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May 28th, 2001: The main site has been re-launched at http://www.hkentreview.com/



(NOTE: May 25th, 2001): I am almost finished re-building the site at the new server. The full site will be going live again on Monday, May 28th.

A couple of questions from readers looking for some help:

Yvonne would like to know what episode of THE SUPER TRIO SHOW does newcomer Edison Chen Kwoon-Hei appear in?

H.L.N. would like to the name of the breast enchancement creme Joyce Tang Lai-Ming is promoting?

If you know the answer to one or both of these questions, please send in an e-mail to homeoffice@hkentreview.com and I will pass along the information.

(NOTE: May 21st, 2001): Hong Kong Digital #57 reviews the film GANGS 2001 starring a group of young unknowns and Blackie Ko with appearances by Hui Shiu-Hung and Law Koon-Lan.

This week's East Wallpapers update features the meteoric Myolie Wu Hung-Yi. In the other East Wallpapers feature, twenty-four year old Harbin-born, Toronto-raised Zhong Chunfei is spotlighted. Zhong -- with her five foot, seven inch, 34-24-34 body -- is taking part in yet another talent / beauty contest sponsored by ATV:


An official website for John Woo's latest film WINDTALKERS is now up. Check it out at:


(NOTE: May 18th, 2001): Some breaking news: According to Variety, Miramax Films has bought non-Asia international distribution rights to Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi's new film SHAOLIN SOCCER. In addition, it has bought the rights to Chiau's GOD OF COOKERY (1996) and KING OF COMEDY (1999). Reportedly, Miramax may release the films theatrically in North America. (SANNEY: Thanks to Shelly for passing along the original Variety article.)

A couple of frequently asked questions:

What's the difference between a regular babe and a "Jade Babe"?

Similar to the way "flower vase role" describes a role for an actress where she is essentially just a part of the scenery, a "Jade Babe" is a popular classification for young starlets who have a demure, gentle, innocent, "girl-next-door" image. "Jade Babe" is a translation of the Chinese phrase "yuk (jade) nui (woman)."

Are there no men featured in the East Week Beautiful Wallpapers or do you only translate the ones with women in them?

No, I don't just translate the ones with women in them. Unless I think there will be little interest in the person featured (for instance, this past week I passed on wallpapers featuring Teresa Chiang -- Kenny B's ex-wife), I generally translate every East Week wallpapers feature. It's just that the people at East Week don't seem to be interested in doing too many wallpaper features of male celebrities.

(NOTE: May 14th, 2001): Some links of interest, courtesy Mov3.com, on a couple of the latest releases in Hong Kong: CITY OF DESIRE and BLUE MOON. CITY OF DESIRE is the latest film based on the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS movie universe. Directed by Wilson Yip Wai-Shun, Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu reprises her role as Sister Thirteen while Alex Fong Chung-Shun co-stars. BLUE MOON is the sequel to last year's PERFECT MATCH and stars Julian Cheung Chi-Lam, Charmaine Sheh Si-Man, William So Wing-Hong and Sherming Yiu Lok-Yi.

http://www.mov3.com/trailer/city_of_desire/photo.htm (CITY OF DESIRE poster and stills.)
http://www.mov3.com/trailer/city_of_desire/content.html (CITY OF DESIRE trailer.) http://www.mov3.com/trailer/blue_moon/photo.htm (BLUE MOON poster and stills.)
http://www.mov3.com/trailer/blue_moon/content.html (BLUE MOON trailer.)

(NOTE: May 11th, 2001): Rodney Tsing has passed along the following link to the trailer for Jet Li's upcoming Hollywood movie KISS OF THE DRAGON.

http://movie-list.com/k/kissofthedragon.shtml (Thanks Rodney!)

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