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The Gallery

" Ari Gilad Posters, from March 2008.

" Michel Opatowski's last works", At The Israeli Association of Painters,Tel Aviv, Elharizi st, opening on the 16's February 2000 HRS, February 2008.

New paintings by Effi Carmel. June 2006.

Michel Opatowski NBA prints.. From December 2004.

Yacin Kochba " Road Signs ", from May 2004.

August, 2002, Nahoum Cohen " Man in Urban Space ".

Orna Wertman Photoworks and installations, from June 6, 2002.

" David Tartakover's Posters-no commercial value " from October 2001.

" Red Line ", by Yachin Kochba, from July 07, 2001.

" Ronnie Setter's Paintings" , from 17 March, 2001.

Menahem Erez - " Manual Photography ", From the first of December, 2000.

Orna Wertman - Autonomous Photography. From August 2000.

Nahoum Cohen drawings, from the first April, 2000.

Menahem Mizrahi, Israeli realist painter.

Les Champs 2000 de la Sculpture. Open air sculpture in Paris, France.

" Mystical Library "An exhibition - by Efi Carmel.

The Israeli pvilion at the Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, June - October 1999.

" Book of Creation " - Special project.

The paintings done in the process of " Book of Creation ".

Gabriel Benzano, " Drawings in metal ".

Menahem Erez, " Auto Portraits " 1981 - 1998.

15th' Century French Misericords

1998 Menahem Erez second Internet exhibition

1996 Menahem Erez first Internet exhibition



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