Mohawk Wolf Cub Pack, Baie D'Urfe, Quebec, Canada

Mohawk Wolf Cub Pack, Baie D'Urfe, Quebec, Canada
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Seneca District - Baie d'Urfé, Quebec, Canada

Mohawk Tree of Peace woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Cub Skills: Build KubKars, First Aid, Computers >>>
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Games and Activities: Rockets, Compass >>>
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Outdoor Skills: Canoeing, Snowshoe, Star ID >>>
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Fun: Jokes & Cheers, Top 10 List >>>
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Nature: Wolves, Loons, Beavers, Animal Tracks >>>
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Our Heritage: The Mohawk People / Animal
     Stories and Ojibwa Nanabush Legends
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Pack Admin: Sixer Duties, Uniform, Law/Promise >>>
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Internet Linked Cub Badge Requirements
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Web Picture Library: Animals, Crafts, Logos
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Meeting & Camp Calendars
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Where We Live, Pack Members, Cubs' Own Area
woodbullet.gif (174 bytes)Links to Other Scouting Sites, Website Comments
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