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5/31/09 ~ Sunday 5:28 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:28 am - NY

Status: amused ~ Listening to: Word of Voice - FLOW (PERSONA -Trinity Soul- OST) Listen or Save

the many moods of Ed's antenna

FMA ep. 9 show of Winry's first venture to Central, Ed getting slapped by his subordinates and Al's thoughts into his 'past'.... Also, Ed's hair antenna makes more movements then usual. ^^; The scenes seem to be lifted straight from the manga...including a cameo appearance that was significant in the manga and is just as significant in the anime. (I don't think there was such a cameo in the first series...but I would have to check on that. ^.^) The 'I hate milk' scene wasn't as funny as before, but the first one was soooo funny that it's hard to follow that up unless they reanimate it. ^-^

Vic's voice appears again in the eyecatches. *fangirls* <3s I won't say much else besides this episode except that I love the exchange between Al and Ed. So powerful, and with much, much more feeling then the previous version. *hugs Al* You're real! And the preview for the next one...is one to cry over. Besides Nina's episode, I hate this one so much more. >.<

12:30 am - Tokyo ~ 11:30 am 5/30 - NY ~ Status: happy

welcome to France...in Japan

My Nishi-loving friend's mother and cousin is in Japan visiting her so our apartment is filled with French. It is a difficult langugae to learn...but hearing it is an interesting experience. My Japanese roommate is fluent in French so they're conversing wonderfully. Me? I'm just eavesdropping if I can even call it that. ^.^

a day of chores, rest and food

I headed to the Nakano post office to pick up a package...of 2 Loveless cards that came with the Zero-Sum magazine. It's not the complete set of course since I doubt I could ever get them. But getting the Soubi and Ritsuka cards are good enough for me...for now. ^.^ I headed straight home afterwards since I had no wish into otaku-land of Mandarake...due to my shopping spree yesterday. ^^;

I made it home in time to join my French friend and crew to McDonald's for lunch. I ordered McPork which had a light taste along with the Cinnamon Melt which was delicious. *sighs happily* After our extra unhealthy lunch, we went home where the mother and cousin took a nap while my friend and I went to the 100 yen for groceries. Then I did the laundry and proceeded to be lazy. Dinner was Pizza Hut (which btw is always delivery only since they don't have physical stores in Japan-did I mention this already?) and we had a late dinner together with French in our ears. I plan to watch a bit of anime tonight and see what tomorrow will bring. ^.^

massive food post!

I tried not to bombard everyone with too many pics on the main page so here is another massive food post under the link. Not exceptionally interesting or unique, but I did post pics of McPork and the pizza I had. Japanese pizza is a bit different...click to find out why! ^.^

5/29/09 ~ Friday 12:25 am - Tokyo ~ 11:25 am 5/28 - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: me typing

bookstore hopping...Tokyo style

Ah, I lovingly recall my Friday evenings in the city with animemiz and crew (and occasionally Pearl-chan and P-chan in tow) when we went from bookstore to bookstore in Japanime glory. Suffice to say, I've been doing alot more bookstore hopping now (and buying alot more too) but not as much as tonight. And I know it's just the beginning! (Don't know if that's a good thing or bad....)

Starting point was Ikebekuro Mandarake where Fighter found and bought another FMA doujinshi by Idea. We went to K-books 2 where I bought the Crimson Spell postcard set that I wanted for some time. We then headed to K-books 3 where I couldn't find any more Loveless cards. *cries* (Must be patient.... >.<) But I did buy a small notebook from Kuroshitsuji which was a magazine item that was wrapped with a Vampire Knight handkerchief that I will never use. ^^; I also got a Fullmetal Alchemist postcard/pin set. Yay! We skipped past Animate and rushed over to Akihabara where we went to Mandarake. I bought the Junjou Romantica postcard set and noted all prices for future artbook purchases. *scripples on the page* Next we headed to Animate where Fighter stared at all the Gintama stuff. She ended up buying some deleter (manga/drawing) paper and we dropped in on Toranoana which has a doujin/hentai section at the top. (The Toranoana in Ikebekuro should better suit our BL needs. ^.^) We finally ended our evening at Book Off where we discovered a doujinshi section. o.O Not only that, I found on of the Okane ga Nai artbooks in acceptable condition as well as the Fujimi Orchestra artbook with novel illustrations. FYI, I actually don't like the novel illustrations of Fujimi even though I looooove the series to death. I prefer Sei Goto's artwork for the manga. ^^; However, the artbook was only 105 yen O.O so I had to get it. Not to mention, there are a couple pics that I really like.... (I used it before in one of my layouts. ^.^) Fighter found two doujins from the FMA series 'Hermaphrodite' (that has NOTHING to do with hermaphrodites...it's jut the Engrish part of the title ^^;) and I bought them. Just 6 more to the series!

