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Last revised: December 28, 2003.

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Nothing has happened with this site for a long time. Well it might now. I think the first thing to do is get Fido working again. He seems to have run off with a poodle!


Better get rid of the dead links too!

This page has only one reason for being; to prove to me I can do it!! You may find it boring. If so go to another site. I have tried all the toys I can work in FrontPage and when I've worked out the others I'll try them too.


COMING Not at all SOON!!


Now for other things. Try the one that interests you.



The Theatre page  




This one just appeared from nowhere! Really scary!!


Flight Sim Stuff



  The Page of the Strange Has music and an airfield section that might be useful to normal people!!

Theology and Philosophy Page

 The Silly page Has some useful stuff as well


 Big Boys Toys!


This is very important!


The Vulcan Page


This one is very, very silly.

The Hamster Dance  (The hamsters seem to have left but it's still worth a visit)

Just to be helpful here's a search engine.

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Here's another. Jolly good it is too!!

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Microwave oven



Beaver cheese

Exploding fruit

Light bulb


Confetti Cannon


Chocolate Milk Shake

Top Secret


Burning Telly Tubbies

Yummy Things to Eat

Plasma Dome



Here are the links to other Home pages of people that I know.......

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Krowm's Personal Homepage


If more of my friends would care to start pages I could link to them!!


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