Hello and welcome to my Final Fantasy pages. My name is Gunn Solo and in the following pages you will be able to download the roms for the Final Fantasy titles that never made it to Australia ( I, II, III, IV, V & VI).You can see some shots from the FF8 ending and the Lyrics to a few of the songs and characters profiles
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
FF roms and emulators (Nes & Snes)
Lyrics to FF8 intro and some pics from the ending
Final Fantasy 8
FF8 Characters profile
FF8 Character profile2
Final Fantasy: the movie info
"Eyes on me" Lyrics. Also there is an explanation of the ending
Final Fantasy X by Aytac
My best friend & mine page. lots of pics and info about us
Janus: the God of time. A must for Quake fans
Good name for a band. Three guys kicking ass on stage
Why is it called Final Fantasy? Here's the answer!!
For any questions contact me at TidusXXVI@hotmail.com
Akuma. A friend and his brand new page
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