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  • HotPaw Basic Homepage (also in Menu)

  • Chipmunk Basic - get this. the author of yBasic, Ronald H Nicholson, Jr, also wrote a complete BASIC interpreter mostly for Macs. And it's free. One of these days, I'm gonna buy an old Mac laptop and learn Chipmunk Basic. (seriously).

  • Yahoo! Clubs cbaspadandhotpawbasic (Our one and only online forum!)

  • PalmGear - the mother of all palm software sites.

  • Baseball I - (on PalmGear.com (may add to [download] page))

  • Trader.bas - (on PalmGear.com (may add to [download] page))

  • bentmachine - very cool yBasic user website. check out his palm-bot and other stuff.

  • PPP Peter's Pilot Pages - serious palm reviews here.

  • TrueBASIC - ok, it's not directly HotPaw related, but these guys invented BASIC, so in a way it is HotPaw related. (also, you can now purchase "Back to Basic" from their website in PDF format (for a whopping 3 bucks!). It chronicles and historically describes the invention of the BASIC programming language, as told by the authors themselves. I read the whole book in one afternoon, it was that cool.


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