Since it was getting late, we decided to have a quick dinner at Yoshinoya. Butadon...for only 330 yen! I think it's the cheapest dinner that I ever bought in Japan. ^^; Since we bought some of our things together, we split our treasures while waiting for the train. The weather was rainy, but we had a fulfilling evening. My budget is definitely suffering a bit, but it's my first month (of getting my paycheck) and I know I will recover. ^.^

Tomorrow I'll need to go to the post office to pay and pick up a package. Something Japanime related of course. ^^;

5/28/09 ~ Thursday 10:57 pm - Tokyo ~ 9:57 am - NY

Status: cheerful ~ Listening to: Winder ~Boku wa Koko ni iru~ - Shonen Kamikaze (Overdrive OP) Listen or Save

rain, rain, go away

According to my colleagues, this is the season for rain in Japan. And certainly enough, 2nd time this week we have rain...although it isn't as bad as Sunday night. (On sunday, it wasn't raining...it was someone pouring buckets on our heads. ^^;) The superstition in Japan to make the rain go away is to make teruterubozu...which is a small paper/cloth doll and hang it by the window. In doing so, the next day should have clear skies. I don't know which teacher did it, but I found one by our window in the teacher's room.

Kawaii desu ne. ^.^

first FMA doujin from Idea!

I met fighter today at Nakano Broadway since we wanted to peruse the doujinshi section...and I was in a shopping mood. (Actually, I don't know when I'm NOT in a shopping mood. ^^;) She presented me with 'Sinful Contact', part of a short doujin series by the circle Idea, one of our fav FMA doujinkas. *hugs doujin and fighter* Even though you'll never read this, arigato, fighter! I am planning to get the other books, 'Blue Flame', 'Deep Reverb' and 'Next Restraint' as well as some others by Idea. Their art for FMA is amazing. ^.^

I bought two Loveless doujins by Kouga Yun and surveyed all the yummy artbooks that I will buy. Soon, soon I will have them! *is determined* For dinner, Fighter and I headed to a ramen place in the shopping area which had a good price ramen and gyoza set which were both delicious. Meeting up with Fighter again tomorrow for Ikebekuro and Akiba. We're going to be store hopping tomorrow! ^.^

5/27/09 ~ Wednesday 9:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:30 am - NY

Status: hyper ~ Listening to: 07 Ghost on the laptop

*WARNING* spoiler for ep. 8

My fav line of the series so far.... Mikage whispers to Teito: 'I love you, Teito...!' O.O *fangirls* (BTW, I was eating and I almost choked on my rice from that line. ^^;) This is too awesome! *goes to listen to it again* 'Daisukida, Teito.'

Also, Mikage mentioned that 'Ayanami made me...' I was thinking, made him do what?!? Has he been claimed already?!? Poor Teito.... ^^; One last question. Did we always have those awesome eyecatches? The one with Teito and Mikage is fantastic! *adds to cel wishlist*

9:14 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:14 am - NY ~ Status: amused

and the monotony continues

'Who is your type, Teito?' asks Mikage. As if he doesn't know! In my mind, Teito replies, 'It's you, Mikage....' This anime struggles to stay 'action' oriented with straight characters and not 'BL' to little avail when Mikage proceeds to have a 'wrestling' match with Teito. ^^; Of course, the bishops three look on...but I digress. I'm of course refering to ep 8.

