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Global City Management

Automatic fare Collection

Automatic Fare Collection

Public Transport Integration & Management



This site is directed to people who are involved to City Management, not only on the finance side but also involved with social programs, technology integration, Public Transport, Traffic, ...


Why such a Site ? 

We would like to give access to these people what is going on all around the world about this subject:

Trends in the world regarding City Management & Vision

Existing Projects where these concepts are implemented

Related Web Site that are treating these subjects

Related Technologies Web Site 

An general overview of Tools to help you to:

build a (and/or your) vision

 collect & help you to implement available technologies to improve your today and tomorrow management

Integrate most of these technologies inside of  "Control Center" that will give you a reliable information, statistics, trends...

evaluate city development projects taking in account feasibility, cost, return, social impact, environmental (sustainability) impact, future development

evaluate & calibrate your budgets

Build Taxation plan

...and much more...







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