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1/31/09 ~ Saturday 12:40 am - Taipei ~ 11:40 am 1/30 - NY

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Otanjobi omedatou, P-chan!

I mentioned that my previous post would be the last in Taipei...but of course, how can I not post my b-day wishes to you? ^.^ I may not be able to celebrate with you, but I'm happy to hear that CB is back from Shanghai. I know you guys will have an awesome time together. ^.^ Same as with Alby-kun's b-day entry, I will recommend an anime that I'm watching now that you may like.... Maria+Holic!

Maria+Holic - the art of crossdressing

As mentioned in my entry after watching the first episode, Maria+Holic is about Miyamae Kanako who enters an all girls school. She gets rashes when she has contact with guys so she doesn't like them. Her ideal love is beautiful, graceful and female. She finds those qualities in Shido Maria...who secretly is a guy who crossdresses as a girl to get into the school. His motives are unclear at the moment (since I don't understand the story fully) but his kind sweet nature (as a girl) belies his sadistic and perverted comments and actions towards Kanako who walked in on his secret.

Of course, we have a third main character in Shinoji Matsurika who is Maria's stoic maid. Her words are straightforward as her expressions and she obeys her mistress' (or master's ^.^) wishes and allows Maria to do as he wishes...even if it means ripping off her top in the middle of the courtyard. ^^; FYI, Kanako is the girl in the bubble (in the above pic,) Maria is the blond on the right side and beside her is Matsurika.

The pull of this series come from Kanako's thoughts since we're seeing everything from her POV...and they're pretty wild. Her classmates are unique as are her teachers. The series takes perversity and elevates it since Maria has her own brand of sadism: although Kanako knows his secret, he still tortures her any way and any chance he gets. It's in his remarks, comments and although the humor can be dry sometimes, it's still fun to follow.

P-chan, if you ever get the chance, this series is definitely interesting enough to take a look.

Sebastian for a day

I just watched Kuroshitsuji ep. 11 which features the return of the red shinigami, Greil. (Is it me or many series these days all have a shinigami? It used to be just Duo Maxwell.... ^^;) I love the stray BL comments thrown about by Greil and Ciel. There are so many! Ciel stealing all the hunks, Greil getting 'assaulted' gently (but not really) and best of all, 'Protect me and you get Sebastian for the day'. (Paraphrasing but really close to the actual lines! ^.^) Greil's reaction is priceless. If Ciel actually orders Sebastian, he would be Greil's for the day! But will Ciel actually do that? ^.^ Human Pluto licking Sebastian is one thing...but what Greil is suggesting is pretty...serious. lol No other spoilers from me!

Of course, I want Sebastian for the day too!

1/30/09 ~ Friday 7:05 pm - Taipei ~ 6:05 am - NY

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Japan has too much H on their minds...

...either that or they are running out of stuff to invent. ^^; In less then two days, there are two 'inventions' that further the sexual nature of humanity...not a bad thing at all. But I start to wonder. ^^; Japanator posts about a male sex toy in a shape of an egg and something to make perky nipples. I can't explain either of these things without bursting into laughter so check out the links for info. ^^; The comments are just as hilarious. The ones concerning the egg include a serious discussion about whether or not the male member would be able to 'fit' in the egg. I totally agree with the comments concerning the perky nipples: I thought we're not suppose to show them. ^^; And my fav, 'I'm going to buy 6 packs on them and make people think i'm some sort of cow boy.' ~Godlen on Japanator. roflol

These aren't the most wtf inventions I've seen from Japan of course...but I can't find the link to the mechanical sex toy for guys.... ^^;

around Taipei on my own

My father returned to China yesterday morning and I headed to Gonguan (Taipei University) where two of my fav manga shops are. I also headed to Guang Hua Sheng Tsang today to pick up my mp4. Long story short, my mp4 disappeared but it couldn't be fixed anyway so they gave me another one to replace it. It has 2GB and has a white case, but I can use it as my backup. Hanging with my relatives, I find that my favorite moments are when I'm by myself. I look forward to going back to Japan tomorrow.