BTW, most of these characters have super powers that can cut through anything...and no one bothered to free Teito from his chains? I love S&M and all (and Teito in chains matches so well with his outfit, ^-^) but since no one gave any reason to why he stil has chains...I'm starting to wonder if all the guys have the same idea I do: he looks good with chains on so just leave them on. ^.^

That aside, I'm happy with the new twist this story is taking. It seems that we're being lead on in idleness for a few episodes but something will start happening soon. Alas, Mikage and Teito will have to be at odds? Noooooo.... Me: Mikage don't betray him! You still haven't even kissed yet! >.<

Doki Doki manga redeemed somewhat

In a previous post, I mentioned that animemiz bought me my Princess Princess Plus manga in the new version without the dustjackets. In order to not lose the omake underneath the Japanese covers, they are at the end of the book. For this reason, my opinion of the new versions is somewhat better. ^^; At least I don't miss out on the extras I love so much. *hugs books*

5/26/09 ~ Tuesday 9:18 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:18 am - NY

Status: content ~ Listening to: Unnamed World - Hirano Aya (Nijumenso no Musume ED) Listen or Save

servant of a servant

While watching Pandora Hearts ep. 8, I just noticed an interesting point: Oz is Alice's servant and Raven is Oz's servant...which means Raven is also Alice's servant. ^^; But I digress....

Certainly, the anime with the strongest story thus far is this one. The relationship between the three is one with many forms and I enjoy watching them unfold. I have a few questions that I wonder what will come from it...one being what is Raven's relationship with Emily, the creature on Break's shoulder. Since Break is a contractee, does that mean the contractor is Emily? If so, how does that relate to Raven? I caught wind of this relationship since Break was threatening Raven with choking Emily at the beginning.... ^^; Maybe there is no connection between the two and Raven is just nice...maybe. The other thing I'm wondering is...does Oz have a dark side? Well, considering his childhood that is most likely yes. But I hope we don't lose the happy side of him since I'm starting to like hearing a happier Ritsuka-type voice. ^-^

6:25 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:25 am - NY ~ Status: busy

'Senn no!'

I'm fascinated with the way classes are held in Japanese schools. Certain students are monitors and they take over the class at appointed times. Monitors have more responsibilities and it gives them a chance to become leaders. At the same time, teachers become overseers of the class. In PE aka. gym class, the first person in the row becomes the one who leads the warm-up exercises. They already have a pre-established routines: jumping jacks, stretches, pushups, situps and so on. Some exercises are in pairs and they go to their partner (the person next to them) immediately for the following exercises. The one you obviously don't see in the US is a leaping exercise (what is it called again? >.<) like leap frog, only the person being leapt over is horizontal rather then vertical. (Refer to pic for info.)

Other exercises not commonly seen is actually a pole jump. They run and using a long pole as leverage, they jump. The jumping area is a long pit and distances are measured. They also have foot work exercises that take place in hopscotch fashion on rope-like ladders that are placed on the ground as markers. (My apologies for the vague and confusing descriptions...I don't know what they're called.) Since these are all routines, the students go about them on their own. Most of these things are measured and the points/points/distances are recorded by the monitors. They did alot more running then I ever did in junior high. *bows to their energy* x meters of distance, x number of times around the field.... o.O Of course, we have the usual sports, soccer, baseball, dodgeball and such.

