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Islam's 'plan' to take over America
Arab-American author outlines secret 20-year strategy to undermine country

A refugee from the Muslim Middle East thinks he has discovered Islam's 20-point plan for conquering the United States by 2020 – a plan revealed in the latest issue of Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

Anis Shorrosh, author of ''Islam Revealed'' and ''The True Furqan,'' is a Christian Arab-American who emigrated from Arab-controlled Jerusalem in January 1967.

''The following is my analysis of Islamic invasion of America, the agenda of Islamists and visible methods to take over America by the year 2020,'' Shorrosh says. ''Will Americans continue to sleep through this invasion as they did when we were attacked on 9/11?''

1. Terminate America's freedom of speech by replacing it with statewide and nationwide hate-crime bills.

2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other visible religious personalities who promote Islam as the religion of African-Americans while insisting Christianity is for whites only. What they fail to tell African-Americans is that it was Arab Muslims who captured them and sold them as slaves. In fact, the Arabic word for black and slave is the same, ''Abed.''

3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and Christianity with the same monotheistic faith.

4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office to bring about favorable legislation toward Islam and support potential sympathizers by block voting.

5. Take control of as much of Hollywood, the press, TV, radio and the Internet as possible by buying the related corporations or a controlling stock.

6. Yield to the fear of the imminent shut-off of the lifeblood of America – black gold. America’s economy depends on oil and 41 percent of it comes from the Middle East.

7. Yell ''foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist, un- American, inaccurate interpretation of the Quran'' anytime Islam is criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena.

8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamists who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire government positions and get membership in local school boards. Train Muslims as medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies. (Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors in America are, when their countries need them more desperately than America?) Take over the computer industry. Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way.

9. Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via:

  • Massive immigration (100,000 annually since 1961).
  • Use no birth control whatsoever – every baby of Muslim parents is automatically a Muslim and cannot choose another religion later.
  • Muslim men must marry American women and Islamize them (10,000 annually). Then divorce them and remarry every five years – since one can't legally marry four at one time. This is a legal solution in America.
  • Convert angry, alienated black inmates and turn them into militants (so far 2,000 released inmates have joined al-Qaida worldwide). Only a few ''sleeper cells'' have been captured in Afghanistan and on American soil.

10. Reading, writing, arithmetic and research through the American educational system, mosques and student centers (now 1,500) should be sprinkled with dislike of Jews, evangelical Christians and democracy. There are currently 300 exclusively Muslim schools in the U.S. which teach loyalty to the Quran, not the U.S. Constitution. In January of 2002, Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Washington mailed 4,500 packets of the Quran and videos promoting Islam to America's high schools – free of charge. Saudi Arabia would not allow the U.S. to reciprocate.

11. Provide very sizeable monetary Muslim grants to colleges and universities in America to establish ''Centers for Islamic studies'' with Muslim directors to promote Islam in higher-education institutions.

12. Let the entire world know through propaganda, speeches, seminars, local and national media that terrorists have hijacked Islam, when in truth, Islam hijacked the terrorists.

13. Appeal to the historically compassionate and sensitive Americans for sympathy and tolerance towards Muslims in America who are portrayed as mainly immigrants from oppressed countries.

14. Nullify America's sense of security by manipulating the intelligence community with misinformation. Periodically terrorize Americans with reports of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment buildings and malls.

15. Form riots and demonstrations in the prison system demanding Islamic Sharia as the way of life, not America's justice system.

16. Open numerous charities throughout the U.S., but use the funds to support Islamic terrorism with American dollars.

17. Raise interest in Islam on America's campuses by insisting freshman take at least one course on Islam.

18. Unify the numerous Muslim lobbies in Washington, mosques, Islamic student centers, educational organizations, magazines and papers by Internet and an annual convention to coordinate plans, propagate the faith and engender news in the media.

19. Send intimidating messages and messengers to the outspoken individuals who are critical of Islam and seek to eliminate them by hook or crook.