This will be my last post before I'm back in Tokyo so here are the rest of the Taipei pics.

1/28/09 ~ Wednesday 11:35 pm - Taipei ~ 10:35 am - NY

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four days in Yu Li...in review

I already typed about shopping in Hua Lien with my relatives. We didn't do much else except watch a movie every night. The first one I saw was 'Runaway Bride'. Then there was this Taiwanese movie about forming a band. There was also this Japanese girl there that spoke Mandarin with a huge accent and these flashbacks to the end of WWII. Of course it was a love story. I forgot the title but it was a highly rated movie. The last movie I saw was the Japanese movie, 'Hero'. It's a movie from the Japanese drama and it was very funny with some interesting moments...although I didn't understand that was going on. ^^; (Japanese with Chinese subs of course.)

On monday, Esther-neechan took me to the beach. It was very crazy since we're still in the middle of winter (though the weater was quite nice) and we went by motorcycle. ^^; I also got to help out a bit at my uncle's restaurant. I only brought the customers their orders...and I didn't spill anything. ^^V I give props to children with parents who own stands and restaurants since they're obligated to help out even at a young age. *applauds their waitressing skills*

The rest of my Yu Li pics are posted though they're not that much. There is people this time! ^.^

Yu Li...on camera!

Last year, a drama was shot in Yu Li. Many citizens were given roles in the drama, some on-screen and even speaking roles. Many of the locations were real: the elementary school, highschool, cafes, 7-11s, etc.... Yes, my uncle's restaurant was featured and my uncle got a speaking apart. Of course, it has something to do with serving food to the main character. ^.^

Brief summary: guy slowly falls for a girl. Guy hates seafood but his grandmother makes it for him everyday for lunch. Girl has a mentally challenged, dolphin-loving younger brother. There are several love stories, one of which is a growing romance between two teachers. It is a cute, school drama complete with star watching scene. *insert collective 'awwwww'* The title is 'Ni shi wo de wei yi' or 'You are my only one.' It started last friday and airs one episode per day for one week. Awesome, ne?

back to Taipei

Yesterday, I returned to Taipei via train. Headed to the night market with my aunt and cousins last night. Didn't buy much except for yummy food. Even got to eat my fav strawberry shaved ice and smelly tofu. ^.^ Today I hung out with more of my cousins. We headed to Soho department store for a bit before heading to Breeze department store (which I've never been to before.) Had Japanese mochi and beef noodles for dinner. More yumminess.

The most interesting part of the evening was heading to Nangyan subway station. It is newly built and features art by Jimmy on the walls. Jimmy is the author and artist of the famous 'The Sound of Colors' and 'Go to the left, go to the right' picture books. 'The Sound of Colors' is all about the subway so the Taipei metro have used his artwork before on the traincards (metrocards in NY lingo. ^.^) We rode the blue line all the way to the last stop (not too far) just so we can take pics of the walls on the station. Of course, those pics will be uploaded later on. ^-^

Jay Chou's weirdest movie

Before we headed out today, I watched several movies. Doraemon's movie 'Kingdom of Clouds' and Jay Chou's 'Kung Fu Dunk'. The latter...was very funny. I don't know what to classify it as. It is not really 'Shaolin Soccer' style...but the ending was quite close. ^^; However, everything else was almost pure sports drama which made the kung fu side very funny. I think it was meant that way and it works even if I was facepalming alot. ^^; Some of his songs were featured in the background...and I like them. Time to start downloading! *goes search* Jenn-chan, if you haven't seen this movie yet, you should! ^-^

1/26/09 ~ Monday 12:37 pm - Taipei ~ 11:37 pm 1/25 - NY

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Greeted by the handsome, Fei Long for new years.... I'm not terribly fond of this character, but he is cute and quite sadistic. Also, he is Chinese (cantonese really) so how can I resist not putting him up? Gon shi fa tsai! ^.^

First upload of pics!

I don't have that many pics since I've been busy eating. ^^; But I do have some.... Click here for a couple pics from this side of the world.

