It is our intent to create a respectful environment for understanding and healing, a Discussion-Safety-Zone for Related Topics, while maintaining our Visitors' Zones-of-Privacy, and to interact on a non-judgmental basis. Today far too many communities fail to create these safety-zones!
Hi Folks, how are you today?
Legal Issues and Court Cases:
                           affecting sex offenders
Hi Folks, how are you today?
It is our intent to create a respectful environment for understanding and healing, a Discussion-Safety-Zone for Related Topics, while maintaining our Visitors' Zones-of-Privacy, and to interact on a non-judgmental basis. Today far too many communities fail to create these safety-zones!

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Accessing Federal and State Legislatures, Court Systems, and US Congress

--- Sex Offender Legislation ---
Ever wonder how this all got started? ... Are you or your family overwhelmed by all this?
Should it bother you that rights of citizens (sex offenders) are being rendered meaningless?
Who do you speak to about this legislation? ... How do you voice your opinion?
Click Here

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Legal Issues & Court Cases Affectine Sex Offenders
News & Noteworthy: Articles Concerning Sex offender Issues
Beyond the Abuse: A Personal Recovery Program
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