20. Applaud Muslims as loyal citizens of the U.S. by spotlighting their voting record as the highest percentage of all minority and ethic groups in America.

Shorrosh is a member of the Oxford Society of Scholars, has traveled in 76 countries, and is a lecturer and producer of TV documentaries. ''Islam Revealed'' is a bestseller now in its eighth printing. His forthcoming 10th book, from which the 20-point plan is abridged, is titled ''Islam: A Threat or a Challenge.''

From: WorldNetDaily © 2003

Farrakan's Nation of Islam, the Black Panther and New Black Panther Parties with all their black wanna-be Muslims, there are also REAL Muslims and their communities are springing up everywhere. The rapidly growing Afro-American Muslim wannabes are the ones who encourages racism against the "whites" more than any other racist afro-American groups in the USA! To make this clear, everybody talks about the slavery that was in America. Nobody mentions that South-America had more African slaves than any country in the world! Brazil had once a population of 3 million people and 1.5 million were African slaves! Why else are there now so many black-skinned people in South America? yet, no one mentioned that Jews were once slaves in Egypt, in fact, anti-Jew, anti-white-people and anti-everything that is not Islamic is taught by these Afro-American wannabe Muslims who demand nothing less than the holocaust of all "white" Americans! Let's take a look at the "Quotes From Today's Civil Rights Movement"!!! to see what their sentiment is! Don't forget that they are the ones who are making it only worse for the decent Afro-Americas in the USA! There are now approximately 7-8 million Muslims in the United States. More than a quarter of a million people of Arab descent live in southeastern Michigan, making the area the second-largest Arab community outside the Middle East (after Paris, France). One frightening example of their prolific growth in American is Dearborn, Michigan. Of a total population of 90,000 Dearborn residents, 25,000 are now Arabs! And of all the Dearborn children under the age of 18, a full 58% are Arab children! Other developing centers of Arab/Muslim growth are Florida, Texas, New Jersey and California. God Bless America! or will Allah bless America? If you are an American, do you really think you have freedom in your country? Here are some articles about Idaho: terror ties, terror financing, or what about "Funding Islamic hate

Every year huge numbers of Arabs/Muslims from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwaitis, Syria, Egypt, Albania and dozens of other ethnic Muslim states who hate America swarm into the United States and add to the already increasing numbers of Arab/Muslim. However, according to a Worldviews 2002 survey, 76 percent of Americans say that "based on the events of Sept. 11, 2001, U.S. immigration laws should be tightened to restrict the number" of Arab or Muslim immigrants. Despite recent poll, government continues program 'importing Islam'. And every year hundreds of mosques, which preach the extermination of all non-Muslims and the Islamization of America, are being added to the thousands already pointing their minarets skyward. The vast majority (80%) of American mosques are funded with Saudi Arabian money and most subscribe to 18th century Wahhabism that calls for the spread of Islam through violence. Many mosques, "Islamic Learning Centers" and Arab/Muslim Student Unions are distributing large numbers of pamphlets and leaflets attacking Judaism, Christianity and other non-Muslim religions and urging young Americans (esp. angry black Americans) to convert to Islam! Not surprisingly, a large number of African-Americans convert to Islam while in the prison systems! The National Islamic Prison Foundation, which coordinates a campaign to convert inmates to Islam claim an average of 135,000 such conversions per year. And if thousands of self-hating, Leftwing Jews hadn't already converted to Buddhism, they too might be targeted!

The nerve of these evil people to exploit the freedoms given to them here in America and other democracies when their goal is to extinguish ALL freedom! Even though America helped the Middle-East so much! Don't forget America's attack on Serbia to aid ethnic Albanians into making Serbian's province Kosovo an Islamic state!

