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In the next few days, I will be posting a full yBasic tutorial, with screen captures, that will demonstrate some of the capabilities of the yBasic programming platform. One of the nice things about yBasic is that it doesn't take much time at all to get a program up and running on your Palm. But, oh, the looks on your friends' faces when they tap the "Quit" button. They get that glazed look when they see the yBasic Main Screen. Believe me, I've seen it at least three dozen times. So, if you want to impress your friends and family, you can "package" your program to look and feel just like a Palm executible. That includes a fancy launcher icon, (big & small, color & b/w), some fancy bitmaps (if you want), and some bomber yBasic code.

So, for a starter tutorial I'm going to present a simple application that includes the following.

  • Color & b/w, big & small program icons.

  • Color & b/w bitmaps.

  • Multiple forms.

  • Buttons, drop down lists, check boxes, etc...

  • Some meaningful code that makes it all worthwhile.

  • A finished application that looks and feels like a compiled Palm Application.*

* we're not trying to fool anyone here, just make it easy for the end user to use the application. However, the finished product is not a fast, compact binary. It's not "compiled". It's still your yBasic program, which needs yBasic to run, but to the User, it looks like any normal Palm Application.

Things you'll need.


Since I haven't decided on an application for the first tutorial, I am taking requests at g.r.e.e.n.c.h.i.l.e.5.0.5@y.a.h.o.o.com (minus all the " . "s, of course).


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