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*As you enter through the open door of the Greenwich Village Lodging House at 23 Leroy Street, you notice a desk on your immediate left, with a blonde sitting at it, going through the ledger.* *She notices you, and looks up and smiles* *With a soft British accent, she begins to speak*

"Oh, 'ello!" *Closes the ledger and stands up* "I'm Sunset Westing, I'm the leader around here, as well as the owner of this house." *she smiles congenially* " Were you looking for a place to stay?

*You nod your head*

*She smiles* "Well, you're in luck! I do believe that we've some bunks available. I just need you to fill out these forms, and we'll see about getting you a spot!" *She smiles again* "Tobey Masters is the leader of the boys here, though I believe he's out selling right now.."*her eyebrows furrow a bit, and then she nods, sure of herself.*

"Would you like a quick tour of the house?"

*You quietly nod your head again*

*Sunset smiles and begins the tour* " This is the lobby, as I'm sure you can tell. Through that door is the kitchen. Help yourself to whatever you like, whenever you like. And that right there is the living room and library, with all of the couches and bookshelves. Also, on that wall right there, is where our territory is posted." *she takes you up a flight of stairs* "The second floor is home to the Girl's Bunkroom." * Up another flight of stairs.* "This is where the washrooms are, for both the boys and the girls. Ready to go up some more stairs?" *she smiles brightly*

*You sigh and nod yet again*

*You reach the fourth floor* "This is the fourth floor, where the Boys' Bunkroom is." *Takes you up one last flight of stairs. Through the door is an immense room, filled with couches and chairs and rugs.* "This is our Lounge, where we can just relax and hang out, and talk." *shrugs* " I guess that's it... make yourself at home! *she smiles one last time before heading down the stairs*

Tobey Masters and Sunset Westing, Co-Leaders













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