Many Arabs in America are a disloyal fifth column. They work relentlessly to undermine the U.S. struggle to survive in the face of the growing Muslim terrorist threat. The huge Muslim birthrate, Muslim immigration, the massive expansion of Muslim religious and educational institutions that convert Christians to Islam and the purchase of major U.S. companies by Muslim oil sheiks are all also part of their strategy. America's great friend (???), Saudi Arabia, from whose land came fifteen of the nineteen September 11th Arab hijackers (who flattened the World Trade Center, a portion of the Pentagon and made a very big hole in a Pennsylvania field), has for some time been spear-heading the spread of Islamic doctrine. The Saudis have wholly or partly financed some 210 Islamic Centers, more than 1,500 mosques and 202 colleges and almost 2,000 schools for educating Muslim children in non-Islamic countries in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, Australia and America. Check out the mosque near you and look for Islamic propagandists exalting the virtues of Islam to appear soon in YOUR kid's school. Speaking of schools, watch them try to infuse Islam and Islamic rights INTO school systems! And don't forget to pick up the U.S. Postal Service's new 34 cent Eid-il-Mubarak stamp!

Some Americans will continue to portray the September 11, 2001 attacks as the work of a lunatic fringe rather than of a global religious movement. The perpetrators of the attacks in New York and Washington are being portrayed as Muslim "extremists" when in fact, they were "faithful" Muslims. Most of the Muslims in America are also "faithful" to Islam. For proof, click here! As the matter of fact, Bush's grandpa helped the Nazis in World War 2 to enrich himself. With that money he used to finance the studies of his son who became a president (Bush Senior). Bush is a Knight at the Skull and Bones sect!

The USA is without a superpower but what will happen if the USA gets, for example, gets another September 11th but without planes but, let's say, 8 atomic bombs!? (from Arabia perhaps?) and the growing 8 million Muslims in the USA began their Jihad?. Suggestion for the USA: Get rid of Bush and put someone else as president who REALLY understands the TRUE VALUES of the USA and the truth about Islam!

Before we go on, is there anything about fire in the Koran (September 11 remember?) how about this! verse 76.4 in the Koran: Surely We have prepared for the unbelievers chains and shackles and a burning fire.

The U.S.- Canadian border is 4,000 miles long. Nearly all of this runs along territory which can never be fortified! Those seeking to sneak into the United States can do so by simply crossing waist high streams or forested areas. Geographically, Canada is the second largest country on Earth yet her population is but a puny 28 million. The earliest record of a Muslim presence in Canada dates back to 1871 when the Canadian census recorded just 13 Muslim residents! One hundred and ten years later in 1981 there were 98,165 Muslims. And now, just 20 years after that last census, there are 400,000 Muslims in Canada! There are more than 80 mosques in Canada, four of which are located in Ottawa alone. In addition to mosques there are numerous locations in most major cities where space (known as musallah) is set aside for prayer purposes.

News Flash: Not all of these Muslims drive taxis! Experts estimate that there are at least 50 international terrorist organizations operating in Canada, including al-Qaida. Many of them are campus organizers pushing forward their anti-Israel and anti-West agendas. Thus, on September 9, 2002 on Montreal's Concordia University, violent clashes erupted between riot police and Arab/Muslim demonstrato rs preventing a speech by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So much for free speech and democratic values. Is this the sort of "secular, democratic state" that Arafat and his "Palestinian" nation-builders envision?

For a while there was talk about the province of Quebec (containing both Montreal and Quebec City) separating from Canada and forming its own government. Perhaps in time the Muslims will want a chunk of Canada for their own Islamic Republic!

Every single Muslim country on this planet is brutal dictatorships. Make no mistake about it. Islam is on the move and is prepared to extinguish any and all civilizations that gets in its way. Muslims are fundamentally non-assimilatible. Many foot soldiers of Islam have been sent to the four corners of the globe to "blend in" as "sleepers" and form future terror cells to await the call for action. Islam stands out among "religions" for its murderous tendency wherever it builds up to "critical mass," typically 20% or more of a given population? How many countries have been, or will be, partitioned or redrawn to accommodate Islamic constituencies? With the world's Muslim population now DOUBLING every 35 years, the trends are clear and these processes are irreversible. Unless the civilized world resists and fights back, Muslims will vanquish the planet within a few decades. Only THEN will the "civilized world" know what devilish barbarism and uncompromising rigidity Israel and Serbia has for so long been up against!!!