Besides the main PE class, there are also sport events that are held. Like this afternoon, there was a jump rope event for the 3rd year students. The entire class, has to jump together on one jump rope. (The entire class meaning 40 students. O.O) It was a loooooong jump rope, and some were even able to get up to 17 jumps which is alot. Alot of teamwork, patience and laughter when the rope gets caught on someone's leg. The signal that they'll start is "Senn no!" I observed them from the balcony next to the teacher's room so there was some waving. *waves back*

Most of all, there is alot of teamwork and encouragement among the students. When someone is running, the other people in the class call out, "Ganbarre!" The trail they run is circular with the guys on one side and the girls on the other. Not everyone runs at the same time and whenever someone passes a group that is resting, they call out, "Ganbarre!" It makes me smile at their openness in classes.

do not enter...during exams

This week is midterms so no students are allowed to enter the teacher's room. The funny part is...I forgot about that. My students came to ask me about tomorrow's lessons and as usual, they announced themselves at the door. On the other hand, I asked them to come in but they said they can't. Of course, I remembered the rule and went to them instead. lol This will be a light week in terms of lessons since so many classes have exams. I told my students that they won't get an exam from me...maybe. Mwhahahahaha!

only in Japan...sneaker washers

Two nights ago were major rains in Tokyo...and animemiz's shoes got seriously soaked. Upon our walk to the laundry mat, we discovered that there were special washers and dryers for sneakers. O.o I wish they existed in the US! May places don't allow sneakers in the washers...but here, there are specific washers for them! Sugoi desu ne!

5/25/09 ~ Monday 11:34 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:34 am - NY

Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: Waga Routashi Aku no Hana - Ali Project (Code Geass R2 ED) Listen or Save

slow goodbyes

No work today since my school has a one day holiday for reasons that are beyond me. ^^; Animemiz and I woke early so she could dry her wet clothes at the laundry mat and I could get ready to go to the Tokyo Immigrations office. We left around 12pm and headed to Shinjuku together. There, we separated for our own destinations. *hugs* Being with animemiz was like a vacation for me as well. ^-^

My trip to the immigration office was as smooth as before and I was in and out within an hour. I stopped by a Book Off but couldn't find what I was looking for so I headed home for a shower and room cleanup. It was a restful day so I plan to sleep early so I can have more energy for tomorrow. ^.^

12:00 am - Tokyo ~ 11:00 am 5/24 - NY ~ Status: blah ~ Listening to: FMA on tv

VA Eva cast returns...almost

Funimation announces the VA cast for the EVA movies...which has some vertern VAs from the series for Shinji, Misato, and Gendo. It is not surprising to see so many changes especially with Funi's involvement. EVA has been one of the first series that was licensed during the first anime wave in the US and the VAs reflected that. Some have began their careers with this series and moved on to do other things. The VAs chosen can be seen under the link and there are some familiar names to Funi/FMA fans. *points at self* Colleen Clinkenbeard (Riza Hawkeye, FMA) will be Ritsuko, Caitlin Glass (Winry Rockbell, FMA) is Ibuki, Brina Palencia (Juliet, RomeoxJuliet) is Ayanami Rei and Jerry Jewel (Conan, Detective Conan) will be Kaworu. Mike McFarland is the ADR director for the first movie and I love him for it.

boxcard FTW!

After animemiz did laundry this morning, we headed to Ikebekuro for her last round of Otome dori. I bought a Gundam 00 sticker/pic-thingee at K-books 2 and we headed over to k-books 3. The pic is one of my fav of the series drawn by Kouga Yun-sensei. 4 pilots lying upon the ground...kawaii! ^.^ K-books 2 brought forth an interesting surprise: Junjou Romantica boxcard 1! O.O I immediately asked for it from the showcase and proceeded gathering my other goods. I found 2 other Kuroshitsuji mini-pencil boards (from the collection I bought before) and picked out a Loveless special card. Satisfied, we went to Animate which was FILLED with people. I bought a Wakeshima Kanon 'Still Doll' single cd for animemiz to bring to Otakon in hopes to get it signed. Hopefully.... ^^; Animemiz also bought several things and noted to me the things she would like in the future...since they have already put up the ads announcing the new stuff to come next month. Viewfinder, Kuroshitsuji, Natsume Yuujincho.... *drools* <3's x10

After bidding Animate goodbye (for now ^-^) we headed to Milky Way for a late lunch...once again. Animemiz ordered omlette rice and I had hamburger over rice along with our choice ice cream sensations. It was at the cashier that I realized that they had a point card...which I immedidately asked for. After how many visits did I finally notice this? lol We went back home in the rain....

