"Pooh Bear"
8/19/1993 - 12/10/2004
On December 10th, 2004 God seen fit to take our Beloved Pooh Bear away to be with him. It was sudden and very tramatic to us. He died on the way to the vet.  His kidneys had completely shut down and we had no warning.  We will miss our friend, companion, protector, and most of all Our Fur Baby.  He was our child, only with four legs and fur. May he rest in Peace while he waits at the Rainbow Bridge for us to join him, where we can all cross over together.
"HI" I'm "Pooh Bear",  I was born on August 19, 1993 , I came to live at Hillside when I was 8 wks. old. I have soley taken over the place. It now belongs to me. Check out my page and join me in a Day in a Dogs Life.
This is "Bear" at 8 wks. old, Now tell me who could resist this sweet little Face?  Not Me!
This is "Bear" keeping watch over his domain. "Guard Dog"
"Frisbee" any one?  "Bear" is the "Frisbee King" of Hillside. Play can be such hard work!
When the people that live with me go to the Horse Shows, I get to go along. I am the "Official Greeter" Oh yes, this is my chair.
"Let me tell you something, If you listen to these humans, Life will be much easier on you. I'm the official "Consultant" here.
"Bear" at Work.  He keeps all the critters at Hillside in line. He's Good!
"HEY", did you think he would'nt be tired after all that work?  you can bet this Guarder, Protector, Counselor, Frisbee Chaser, Friend to All, can be found at Rest!  Not all is work at Hillside.  And no one could find a more Loyal friend than "POOH BEAR"!
Our last picture taken of Pooh Bear before he was laid to rest.  He took with him his favorite toys, Dino and Pony, his scarf and leash.
This casket was made by the loving hands of my Father, who loved Bear as much as we did. May he walk beside us silently.

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