1/25/09 ~ Sunday 8:52 pm - Taipei ~ 7:52 am - NY EDIT

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two days of Taipei...in review

The highlights of what I did my first and second days in Taipei...(before I headed to the country.) Most of this took place in 'Guang Hua Sheng Tseng' aka. 'Akiba in Taiwan'.

    - The Taiwanese government is giving every Taiwanese citizen 3600 NT in celebration of the new year and encourage the economy. O.O Sugoi! I'm rich! I'm rich!
    - I went to buy a new mp4...only to have it make funny noises. o.O *curses 'Made in China' tag* I bought it back to the store and their techies fiddled with it. Got it fixed so yay. ^^V
    - I loved what they did so much that I bought my old mp4 to them (since it was making funny noises too) and they found more issues with it then the noises. Fixing it cost a measely 200-300 NT. Left it with them. Going to pick it up on 1/30. ^-^
    - All Taiwanese AC plugs need to have a big and small plug as requirement...though I need two small ones for my Japanese socket. ^^; The salesowner filed the big one down for me. O.o You can do that?!?
    - Bought a variety of manga covers (since I need them to cover my Japanese manga ^.^) and several manga: FMA vol. 19 and 20 as well as a 'behind-the-scenes' manga by Eiki Eiki-sensei.
    - Blue Sheep Revere vol. 2 by Tateno Makoto-sensei is out in Taiwan...which means the series is finished in Japan! Yay! Now for it to be licensed in the US....
    - I went to a 24hr. supermarket akin to Walmart. At 1am in the morning, it was filled to the max with people. There was even 'parking spaces' for shopping carts. O.o I bought a variety of snacks, sauces and a year's worth of maxipads. Maybe not a year, but pretty close. ^^;
    - Went to Tong Hua night market with my aunt and bought a replacement bag for the one I always wear. Bought two of them. ^.^ Also bought other necesities for Japan. - Visited a meat market (at 2am) and though I'm an omnivore, I understand why people are vegetarians. ^^; Look! I think my dinner just walked by! *runs after the chicken*

back to the present

My relatives are in Yu Li and we went to Hua Lien today (which is more city then country) since my cousins needed new clothes. BTW, my cousin who is in college now is almost unrecognizable. O.O Haven't seen him in X number of years.... He's tall! *looks up*

They have a pet: a flying squirrel. He is sooo cute! He loves to climb in my hair...guess my head make a good nest. ^_^ He likes to climb in my younger cousin's scarf and crawl in a nook and stay there. Awwww...kawaii! Pics...fuzzy and not much so will be posted later on. ^-^

12:55 pm - Taipei ~ 11:55 pm 1/24 - NY ~ Status: happy

filled with milktea

I left Taipei and am in the country now. Lots of stuff happened in the past week...but no time to type it all out now. Tomorrow, I'll do a major update. ^-^ Let's just say I bought lots of food and manga. Not so many pics, but I hope to post some later on. Ja ne!

1/22/09 ~ Thursday 1:37 am - Taipei ~ 12:37 pm 1/21 - NY

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flying to another world

I traveled to Narita with little mishap and went through the checkin and boarding process with just a slight issue. Very slight. There was no missing luggage this time and I got to Taiwan safely. ^.^ My aunt came to pick me up and we went first to her work place (since she needed to pick up something.) Then we headed to my grandmother's house for rice cake dinner and lots of other dishes. *drools in memory* Oishi! I miss her cooking...but can't have too much of it or else there will be more of me to go around. ^^;

I gave my grandmother and youngest uncle (who is living at the house now) the snacks I got in Japan. Of course, I was greeted with a large sum of bills so that I can busy myself. ^^; My first unofficial red envelope. ^.^ Then I headed with my aunt back to her apartment since I wanted to stay with my cousin tonight. ^.^

The first thing on my to-do list was accomplished tonight since I was able to print out the 2009 calendar. ^.^ Yes, even the fuzzy April one. (Gomen, gomen...I'll improve my photoshopping skills to 801megane's level. At least I'll attempt to. ^^; ) Tomorrow, I'll be shopping (for stuff that I need in Japan) and then I'll be heading to the countryside to meet with the rest of my relatives on my mother's side on saturday. I'll update when I can!