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. One out of every five people in the world is now a Muslim! One out of every three babies born in the world today are Muslim. Apparently the Muslims can still breed with a vengeance much faster than they can purge each other off the planet. Interestingly, there are no "hate groups" in 'Islamic countries. They don't need hate groups as long as hate is institutionalized right from the local mosques! For sure the most dangerous time on the streets for non-Muslims is right after the mosque prayers end on Friday evening!

The vast majority of Muslims, even in the West, are loyal and wedded to basic Koranic values. At best, they are passive supporters of fundamentalist and militant Islam and hope for the eventual destruction of Israel; at worst, they are vocal (or active) supporters of the Arab suicidal/homicidal bombers and plot for the eventual transformation of Western, democracies into Islamic nations. This is not to say there aren't Muslims who are "good" people; obviously there are. But Muslim culture, values and outlook is warlike, violent, undemocratic and with a set of rules and values diametrically opposed to Judeo-Christian teachings. Will the Muslim world ever change or try to compromise? THIS is indeed unlikely for they have declared that "any compromise is impossible for us since the Islamic Laws were laid down by Allah himself, not by men!" So the next time you feel like lecturing Israel on how to get along with the Muslim world, think instead how YOU will get along with that same Muslim world when they come looking for you!

World War III is underway and it's much more sinister than you could have imagined. Through centuries of fanatical conquests (Jihads) and terrorism (when Jihads failed), Islam has metastasized into a modern day world cancer. As we speak, the civilized world is beginning to collapse under it and has no idea how to react. How does one stop a grotesque cult which will settle for nothing less than TOTAL world domination? So while the U.S. looks under every rock for Osama bin Laden, the bloody borders of Islam are closing in on all sides... for in fact EVERY American Muslim has the potential to become a bin Laden or an abettor of a bin Laden!

The Western World lives in regret and is apologetic for all their empires, discrimination, dictators and etc. Whilst the Muslim World lives in hate and is militant and doesn't stop until the whole world is Muslim. Even a Jew-basher/Israeli-basher like Pat Buchanan has it correct when he wrote... "In population, Islam is exploding, the West dying. Islamic warriors are willing to suffer defeat and death, the West recoils at casualties. They are full of grievance; we, full of guilt. Where Islam prevails, it asserts a right to impose its dogma, while the West preaches equality. Islam is assertive, the West apologetic – about its crusaders, conquerors and empires. Don't count Islam out. It is the fastest growing faith in Europe and has surpassed Catholicism worldwide. And as Christianity expires in the West and the churches empty out, the mosques are going up." WorldnetDaily-12/7/01.

An impending disaster lies ahead. Unfortunately the U.S. military cannot help for it was always preparing for the wrong war. Soviet or Chinese communism was never driven by such fanaticism. Besides, the Russians stayed in Russian and the Chinese in China. By contrast, the Soldiers of Islam are spreading into all societies... first as simple shop owners and cab drivers, then students, then student activists, then violent agitators and finally assassins and bombers. Look for a mosque to appear soon in YOUR neighborhood!

Check out this article by Dr. Mark Gabriel! WHY ISLAMIC TERRORISTS DO WHAT THEY DO


Dr. Mark Gabriel, former professor of Islamic history at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, the most prestigious Islamic Univeristy in the world, was able to quote the entire Quran by the time he was twelve years old. Raised in Egypt, in the midst of
a breeding ground of Islamic terrorists, he spent his formative years deep inside the confines of Muslim influence.  His own family disowned him after he converted to Christianity, and angry Muslims tried to kill him several times.  He escaped his homeland and now resides in the United States.  As a reflection of his new life in Christ, he chose a Christian name to replace his Muslim name.


