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A view on Gardos from Danube

     The settlement of once numerous river fishermen and boatmen was founded at the lumber plateau slopes by the bank of Danube at the 18th century, named Gardos. This part of town, with mostly groundfloor  houses surrounded with little gardens, and narrow, winding and steep streets, kept its picturesque appearance to our days and represents valuable milieu - resembles Paris' Monmartr or Atina's Plaka. Walking around the gardos and its small streets is very special experience. On the highest part of Gardos, 112 m heigh above sea level, one can see remains of medieval fortification and Millennium monument.

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A view on Zemun

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Fortification and tower

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A view on Zemun from tower

     MEDIEVAL FORTIFICATION was built in the 14th century at the place of the former one, which was noticed back in 11th century. It belongs to so-called gothic type fortification, and it has rectangular, almost square form with four circle towers on the corners. After the Turkish forces conquered the town the fortification has been neglected, and the tooth of time has left its marks. Today one can see some parts of wall and corner towers.
     In the center of fortification was built so-called MILLENNIUM MONUMENT (TOWER) in 1896, in the name of 1000th anniversary of Hungarian reign. It was built in different historical styles by Hungarian architects. Today, Millennium monument represents one of the most recognizable symbols of Zemun, and it dominates the town. Its terraces provide beautiful view all over the Zemun, Belgrade, Danube and Banat river bank.

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