1/20/09 ~ Tuesday 10:37 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:37 am - NY

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first stage: passed

Today's interview was all about an intro to the job placement agency. Then I got an interview with their ALT person...the one who will help me find a job at a school. It was a good interview even if it doesn't promise me a position yet. ^^; I'll just keep trying! *punches the air with fist*

preparing for tomorrow's flight

My apartment mate and I finished watching Ouran today and gushed over the ending. Going to finish packing tonight. My flight tomorrow is around 2pm but I'm leaving my apartment at 9:30am since I want to be early for the checkin. ^^; Not bringing alot to Taiwan since I plan to bring more back home. My next entry will probably be in Taiwan. ^.^

*insert onsen episode here*

Last night's Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou episode was the obligatory onsen episode...and it was awesome. ^.^ Natori mades reappearance from last season and they go to an onsen. I don't want to concentrate on the BL hints since this isn't a BL anime...but there was so many BL hints! *hearteyes* Natori holding Natsume when he got startled, Natori stepping in front to protect him.... *happy sigh* However, I'm a big TanumaxNatsume fan. ^.^ Can't wait to see this subbed! *goes to check*

1/19/09 ~ Monday 7:55 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:55 am - NY

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road to success

I have my first job interview tomorrow! *nervous nervous* My apartment mate and I applied to the same job placement agency and her interview was today. I went with her and waited at a coffee shop nearby. Tomorrow, she will wait at the coffee shop as I go. With this job interview, they will help me look for a job suited for me (English speaking, visa sponsership) so I'll have more hope on that end. Ganbarre masu!

more walking

After the job interview, we walked into central Shinjuku (since it was nearby) and I exchanged my money. Yay! 88 yen to the dollar! (The exchange rate is higher but the bank takes a fee.) With money in hand, we walked around Odakyu department store but didn't see anything I wanted to take with me to Taiwan. Chinese snacks and Japanese snacks are very similar. ^^; I decided to go the touristy route and headed back to Tocho. On the way, my apartment mate picked up some McD's 100 yen burgers and I got a strawberry mcflurry. At Tocho, I bought four boxes of snacks: 2 of them simple cookies with pandas and tokyo towers on them. The other 2 boxes were more traditional cookies. I also bought a sakura bookmark for my cousin, Esther-neechan. Nothing major, but once I have a job, I'll be able to give better gifts. ^.^ Of course, I got some awesome night views....

After Tocho, we went to the 100 yen shop to pick up some food supplies and then headed to the rental office to pay my Feb. rent. (Rent is due on the 28th, but I'll be in Taiwan at that time.) I'm poor again. ^^;

anime to greet me

Detective Conan is on tv and I'm so happy about it. In this episode, Conan fell into the ocean and turned back into Shinichi. However, Shinichi doesn't remember anything at all. Hatori and crew is there and there is a murder...though it seems like Shinichi did it! Framed! *gasp* Of course, Hatori believes that's not true and is protecting Shinichi. *happy sigh* I love this BL pair. ^.^

Tonight, Zoku Natsume Yuunjincho will be on and I'll watch that before going to bed. Sleeping at a semi-reasonable hour since I have an interview tomorrow! *dances around the room* Yay!

1/18/09 ~ Sunday 1:25 am - Tokyo ~ 11:25 am 1/17 - NY

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couple rounds of Shinjuku

I wasn't always at home on the computer and tv this past week. I went to Shinjuku several times...on foot! It was good walking weather and I enjoyed the stroll with my apartment mate. I caught some nice views of the lights still up for the winter season.

But what I enjoyed most was this sign:

For Kuroshitsuji fans, this building sign means much humor from a suave and sexy butler. ^.^ Why a building has these words...I'll never know. Japan and Engrish....