Nakano floods

We went to the grocery store to buy bento for dinner...in the rain. Pouring buckets and everything. Our pants, shoes and socks were soaked. But we got our yummy dinner and ran for home. ^-^

5th laboratory memories

FMA ep. 8 was the continuation of last week's episode at the laboratory. Ed is facing off angainst Slicer and Al is against Barry the Chopper...and Al is faced with the idea that he was created by his brother. *cries* I don't like this part since it makes me kinda sad knowing how hurt Al was by this speculation. *hugs Al* Me: Ed loves you Al! (Like REALLY loves you! *winks*) He'll always tell you the truth! Ed's statement of 'my brother is human so you are human' (paraphrasing) is as strong as ever. I look forward to seeing the brothers come together in their quest in the later episode. Since it's through the manga, they'll have that 'fight' on the roof...but that is for another episode. ^-^

Some things to note in this episode is that Ed gets a quick flashback of when Scar was reaching for him (in death) previously while Slicer is rushing towards him. Also, there is definitely way more blood in these episodes. <.<; And then...finally, the appearance of the Sins in front of Ed. Poor Ed. ^^;

Envy's voice is noticably different, but it grows on you and Lust's voice is just as good as before. Yay for both seiyuu! ^-^

5/24/09 ~ Sunday 2:40 am - Tokyo ~ 1:40 pm 5/23 - NY (EDIT)

Status: Status: busy ~ Listening to: me typing

Happy b-day, Pearl-chan!

I may be several hours late of sending you my b-day wishes, but I'm right on time for NY. ^.^ *hugs* I'm unable to see you but I'm always thinking of you, our BL convos, our unfinished SSBB game, our bookstore ventures among the chaos of our lives. As with the other b-day entries, I hope to recommend an ongoing anime to you...however it's so hard! You watch more of the new stuff then I do. ^^; But I think this is something you may have not gotten into yet since it's so short. Perhaps...I could be wrong but here goes! Pearl-chan, we grew up with the cartoon hilarity known as 'Hysteria,' you may like this one as well. Hetalia Axis Powers!

Hetalia Axis Powers - history...with a BL twist!

Hetalia Axis Powers is a series by Himaruya Hidekaz that began as an online manga that was made into short 5 minute anime episodes. The heart of the story is the personification of countries with the main character being Italy, Germany and Japan with America and the rest of the world in two. The 'timeline' begins at World War I and goes into the rest of the history as well including a mix of cultural references presented in satirical fashion.

All the countries are the embodiment of their stereotypes. Italy is a lazy character that loves pasta, Germany is quite stoic but helpful towards the weaker Italy and Japan is slow to speak his thoughts and always has the right answer. America is loudmouthed and like hamburgers while China likes to give everyone food. There are flowers whenever France appears...though I don't know why. The BL hints is everywhere in this male majority cast. I say majority since Holland (and in the manga Taiwan) are female. However, Italy is in a dress in the 'Chibitalia' sequences and he is always being taken cared of by everyone. ^^; The humor and surprises over the various character interactions are hilarious. The random historical facts mixed with fiction are entertaining enough, but most of all, I enjoy Germany blushing over everything Italy does. ^.^ England and America made a cute pair as well.

But I digress. Pearl-chan, since you have so much anime to watch, I feel this short humorous one will be a nice light one to add to our collection. Perhaps you're already watching it, I don't remember if you were or not. Either way, I hope you like it! ^.^

EDIT: Since Pearl-chan doesn't like the original pic, I posted another one. ^-^

'Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko'

Click here for pics and info about our day at the Ghibli museum and Odaiba. As several years ago, there isn't much info about the inside of the museum itself. No pics are allowed in the museum and it's hard to really explain how the museum is since there is so much detail and hidden surprises there. Hopefully, for those that are interested, you can experience it for yourselves. I'll be going several more times so I'll give more details and pics of the outside in the future. ^.^

