The Dyke ChroniclesTM
My name is Damali and these are my stories....they represent some my experiences and they have nothing to do with what others have been thru.  I can only represent me. This is not a diary or a journal...just a collection of stories that i hope one day will be coming to a movie theatre or video store near you.

My yearly update! In case you're wondering, i'm still alive and kicking.  I have a new
blog on myspace and a new boyfriend (yes i said boyfriend) so sorry ladies; I'm off the market. No more searching for girls, getting dumped, teased and tortured (it was sorta/kinda fun while it lasted tho)  But don't take it like i turned my back on women. It wasn't like that. It just so happened that a man stole my heart and i'm happy.

But I still want to make my film. I'm still trying.  It's my story and its still near and dear to my heart and i won't ever give up until it's made.

Peace and love,


I haven't written on here in almost a  I'm sure no one is even reading this anymore so I guess I'll write this update for me. First note to self: Get a real website and a real blog. Everybody's doing it. You're smart enough to set one up. Everybody's doing it.  Like get off your lazy ass.

Ok enough talking to myself :)  I'm sure the one person who is reading this is wondering "What ever happened to the Dyke Chronicles feature film?" Let's just say I have a new approach to the whole thing. I originally imagined it as a tiny project with a budget of around $3000 but that was when i knew nothing about filmmaking. Now that i know a few thangs, I've decided to make the film for $200,000. Do i have $200,000? Of course not. But i know i can get it. And i will. This movie WILL be made. If i do nothing else in my life, I'm gonna make this film that is so near and dear to my the quest begins... again.

I still love y'all..

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