Nakano in the evening

I headed to Mandarake tonight (after catching the new episode of Jigoku Shoujo at 5pm. The trip was mostly for the French friend of my apartment mate that I met on Christmas Eve. Of course, I went to the BL manga section and the doujin section (must remember that it's on the 2nd floor) before we left for dinner. I didn't buy anything buy saw something amazing: Kirepapa genga/layout set of Chisato on his stomach...during the sex scene. I wanted to buy it really...but I rather have Chisato and Shunsuke kissing scene. ^.^ Maybe....

Fast food is good!

At my companion's insistence, we went to KFC for dinner (since we have coupons.) I ordered my salmon filet burger and it was delicious.

After a long discussion at KFC, we moved to McD's since they were still hungry and I wanted dessert. ^.^ We chatted over my apple pie before calling it a night. ^.^

The apple pie is very different from the US. First, the US one tastes good, but was very artificial. This apple pie tasted not so much artificial, but the inside was more syrupy. I liked it...then again, I like everything. ^^;

1/17/09 ~ Saturday 2:45 am - Tokyo ~ 12:45 am 1/16 - NY EDIT

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Otanjobi omedatou, Alby-kun!

Since I'm in Japan, I can't give you anything (right now.) I promise presents for when I return and/or have the funds to send you something nice. Okay...enough IOUs! Here is...advice. Or something of that sort. ^.^ I usually don't recommend anime since my tastes are different from others. *ahemBLahem* However, something I'm watching now that you may like.... Soul Eater!

Soul Eater - Weapon Meisters

Soul Eater manga is by Okubo Atsushi-sensei and the anime is done by Studio BONES (FMA). The series is humorous, action, fantasy based. In a Harry Potter-like world, students are named meisters (kinda like Gundam 00!) at the Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School. They're actually humans working under Shinigami. Their weapons (which have several components) can increase in power according to their level. (Kinda like RPGs!) The goal is to absorb 99 evil humans and one witch in order for it to become a weapon of the shinigami.

The main characters are Death the Kid, Maka and Black Star (left to right in the above pic.) Black Star is the main character, taking on a 'Naruto-like' personality: brash, bold but also quite smart. Also like Naruto, he comes from a ninja family and has an huge ego. However cliched he is, he is still likable and becomes an essential part of the trio. Maka is the caring girl and Death the Kid fills in the emo position. I'm not saying this is anything like Naruto in any way (though it's starting to sound like it ^.^) since the storytelling style, art and humor antics are vastly different. And yes, Death the Kid is the child of the Shinigami. ^.^

I can't say much about the plot as of now since I'm not up to the current episode yet (so much to watch, so little time) but they're always protecting the school from evil and upgrading their weapons. BTW, the school is located in Nevada, USA. Yes, THAT Nevada. lol As a shounen anime, it has it's particular qualities that stand it apart from the rest.

Alby-kun, hope you enjoy it! ^.^

'hell of a butler'

I just saw the new episode of Kuroshitsuji and fell in love with the ending, 'Lacrimosa' by Kalafina. Sebastian is rowing the boat with Ciel lying upon a bed of white roses. Dead I'm assuming since it's always been known that Ciel's soul belongs to Sebastian. *happy sigh* ^.^ The single doesn't come out until early March and I'm totally looking forward to it. I'm also happy that the series is continuing awhile longer. I would love for another 52 episode series...but I'm feeling this is going to be 26 episodes. *yawn* Heading to bed soon...hopefully. ^.^

1/15/09 ~ Thursday 11:44 pm - Tokyo ~ 9:44 am - NY

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FMA OVA licensed!

ANN finally announced that Funimation licensed the FMA OVAs! *dances around the room* The dvd will have the ovas from the LE movie dvd, Chibi Party, Live Action and Kids shorts as well as the Seven Homunculi VS State Alchemists that was theme park-only clip (but included in a special dvd.) I have them all on dvd...but now I can have them in English! ^___^

Funimation promises more FMA news in the near future...perhaps about the upcoming series in April? *_* Hoping!

