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Seasonal Greetings from the Home world
Metal Mesh Honor Sash- construction and ordering information
Working with Metal Mesh (pattern for gorgette)
How to do a Costume Break Down - Mara's Costume
Making Scratch making claw gloves(patterns)                 
Gallery of my Gloves
Click here for the patterns and construction techiques of the
typical wrist protector.
Click here for a gallery of various styles of wrist protectors.
Click here for patterns and instructions for creating the wristprotectors
worn for the Worf / Dax wedding cerimony.
Gallery of my wrist protectors
Chestprotector construction Part1
Chest Protector Construction Part 2 The Dorsal Tail
Chest Protector Gallery of Styles
Vest/Cloak construction index page.  It has patterns and construction techniques for the standard Captain's Vest/Cloak, and modifications for creating R'ustai cloak, Kal'Hyah cloak, Head of a klingon House cloak and others.  This article is broken into several pieces because of the number graphics involved.
Gallery of vests/cloaks.  Note: this file is all graphics and still under construction.
Sirella's Vest/Cape construction article
Making accessories from remants and found materials.  Under Construction!!!
Gallery of collar/necklaces from various Trek sources
Valkris costume and headdress
Klingon Weapons- excerpts from Star Trek Aliens & Artifacts and Star Trek The Next Generation:  The Continuing Mission.
Pictures of Worf and Dax's wedding costumes. Large files- slow load
Line drawings of Dax's wedding costume.  under construction.
Line drawings of Worf's wedding costume.  under construction.
Worf and Dax's Wedding Cerimony Text
For Pictures and line drawings of male and female duty uniforms go to my other site