Since September 11, Western leaders and the media have told us that Islam is a peaceful religion.  We have been badly
misinformed says Gabriel.  He grew up in an upstanding family in Cairo and knew the Quran verse by verse by age 12, but no matter how much he knew about Islamic teaching, he could not reconcile the teachings with what he saw fanatical Muslims doing in the name of Islam.  Such questioning led to a devastating result - he was fired from the university, hunted down by the
Egyptian secret police, dragged from his family's home in the middle of the night, and thrown into prison where he was tortured, still bearing the scars today.  Through the intervention of a politically high-ranking family member he was released from prison.

Gabriel was so traumatized by this treatment that for one year he refused - could not - have faith in G-d.  "For one year I lived without any faith," he says.  Finally, a pharmacist gave him a Bible.  At home he opened the Bible to Matthew 5:38 and read, "You have heard it said, 'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth... . If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other
also" (NIV).

He had never heard words as inspiring as this in the Quran.  "I had come face to face with the L-rd Jesus Christ," he says.  As
he continued to read, comparing the Bible to what he knew of the Quran, Gabriel knew he was finally encountering the true G-d, and by dawn he surrendered his life to Christ.  Gabriel's father was angry to learn of his son's new faith and also of a gift of a
cross he received from a Christian couple on a 1994 family business trip to South Africa.  He pulled a gun and threatened to kill him.  To escape this threat and the routine persecution Christians face, he fled to South Africa where he grew in the Christian
faith and in his relationship with Jesus Christ.


As a freshman college student, Gabriel says one of the most popular lecturers was a blind Sheik.  Gabriel asked why he never talked about the love, peace and forgiveness in Islam.  Angered, the sheik said, "Jihad and killing are the head of Islam.  If you
take them out, you cut off the head of Islam."
That blind man was Omar Abdel Rahman who was convicted of masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  Before he came to America, he was the spiritual leader of the radical Egyptian group al-Jihad, which killed President Anwar Sadat.

Westerners have a hard time understanding terrorists, especially since a deceptively sanitized version is presented to the West.  But Gabriel says these people are not crazy but are following a philosophy.  Islam means "submission" and the world Muslim means "one who submits to Allah."  The Quran was started in A.D. 610 when Muhammad said the angel Gabriel spoke to him while he was meditating in a cave near Mecca.

Muhammad wrote down these words as they were received - they were supposed to be the direct words of Allah.  It is significant that the revelations came over a period of 22 years.  The books of 'Hadith' are another set of holy writings that record a verified account of what Muhammad did and said during his life.

Muhammad's life and teachings have served to establish principles of warfare and coersion that are practiced today.  The revelations he received are dictated by periods in his life.  When there is a contradiction in Quranic verses (which Gabriel questions), Islamic scholars had to determine which verses to follow.  "This was accomplished by the principle of naskh," which means that the new revelations would override previous revelations.

There are at least 114 verses in the Quran that speak of love, peace, and forgiveness ("The Heifer" Surah 2:62, 109).  "But when Surah 9:5 was revealed later, it canceled out those previous verses," Gabriel says.  "This Surah is known as the 'verse of the sword," and it explains that Muslims must fight anyone who chooses not to convert to Islam, whether they are inside or outside
of Arabia.  It is considered to be the final development of jihad in Islam."


Jihad (holy war) is a command to all Muslims enforced by the Quran.  The focus is to overcome people who do not accept Islam.  Islam is a religion of works.  Dying in jihad is a great honor, and it is the only way a Muslim is assured of entering Paradise at all.  This is why you see Muslims leaving their own nations to fight jihad in other countries.  "Their motivation is religious, which is much more dangerous than a political motivation," Gabriel says.  Jihad is the motivation behind almost every act of terrorism
done in the name of Islam.  After the death of Muhammad, different factions rose up to carry on the faith - which became the Sunni and Shiite Muslims.  Gabriel cites many reasons why Islam became such a dominant force so quickly, one being that violence was a ubiquitous part of the culture at the time and this type of religious conquest fit easily into the regional character.

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