2:58 pm - Tokyo ~ 12:58 am - NY ~ Status: satisfied

an evening of anime

I've been catching up on alot of series that I haven't watched. Besides Kuroshitsuji, I saw all of Natsume Yuujin Chou and of course, all of the second season. I can see why Pearl-chan and animemiz likes it. The storyline is unique, the characters are likable and the main character is boyish, quiet, emo but not depressingly sad. Anything can be BL through a fujoshi's eyes...but Natsume and Tanuma is so cute together! ^.^ I love it when Tanuma covers for Natsume. I hope there will be more of those two in the second season.

just a small snack

I didn't eat anything special, but the cake from the 100 yen shop was so yummy that I had to take a pic of it. Perfect with a warm cup of cafe au lait. ^.^

1/13/09 ~ Tuesday 9:50 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:50 am - NY

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a beautiful day to be out

I woke earlier then usual and took the initiative to head out today instead of staying inside. My apartment mate and I decided to have a funfilled day in Shinjuku. Heading to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office or Tocho to be exact. All on foot. *pats ourselves on the back* Click for pics of one of the main kekkai sites in X: Tocho. ^.^

1/12/09 ~ Monday 9:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:30 am - NY

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seijin no hi

Coming of age kimono dressed girls decorated the streets. Well, I only saw one since I left the house an hour ago and saw one. ^_^ My apartment mate went on a shopping spree and saw many. Pretty furisode...I want one too! That'll be added to 'things I will buy once I get a job'. ^.^ I've been lazy but still sending out job applications. Ganbarre masu!

12:30 am - Tokyo ~ 10:30 am 1/11 - NY ~ Status: amused

weekend = anime break

So much anime on the weekends.... I even caught up on a few myself. I saw some of Kuroshitsuji on the computer today and my apartment mate and I watched Ouran on the tv (with my dvds of course. ^.^) On the tv, I saw Chrome Shelled Regios, White Album among others. Besides heading to church this morning, it was a lazy/lounging weekend.

Well, it wasn't all anime: my apartment mate and I also watched 'Singin' in the Rain' on my computer. ^-^

1/9/09 ~ Friday 10:00 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:00 am - NY

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break to Taiwan

I'm heading to Taiwan on the 21st until 31st. The 10 days there will give me time to buy things as well as sort out 'business' that my father so decided to bring to my attention. >.< I don't know what to look forward to more...the manga or Chinese food.

singing in the rain

It rained today...all day. I got wet even with my umbrella. It was fun and even bought up some inspirations for some songs. Of course, my apartment mate and I felt like watching some old Hollywood movies...'Singing in the Rain' and I brought up 'My Fair Lady'. ^.^ Guess we'll be watching some non-Japanese related stuff soon enough.

return to otaku heaven

Even in the rain, we went to Akihabara today. We went to Mandarake first and I found 3 Kouga Yun-sensei artbooks. It was for Earthian and Gestalt works so it was pretty cheap. For 105 yen each! *faints* I couldn't resist and bought them all. I saw the Junjou Romantica artbook but refrained from buying it. Not yet anyway. ^^; We headed over to Animate where I oogled at all the character goods. BeBoys came out with more then just BL stones...there were more BL snacks! O.O Junjou Romantica also came out with 4 different types of snacks, split into seme and uke boxes. Seme and uke cookies...with ducks, pandas and bears on them.... O.O I want them! Even for the boxes...but I wouldn't have the heart to eat them. *puts them back on the shelf* Instead, I bought the Junjou pencil board and clearfile as well as the Viewfinder plastic portrait cards. ^.^

I wanted to find the K-books store but decided to head back instead due to the rain. (Trying to find stores in the rain is hard. >.<) We stopped by Book Off for awhile before heading to the train. We took the train to Nakano station in order to bypass Shinjuku...and grab dinner. Katsu curry don! Oishi!

A shower and tv greeted me at home. Now I'm watching Death Note: The Last Name on tv. It's as awesome as always. Ja!

