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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

Clothing and Apearance
Materials are aranged in chronological order and by Tribe.
Contributions of images, descriptions, full articles, or any other materials are requested.
Generaly speaking, the clothing of the Steppes peoples and those culturally connected to them, have remained quite similar over time. Where visible, it consists of a long coat (known variously as Kaftan, Dhel, or Khalat), baggy trousers, and boots.
The materials here show the specifics of styles, details, and the similarities and differences between the different peoples.

Belts Database -
Growing collection of articles on decorated belts, with detailed materials on extant finds.

Magyar Clothing - 9th-10th century - Photographs of fully dressed male and female manikins with brief comments by Paul O'Donnell. The interior of the portable dwelling is visible in the background.

Studies on the Upper Saltov in 1996 Excerpt: A Khazar felt and leather Boot - Original archaeological examination article by V. V. Koloda. Translation and excerpt by Dmitriy V. Ryaboy.

Turkic Buttons - Some photographs. Not much in the way of provenance information, hoping for more soon.

Turko-Mongol Pouch Reconstruction - Article with photos and pattern based on an existing Liao dynasty (10th century) pouch by Steven Baker.

12th - 13th Century Tunics - By Steven Baker. Discussion on the issues of reconstruction of Turkic Tunics for the period with photographs and pattern for a 12th century Egyptian shirt reconstruction.

"Olen-Kolodetz" - A Golden Horde aristocrat's burial ...The Male Burial - Summary by Dmitriy V. Ryaboy of published finds. Includes a warrior's belt, bowl, armour, and an axe.

13th Century Headgear - Illustrated discussion by Steven Baker.

Salwar - Turco-Persian Pants - Article and pattern by Charles Mellor.

Turko-Mongol Trousers - Article with photos and pattern by Steven Baker.

13-14th century Turco-Mongol-Persian Crossover Coat -
Photo details and commentary on an actual "Mongol Crossover Coat" auctioned at Christie's Auction House, London in October of 2001. Courtesy of Christie's.

A Mongol Coat - Article and pattern by Charles Mellor
Conjectural construction of a "Mongol Crossover Coat" based chiefly on Persian miniature paintings of the 14th through 17th century.

Turco-Mongol Coat Reconstruction - by Steven Baker
Photographs with brief discussion of a modern reconstruction based on an existing original "Mongol Crossover Coat".

Ottoman Clothing (An overview of 16th century Turkish dress) - Article by Mark Calderwood.

Persian Outer Caftan - Article and pattern by Charles Mellor
Starting from an extant Persian Caftan of the later 16th century, mr. Mellor briefly discusses this general type of garment and related clothing as worn in Persia.

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