(Royalton Muffintte x Rohan Elessar)
American Morgan Horse Assn.
April 5, 1986
Black,   14.3 hds.
Stud Fee: Private Treaty
Photo at 6 years
"Stoney " was born at Hillside Acres.  We owned his Granddam, Alert's Miss Muffet (Lippitt Ethan Georgia x Lippitt Moro Alert). She was the only full Lippitt offspring of Georgia. Georgia was a Multi-World Champion producer. We also owned his dam Royalton Muffinette (Alert's Miss Muffet x Royalton Ebenezer). "Stoney" is pure, solid black. He has no chestnut genes, and cannot produce a chestnut. He has been breeding here a Hillside for quite some time now. He passes on his looks and disposition to his offspring. He is 14.3 hands and very stocky in build. He is handled soley by a woman. I use him in Parades, on the trail and in the Huron County Posse events. He's always a Gentleman. He's Versatile, sweet dispositioned, and has excellent conformation. He carries all the quailities of a Good Stallion. He continues on the Lippitt bloodline. If you are looking for the "Old Type Morgan", look no furthur. Check Him Out!
Whether he's 16 or 6 he still looks GOOD!! This photo was taken on August 5th, 2001. He was cleaned up to go to work as a Possee patrol horse for the day. He's still standing in front of the same trees. (Do they look any taller?)
Dale and Nancy Wolfe  Elkton, Michigan
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