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Welcome to greenchile505's HotPaw BASIC (yBasic) website.

HotPaw Basic is a high-tech, low-budget, portable, whiz-bang BASIC interpreter for the Palm Handheld computer. It supports form control, Palm Standard controls (buttons, drop-down lists, check boxes, input/output fields, etc!), as well as flexible database access, graphics functions, advanced math functions, bitmap control, and even Palm PRC creation (registered version). If you want to create your own Palm applications fast and on the go, yBasic is for you.

Prior to downloading and installing yBasic about a year ago, I had virtually no programming experience whatsoever. In just a few months I learned yBASIC...

  • ...from the manuals that come with it.

  • ...from the simple, effective tutorials that are in the docs.

  • ...from asking alot of questions.

  • ...from hanging out in the HotPaw Club on Yahoo.

  • ...from reading a few old BASIC books.

  • ...from experimenting ALOT.

You will see that the yBasic learning curve is very flat. The BASIC language was designed to make learning programming easy, but you will find that it is very powerful and capable. To be honest, I have no idea why you would want to program in any other language. I don't. As far as Palm programming goes, yBasic will allow you to write any type of program you want. Business apps, time/date apps, games, converters. You can even write apps that can interface with all of Palm's built in Applications.

The only problem people have with BASIC Interpreters is that programs generally run slower than "compiled" programs, which are usually written in other languages, such as C (or Forth). However, if you're just starting out, you will hardly care if your programs run a little slower than most commericial programs. You will be amazed that the program running on your Palm was written by yourself.

This website is a depository for programs I have written, maybe a few tutorials, and some other stuff, all HotPaw yBasic related. It is intended for new users just starting out, who may or may not have BASIC Programming experience, but need some help with yBasic programming conventions and techniques. It doesn't attempt to bridge gaps between QBasic, GWBasic or ANYOTHERBasic. It's just pure HotPaw BASIC.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email at the above address, anytime.


Some topics I'll discuss:

  • Graphics and Bitmaps. (not the same thing).
  • Creating a User Interface.
  • How to create programs with multiple forms.
  • The MemoPad 4k character limit.
  • Database access.
  • Using Pedit32 or RsrcEdit with yBASIC.
  • Converting programs into stand-alone Palm PRCs.
  • Adding resources to converted PRCs (color bitmaps & icons).
  • And more...

I will probably add to this list as needed. Please feel free to request discussion on any particular topic.

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