5/22/09 ~ Friday 9:20 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:20 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Vermillion - Ishikawa Chiaki (Bokurano ED) Listen or Save

kaiten sushi pt. 2

After an ultra sleepy day at work, we headed back to Nakano Broadway once more. We went to another kaiten sushi restaurant...this one with pricier plates then before. The quality of the sushi improved alot and we could totally tell from the taste. Animemiz picked up chutoro which we shared (since she was treating me to dinner, arigato, animemiz! *hugs*) and it was delicious. *drools from the memory* I look forward to trying otoro...if I can ever have enough funds to order it. ^^;

As you can sort of see in the above pic, this kaiten sushi restaurant had two conveyor belts. The above one has the usual sushi plates. The one below has the mini plates for soyuu and tea cups. Such fun.... ^.^

tomorrow's plans

Tomorrow, animemiz and I will be going to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka and at night, we're heading to Odaiba to check out rainbow bridge in the evening. We'll probably have dinner at the food court in Aquacity. Perhaps...we'll find more ice cream. ^-^

5/21/09 ~ Thursday 9:22 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:22 am - NY

Status: satisfied ~ Listening to: Word of Voice - FLOW (PERSONA -trinity soul- OST) Listen or Save

another pencil board? sure!

We returned to Nakano Broadway. Living so close to it is pretty nice! ^-^ I met animemiz in the trading card shop where we perused a few pencil boards. I found the Ranma 1/2 pic of Ranma and Akane that I like. I also found the Touya hugging Yukito pic from Card Captors Sakura. Alas, I didn't buy either of them. ^^; However, I did find a limited edition Kuroshitsuji pencil board which I bought immediately. ^^V We visited all the shops (animemiz even stopped in the hentai one) and then we headed to our usual vending restaurant for dinner. Arigato, animemiz for my yummy shinkodon...at least I think that's what it's called. (I'm most likely wrong. ^^;)

In retrospect...I never bought so many pencil boards in one week before. It's because I got paid last week and I saw so many pretty pics this week.... ^^;

5/20/09 ~ Wednesday 11:23 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:23 am - NY

Status: amused ~ Listening to: 07 Ghost on the laptop

giant eyefish *dies*

In ep. 7 of 07 Ghost, Mikage joins in emo thought process as he broods over saving his family or staying with Teito. (Choice 2! Go with choice 2! ^.^) Then we have emo flashbacks with Teito saying the glorious words of 'We are friends for over one year.' My only thoughts were, 'One year already and you haven't gone to bed yet?' ^^; Surprise no. 1 came when I realized who was the one playing the organ in ep. 6...she was the mermaid. o.O No wonder she had webbed feet. Surprise no. 2 was realizing that one of the people in Ayanami's group looks exactly like Mikage except without the scar. I'm starting to see the reason why Mikage has the scar in the first place. Wouldn't want Teito to get all confused and fall for the wrong guy.... ^^;

Overview of this episode is the introduction of a young kid who is now under the care of Teito and Mikage. Ayanami and crew is off dealing with some new incident elsewhere and another Kor hits the church. Oh yeah, Teito's third eye makes an appearance but that is not a spoiler since we see that in the spoilerific preview. ^.^

9:20 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:20 am - NY (EDIT) ~ Status: happy ~ Listening to: animemiz talking to me ^.^

dinner report

Tonight's menu was yakisoba at my fav okonomiyaki place. Animemiz ordered ika yakisoba while I had negi munja (sp?) since I've been wondering how it was since I went there. After I messed up the cooking process, I had a lumpy stirfried negi which was pretty good. ^^; I'll order it again after I study up on the proper way to cook munja. Then we had dessert crepe outside before heading back to the apartment. Yup! No anime shopping and no late night out. Taking it easy tonight. Also, the weather is hot and I have a longing for my shower. ^^;

Cold Stone lines...