1/8/09 ~ Thursday 9:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:30 am - NY

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where all the rich people shop

I went to the Ginza district today...where all the people of Roppongi probably shop. Similar to 5th Ave. in Manhattan, we have all the expensive shops with all the foreign names. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mont Blanc, Tiffany's (3 of them!) among others. H&M was probably one of the least inexpensive shop there...but just barely. ^^; They actually had sizes for regular humans...but the prices are for the employed. We took a Starbucks break and walked around some more. The best part of Ginza? Seeing snow! lol Albiet it was manfactured snow on display...but it was real and cold and I poked at it for awhile. ^-^

No, the snowman was already on display. I did NOT climb on the display to make one (although I wanted to. ^.^)

btw...here is food!

I had a fish and mayo onigiri. Yes, they put mayo in EVERYTHING here. The taste of mayo and rice is so good together...I think I'll put mayo in my rice next time. ^.^ BTW, my apartment mate likes to eat ketchup and rice together. She is more American then me. ^.^ Want to see more food? lol I have more pics of food then anything else.

more anime in Japan

January marked the end to many series and the beginning of many others. I caught the first episode to Maria Holic which is about a girl who goes to an all girl's school, falls for a girl (yes, yuri fans rejoice...this is almost a yuri,) only to find out the 'she' is really a 'he'. Humor, sexual innuendos, nosebleeds and rashes galore. Gundam Seed starts up again so I will get to see more emo Gundam pilots. ^.^ Pearl-chan recommends a kitty anime called Natsume Yuujin Chou, the second season started last monday. I'm going to watch Moryo no Hako which starts tonight. Moryo no Hako is an anime with CLAMP designs. Awesome!

Ongoing series is Gundam 00, Soul Eater and Kuroshitsuji...I think. Of course I watch whatever is on and Bleach and Naruto is still all over the place. I like the current Naruto opening but the ending makes me x.X. My life is not only about anime so hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight. ^.^

1/7/09 ~ Wednesday 3:20 pm - Tokyo ~ 1:20 am - NY

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You don't have to tell me everything. Even if I want to understand, you don't have to say anything. Whatever happens, I trust you. Trust in me too....

something special...something small

I hinted that I'll do something special for Ritsuka's belated birthday, and this was it. 7 days of pics with small thoughts inspired by him. If you follow series, you can probably figure out what the words are referring to. ^.^ It's not much, but it was fun writing little drabbles everyday. ^.^

1/6/09 ~ Tuesday 3:18 pm - Tokyo ~ 1:18 am - NY

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I can love and hate at the same time...yet accept him. Accepting this of him, of him of me...but asking for more is beyond me. What am I to do now? Tell me....

2009 Calendar up!

*collapses* I didn't sleep much last night in order to finish it. It's not my best work, but it'll do...for now. I might change some of the calendars throughout the year since I'm not satisfied with some of them. Please forgive me for my mediocre work. >.< Even though I'm not printing them anymore for the office, I still stuck with a PG type rating. Nothing graphic, just lots of guys. ^.^ They're in the usual spot on the viable page. Enjoy!

1/5/09 ~ Monday 3:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 1:30 am - NY

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I just want to close my eyes and not think anymore. Let the night's event fall into dreams and in time, I'll wake to them again. Come to bed as well...or watch over my night.


I never made much rice when I was in NY, but it's my main meal so far in Japan. We take turns making rice or whoever wants more and ends up making it. Thing is, my apartment mate never made rice before and her tries fall short of regular rice. She always end up with too much water. ^^; Her latest attempt created congee which she never had before either. lol It's fine for me since I like congee, but I'm determined to teach her next time. Maybe later tonight....

1/4/09 ~ Sunday 8:05 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:05 am - NY

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Through everything, I don't want to lose myself. Everything that I have gained up until now...and so much more. I want to reach out and always have the moment...with you.

Roppongi is for the rich...and foreign...

