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~("To Challenge, aspire and achieve all things with God")~
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      Welcome to the faculty page where all the staff for the year 2000-2001 reside. All the staff here are very important to our community so there is a long list of them all. Click on the department or the letter and you'll get their names and courses they teach.

Chaplain | Department Heads | Teachers: A - F | G - O | P - Y
Special Service | Secretarial Staff | Technical Staff
Community Partners | H.N.M. Roman Catholic School Advisory Council Custodial Staff


P. Mayne-Devine

Department Heads

G. Bellmore                              Career Education, Coop, Library
J. Horvath                                 Academic Resource, Business & Computer
S. Milner                                   Family Studies, Moderns, Social Sciences
T. Murphy                                English/ESL
G. Price(Acting)                        Mathematics
M. Sanader                               Science
Dr. W. Schultz(Acting)              Religion
C. Stachelscheid                       Physical & Health Education & Arts, & Music


A - F

P. Angel                                   Mathematics
L. Bernardo                              English, Drama, Religion
S. Brothers                               Chemistry, Science
P. Burghardt                             English, Music
G. Byrne                                  Computer Studies
M. Cassidy                               English, Phys Ed
K. Chittick                                Religion
K. Conderan                            Drama, English, Visual Arts
K. Cormack                             Academic Resource, Mathematics
D. Cormier                               Geography, History
A. Curran                                 Co-op Education
M. Dahab                                 French, Mathematics, Phys Ed
V. Dziura                                  Mathematics
P. Favretto                               Civics, Geography, Religion
L. Fedurco                               Science, Biology
J. Forte                                    Religion


S. Galuoppo                            Religion
L. Gardiner                              Mathematics, Computers
K. Grant-Manchester               Family Studies
L. Grebenc                              (on leave)
D. Groot                                  Library, Religion
D. Komarnicky                        History
M. Koprich                              Latin, Leadership, Religion
F. Kung                                   Business, Computers
V. Kushnerait                           Business, English
K. Latendresse                        French
T. Lavie                                   English, Religion
S. Macaro                               English, Religion
A. Malik                                  English, Religion
T. Mackenzie                           Biology, Science
E. Marques                              Civics, History, Law
C. McDonald                           Visual Arts
R. Morra                                  French
A. Nakrosius                            Biology, Science
L. Orozco                                Civics, Dance, Family Studies, Mathematics


D. Parker                                Chemistry
C. Pinto L/A                            (Leave of Absence)
J. Pontieri                                Business, Computers, Mathematics
S. Robertson                           Family Studies
P. Robyn                                 Computer Studies, History
E. Rodrigues                           Career Studies, English
V. Roefaro                              English
S. Roiati                                  Academic Resources
R. Rose                                   Mathematics, Physics
D. Smith                                  English, Music
S. Trew                                   Mathematics
R. Trotter                                English
E. Vertolli L/A                         (Leave of Absence)
M. Vertolli                               Mathematics
M. Webster                             English, History
B. Wong                                 Mathematics
S. Yanow                                Career Education

Special Services

      This special crew help any students who are in need of minor counselling. Go here for information about them.

H. Kidd
D. Lyons
Dr. P. Mason
M. Mollison
M. Swannell

Secretarial Staff

T. Divona                                Attendance
J. Lister                                   Library
M. Montgomery                      Main Office
J. Saliba                                  Main Office(Head)
V. Whyte                                Student Services

Techanical Staff

E. Comartin                            Library
M. Wylie                                Audio-Visual

Community Partners

Police Liasion Officer:              R. Steele

H.N.M. Roman Catholic School Advisory Council

Co-chairs:                               L.Cianchino

Custodial Staff

M. Blauel                                Lead Hand
L. Bozic
C. Lamb
P. Silva
A. Thomson

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