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Politics in our family is, to say the least, rather interesting.  In most things we both tend to agree - in most things.  Politics is the one place we have some major differences.

Because of this "variance of opinion" in one particular subject, POLITICS, our political convention center is split - there's "her" corner of the room, and there's "my" corner of the room.

Don't mis-understand this.  We're both conservatives, we're both also Republican.  This really makes no difference with our politics.  I'm right, she's a "bleeding heart".  She can't help it, that's just the way she is.


The two corners of our little convention center are totally serious.  In them, you'll find serious issues - put forward in a serious manner.  It's just that we've agreed to dis-agree on a few things.
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Susan's Ideas Toward Life and The Way Things Should Be

The Original Bumper Stickers Pages
(An area of definite agreement)

The Proper Way of Looking At Life
(also known as "My Way")

William Jefferson Clinton
(The Clinton Thefts)
(An area of definite agreement)

Our President
(President George W. Bush)
Contrast this page with the pages concerning Bill Clinton

(An area of definite agreement)

Cowboys In The White House
(It's a good thing too)
(An area of definite agreement)

Hollywood Heroes
Once there were real heroes in Hollywood

The Confederate States of America
Supporting the True History of the Confederate States of America
(An area of definite agreement)

Our Vote Protest
In the 2000 elections, despite everything, military absentee votes STILL were not counted.  To this day they are still uncounted, and probably never will be.
(An area of definite agreement)

The Presidential Speech I'd Like To Hear
This speech would definitely wake-up the world

History Forgotten
Those of you that graduated from school after the early 1960's were probably never taught this.
(An area of definite agreement)

Gun Control

Supporting the 2nd Amendment to The Constitution of The United States of America
(An area of definite disagreement, but I'm right)

Rush Limbaugh
Is Rush ALWAYS Right?
(A gray area, usual agreement)

Who is it that really gives us our freedoms?
(An area of definite agreement)

A Remarkable Obituary
The death of Mr. Common Sense

While "Conservatives" Sleep
A wake-up call for this country.  Some of the ways our government is stealing our rights out from under us
(Another gray area, tending toward agreement)

The True Redneck
What it REALLY means to be a redneck

Andy Rooney
In December 2005 Andy told "how it should be"
to his "60 Minutes" listeners.

(Another gray area, I agree, Sue's being a bleeding heart)

Save Our National Anthem
It's time to stand up and defend our National Anthem from foreigners

The Real History of Extremism
Do you remember your history as it REALLY Happened?

The UN is Anti-American
How the UN votes

This is a method that could really work


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