I am losing it !





On how Iím planning to melt.

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Ok, Iíve finally decided enough is enough, why oh why have I put up with myself like this ????

Sometimes itís just so comforting to just plain ignore whatís going on in the mirror, you can just look the other way and think ďIíll go on a diet tomorrowĒ, yeah, right, I know what ďtomorrowĒ is all about. Tomorrow becomes days, months, years, and then one day you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and wonder who that person looking back at you is.

Iíve reached the point where Iím GOING to change that, I donít like the person Iíve become, Iím pretty sure that Iím underneath all of the fat and low self esteem, so Iím going on this expedition searching for ME under all the layers of crap that Iíve managed to build around me,

The main reason for this web page is to keep track of the whole journey, to be able to look back and understand the things I did right and the things I did wrong and that hopefully along the way I can help someone out.


Update: I have decided to stop hiding from the world so Iím publishing all sorts of pictures. I might include the progress pictures but only the ones that show significant change.

Iím also including a little family album where you can see some of my family members and other important ocassions in my life.






I will be updating my journal daily.

The Plan

Whatever helps me reach my goal will be here.UPDATED December 2, 2001


Pictures of my progress.

UPDATED December 5, 2001


This is whatís actually going to do it.



My favorite sites on the Net.

UPDATED April 16, 2002


Who I am

The story of me.



Other Pictures of Me

UPDATED December 5, 2001


My Family

UPDATED December 5, 2001


My Awards





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