's primary means of arcane transportation.
For the small fee of A$5 our members will transport you wherever you need to go.
All members can transport to and from Ankh-Morpork, Djelibeybi, Ohulan-Cutash, Lancre town, Genua and Bes Pelargic.
For most members this is merely the start of a much larger collection.

To hire a taxi simply type 'who taxi' and then send a tell to a member,
stating your
location and your destination.
Please remember to state the location first as this helps to avoid confusion.

Please pay the moment the taxi member arrives.
Do not wait until after the door is cast or you have moved through it.
Often the member will not be travelling through with you and if you pay immediately there is less chance of a forgotten fare.

Note that there is no need to send greetings before the request, it is just wasting time. A simple 'hello, could you please take me from x to y' is all that is needed.

Please do not shout for a taxi as this may lead to confusion or simply go unheard.
Please do not use multi-tells and avoid asking several different members in rapid succession.  Once again this is needlessly confusing.
If the member you ask is unable to assist you, your request will be forwarded to the club channel where every member will see it.

Please do not go afk or wander off on a killing spree after requesting a taxi and be sure that you are waiting in the correct location.
We would not wish to keep other customers waiting because a client is not ready.

If you are hiding in order to avoid Playerkillers, please inform the Taxi member of this. Otherwise please remain visible.

Finally, we do
not appreciate Netspeak.
Netspeak or SMS shorthand is removing letters from words to save time.
eg: cn u tk me pls?   Learn to spell or learn to walk. Thank you.
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Taxi: when roads fail
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