...and Mandarake is for me. ^.^ I found the building after getting seriously lost on the way to church today. It only took 3 tries with the four different directions on the streets. Something like that.... *blushes* After church, I met up with my apartment mate at Shibjuku to change money. Then off to Ikebukuro! But not before we stopped to buy a snack. I found yakisoba bread that I was longing for. It had the crispy onion shavings I love so much on top along with okinomiyaki sauce...I want more!

It took some circling around the area before finding Tokyu Hands (a major retail store) which is a landmark towards Mandarake. Then we found it.

Mandarake Ikebukuro branch is the haven for all things BL...except for artbooks since I didn't find any there. Well, we have tons of other Mandarake branches for those. ^.^ I got vol. 1, 2 and 6 of the limited edition of Loveless which completes my collection...for now. ^.^ I even found Yokan EX which is the second volume to the Yokan series by Tateno Makoto-sensei. (Pearl-chan and I were just discussing whether or not the second volume has come out yet. Yay! It's out! Now for it to go to the US....)

We headed over to Roppongi so that my apartment mate can find French bread...only to see the bakery in question closed. But it'll be open tomorrow! *dances* FYI, Roppongi is the town for the rich and apparently, foreigners are rich. I haven't seen that many Caucasians around in awhile...except for my apartment mate of course. ^.^ We headed over to McDonald's which would be the third time in one week. I have officially eaten McD's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only this time, I did the Japanese thing and got something different: Ebi filet...which is shrimp filet burger. Totally yummy. ^.^ On the way home, I caught this wonderful sight....

1/3/09 ~ Saturday 4:25 pm - Tokyo ~ 2:25 am - NY EDIT

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These days all I see is his pensive gaze. There is something inside me that tells me, I don't want to see him unhappy. If only you need someone to hold you close, I can do that....

Odaiba in the evening...

Yesterday, we went to Shinjuku and then to Harajuku followed by Shibuya. All by walking! ^^; We're nuts, I know. The sbove pic is 'Time Square' that is in Shinjuku. Look! I'm back in NY! *facepalm* After doing some JE/RUSS-K 'research' for iceblueaya, we headed to the Ginza line for Odaiba's Aquacity. But not before I got this cute shot of this Hello Kitty statue. I want to take it home! *tries to lift it* lol

The views in Odaiba were stunning....

Last episode of Junjou Romantica

Stayed up last night in order to watch the last episode of the second season of Junjou. No spoilers, but it was awesome in what Misaki said to Haruhiko. Also, the episode was a Valentine's Day episode. I would think they would make it a Christmas episode since the original air date (TV Kanagawa) would have made it closer to Christmas...but it would still have been aired after Christmas. ^^; Oh well...it was still sweet. The bear statues are never ending and I'm starting to fear that Misaki will forever have to deal with them. ^.^

I love this series! I want an episode 13 where Misaki meets Hiroki and everyone else. And we have a huge onsen party and tons of smex in the waters...of course in different rooms since I'm not up for an orgy. At least not with these pairings. ^.^

tomorrow's plans

I'm going to church in the morning (hopefully there will be no problem with finding the building and I'm heading to Shinjuku in the afternoon to change money. And then...off to Mandarake in Ikebukuro and Akihabara! ^.^

1/2/09 ~ Friday 2:00 pm - Tokyo ~ 12:00 am - NY EDIT

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I don't know what to wish for, I don't know what to hope for. What I want in my past is here...but there is only thing left...I wish to understand him.

Recollection: New Year's celebrations

We went to Shinjuku on 12/31 to pick up my apartment mate's friend (who is Japanese and spoke French O.O) to stay the night. We watched Johnny's Countdown which was a concert of ALL JE groups. And there are alot of them. Yay for cute guys! ^.^ The pic above features our humble meal with...soba! All new years in Japan has to have New Year's soba. ^.^

To check out what I did yesterday for my new years, click here. ^.^

today's plans

Heading to Odaiba! Ja! ^.^

1/1/09 ~ Thursday 12:00 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:00 am 12/31 - NY

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Akemashite Omedatou!

From this side of the world to yours, may our hearts always reach each other in embracing our dreams. Continue making memories in the new year.... ^.^