Before heading home, animemiz had stopped by the Cold Stone Creamery in Shinjuku's Lumine department store. Unbeknowest to us, there was a a free cooly's drink today so the usual line was longer then usual. About 3 floors long since the line snacked down the staircase 3 floors down. ^^; Even though I wanted to try the free drink, the 2 hours wait was not appealing so we left. I was teaching the entire day today so this teacher is calling quits early. ^^;

12:59 am - Tokyo ~ 11:59 am 5/19 - NY ~ Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: silence

Noblisse Oblige

Another awesome anime cellphone is in Japan. NEC came out with the replica of the cellphone from Higashi no Eden. Paraphrasing animevice, I doubt it comes with a 10 billion yen spending account and a concierge service to see to your every need. I wish, I wish so much! ^^; *thinks of all the Japanime stuff* lol Messiah I am not but this is still an awesome phone. ^.^ BTW, my fav comment is actually the first commentor on japanator. "Yesss, now I can be one of the 12, and keep a bunch of naked Men in my basement." ~Riddle on japanator. roflol

It has legs!

...but still can't walk. As mentioned some time ago, I'm finally in Japan when a Gundam related event will occur. There has already been sightings that the 1:1 scale Gundam being built in Odaiba already has legs. Just seeing the pic with the little person behind the mecha's knee makes me soooo happy. *imagines it's Duo and Heero in there building the thing...and doing other things* ^.^

EnglandxAmercia 4ever!

lol Actually, between America and England in Hetalia Axis Powers, I'm actually not sure who will be bottom and who will be top yet. I think America should be uke though. He is very headstrong and need to bottom a couple of times. ^_____^ Ep. 17 is a bit melodramatic, but those two together in America's memories are pretty cute. ^.^

5/19/09 ~ Tuesday 11:32 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:32 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Wanderland (RD Sennou Chousashitsu ver.) - Sennou Chousashitsu OST Listen or Save

stopping in Ikebekuro...once again

My return to Ikebekuro is because I found the Gakuen Heaven bear plush yesterday...but didn't buy it. I thought it was too small but Pearl-chan reminded me that the bear is indeed pretty small...it can fit on your hand. Assured of that, throughout the entire night and between classes today, I kept on thinking of the bear. At last, I hopped over to Ikebekuro and exclaimed happily as I found the bear where I left it. It's of course a limited edition and no longer sold since the anime for Gakuen Heaven was several years ago. The price was reasonable so I bought it immediately. I also bought two more Loveless specials which I love. There were some FMA stuff that I wanted, but will get next time. ^^;

The below pic is of my nameless Gakuen Heaven bear with animemiz's Nyanko-sensei that she bought last time (small version of course. ^.^)

kaiten sushi = food rolling away

Animemiz was craving yakisoba so decided to hit Nakano Broadway to look for a place to eat. Alas, we remembered that the one place with a yakisoba grill in front of you was in Shinjuku (where we had okonomiyaki last time) so we decide to choose something else. Kaiten sushi aka. conveyor belt sushi. It was my first time eating this as well but we were seated quickly with no problems. The concept is easy enough. The prices are noted by the design of the plate and you just take your sushi choices from the conveyor belt in front of you. Tea and napkins are all in front of you as well as a large container of ginger to 'clean your palatte' as animemiz notes. Wasabi was on the belt as well...so I had to wait a bit before it came by. Of course, my eyes are always drawn to whatever was on the other side of the belt. ^.^

Click here for pics of the kaiten sushi experience as well as a variety of other food pics.

You can also ask for a special order that is not on the belt. Just get the attention of the chef (in the middle of everything.) Animemiz ordered a tamago sushi. At the end of the meal, you can say a number of things to get the host's attention. I chose 'Gochisosamadeshita' which kinda means 'thank you for the delicious food.' The host comes and counts the plates and hands us the bills where we pay at the register as customary in all restaurants. <3 It was fun experience. ^.^

felt food and school experience

It has something to do with food so I stuck it in the above link. ^.^

1:51 am - Tokyo ~ 12:51 pm 5/18 - NY ~ Status: amused ~ Listening to: Pandora Hearts on the laptop

*bows before the master*

What is with all these anime concerning young, underaged masters with older servants? I'm trying to think of another one before Loveless...I'm pretty sure there is but I can't recall another series. But now, we have Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts. Absolute loyalty, strong bonds, promises and everything...between a young 12-13 (although Oz is 15) master with an older 20-25 (Sebastian was kinda immortal) servant. Of course, I'm thinking of Pandora Hearts right now as I'm watching ep. 7. It's just an amusing trend to see in these types of series. Of course, I'm also loving all the BL hints scattered all over this relationship. Raven's words of regret, Oz's forgiveness.... Awwww....

