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April 14, 2003

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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

Gatherings: Events, Practices, Meetings, . . .
Find out about Red Kaganate specific events or organise your own.
To add to the list, E-mail the Editor. Give plenty of lead time in case I don't get a chance to post it.
See some of our members at the Contact Profiles section.

Fieldwork Opportunities - ie: Archaeological Digs, Anthropology Work etc.
Another offer for Summer of 2003

Brooklyn, New York, USA

By-Weekly Combat Practice
Contact: Norman
Every other Thursday in Marine Park (next to the Avenue U parking lot).
See Map and Location details.
Looking into Gym rental for those chilly days.
Horse Riding and archery are not possible but any type of foot combat will depend on interest expressed.
Current aproximate practice schedule:
Saber drills using "waster" Sabers (wooden stand-ins).
Play with Practice Sabers and Chinese Practice Swords.
Play with Epee in both "restricted" (SCA-style) and "unrestricted" (cut and thrust) forms.
(see relevant Combat rules section for details) .
E-mail the contact if you're interested.

New York, New York, USA

Cloisters Museum - Medieval/Renaissance Faire
Contact: Norman
This event happens for one day every year -- usually the last Sunday in September.
Most years I do an Armouring Demonstration there.
Several groups (SCA, Markland, and a local Migration-era group) have display areas and do combat demonstrations (there is one field and the groups take turns).
Seems to me like a Red Kaganate area and a unit of fighters fighting under a Red Kaganate banner either on our own or with any or all of the other groups would be a good thing.
E-mail the contact if you're interested.

Washington, D.C., USA

Smithsonian Institution - Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Exhibits of Interest
Fountains of Light: Islamic Metalwork from the Nuhad Es-Said Collection
September 17, 2000 - Indefinitely.
See the Website for more information.

Fieldwork Opportunities

Letters from expedition manager of Donskaya Arkheologia:

Spring - 2003

We had interesting excavations last summer on a Khazar time fortress Golden Hills. You can see some results on
This year we are going to continue this work.
What about you and your reenactors coming to us?
We have a reenactment group in Rostov (Slavonic medieval warriors) and there is an idea of their coming to our excavations. It might be a really interesting meeting on a real Khazar territory (a wild nature far away from civilization, 10 km to the nearest village).
30 % discount to reenactors.

Spring - 2002

Our archaeological expedition needs volunteers.
Members of "the Kaganate" might be interested in visiting the places where nomadic tribes lived, visiting museums and viewing artifacts.
We always organize some excursions and cultural life experiences for our volunteers. If a group of your members come to take part in our excavations of a Khazarian fortress, we would organize the excursions according to their interests.
We would take them to interesting places of wild nature, wild steppes where they can really imagine the atmosphere of medieval nature.
We can organize some excursions to those museums of our region that are famous for their medieval exhibits. There are some interesting exhibits concerning Khazars in the Rostov and Novocherkassk historical museums, as well as a very good exhibition of nomadic (Khazar and Golden Hord) artifacts in Azov museum. And of course while excavating the fortress we might find something interesting.
Every day we shall excavate only till dinner (1-2 p.m.). The second part of the day is free and may be devoted to your arrangements. (This is in addition to three full day excursions).

Epeditions and Volunteer Opportunities (in English):
Donskaya Arkheologia is working with CSEN in the United States (see CSEN information below), or you are welcome to contact the expedition organizers directly at

Sponsored by CSEN - Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads
Index of forthcoming Opportunities
Updated on a regular Basis with new opportunities
Digs taking applications at the time of this update (Jan. 2002):
For Summer 2002
Baga Gazaryn Chuluu Survey 2002
Desert-Steppe Zone of the Middle Gobi Province, Mongolia.
Chastiye Kurgany Excavations 2002
southern Don Region, north of the Black Sea, Russia.
Golden Hills Khazar Fortress Excavations 2002
lower Don River region 70 km east of Rostov-na-Don.

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