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Friday 14th, Jan 2005

Okay ive added a link page, so if you wanna become an affiliate to my site then email me to submit your site and you will be linked back from mine.
««×°±°×»» Alex ««×°±°×»»

Tuesday 11th, Jan 2005

I've added the lyrics to all of the American Idiot album. I will be adding the boys' older album's lyrics in the next few weeks.
««×°±°×»» Alex ««×°±°×»»

Monday 10th, Jan 2005

Yup, yup, yup I've been adding shit loads. Ive added the guys quotes (more coming) and a guestbook/fan comments, so if you wanna post a message bout your fave member then go to Fan Comments.
Plus there's a new page for fan's stories, so if you have any then be sure to send them in to me.
««×°±°×»» Alex ««×°±°×»»

Sunday 9th, Jan 2005

Okay so I've added Mike & Tre's Biographies aswell as all the boys pictures. I'm still getting around to adding their official news and updates page, this is basically just informing yous on the sites progress.... so keep checking BACK!!
««×°±°×»» Alex ««×°±°×»»

Wednesday 5th, Jan 2005

Check out Green Day's NEWS, BIOS, PICTURES, TOUR INFO & heaps more coming soon. In the next week i'll be adding more to Billie Joes biography and adding Tre & Mike's bios awell as HEAPS of pics and tour updates. Okay no news as of yet... considering i only started this website January 5th i think thats pretty fair.
««×°±°×»» Alex ««×°±°×»»

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