On the otherhand, Alice is getting pretty jealous. ^.^ I love the last scene too! Oz wants to hold on to everyone...Alice...Raven.... *glomps Oz* I won't let go either!

US VAs in Japanese anime?

I just thought of something as I was watching the FMA subs for ep. 7.... I think the English voices saying 'Fullmetal Alchemist' during commercial break eyecatches are done by US voice actors. The boom narrator voice is definitely not Japanese and the first voice (accompanied by Sheska's pic) sounds...like Vic Mignogna, the VA for Ed. o.O I'm not kidding! I wonder if there is any info about that. <.< If it's true, sugoi ne!

5/18/09 ~ Monday 11:15 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:15 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: the girls singing NEWS ^^;

shopping the night away

My return to Ikebekuro is because animemiz hasn't visited Animate yet. Also, because I wanted to spend more time at K-books 3. ^.^ I bypassed the Loveless cards and went for the middle aisle to puruse the merchandise. Animemiz bought a Kuroshitsuji cardass card for me...it's like a mini-pencil board. It just so happens that she bought the one I really like. *hugs animemiz* ^.^ Then of course, I had to get others from the collection that I like. Good thing I'm not planning to get everything. ^^; K-books 3 had several of the ones I like. I picked them up and then we went to Animate and I bought some Junjou Romantica clips as well as the Viewfinder shiny postcards set that I wanted before.... I picked up two Kuroshitsuji postcards as well.

I found a Buprya (sp?) plush from 07 Ghost on one of the floors...but couldn't buy it. *stares at NFS sign* <.< Gomen ne, Pearl-chan.... I'll keep trying though!

We went to Lotteria (fast food chain) for their ebi filet and then to Milkly Way for another parfait. So full.... But I want to go back! (With more money of course.... ^.^)

5/17/09 ~ Sunday 5:32 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:32 am - NY (EDIT)

Status: amused ~ Listening to: Wasurenaide - Suara (KimiKiss Pure Rouge ED) Listen or Save

reaching out your hand

I just finished watching FMA ep. 7! ^.^ The appearance of Schiezka is a hilarious one as expected. Surrounded by mountains of books...she reminds me a bit of animemiz. ^.^ Some highlights to note is Alexander's sparkles. He is the manliest man I have seen in all anime...and he cries manly tears. lol This second series definitely gives Alexander more in terms of emoticons around him. Waves of anger and so on. My fav part? Ed in the tunnel. Poor Al has to wait outside. ^^; Next week is the two battles of the brothers...not against each other of course. Ganbarre, Al!

everything goes in 07 Ghost

I never mentioned this before, but this series likes to tease alot about the following episodes. The previews are 3 different 'screens' showing clips of the next episode and the teaser at the beginning (prior to the opening song) usually shows a climax of the episode itself. ^^; I'm not complaining at all since the episodes always have a few surprises of their own. In the current episode, the 'creature of the day' looks like a mix of a swamp thing and a frog...if frogs were purple. ^^; I'm not that grossed out about that. I'm more boggled by one of the nuns' feet which are scaly and webby. o.O You see them when the pink/purplish haired nun is playing the organ. I see why they wear shoes now....

I must say Mikage is quite brave, smart...and kinda funny. When he realized the one he was carrying on his back (a girl btw) has spouted wings and became a Kor, he let go of her fast. ^^; And while Mikage deals with this 'issue', Teito is brooding in a corner. *pokes* My only question in this episode is where Mikage is expecting to lead the Kor to...to have the bishops remove the mark? And the mark itself is starting to remind me alot of Pandora Hearts. It's suppose to be in the middle of the person's chest. Since the 'possessed' is a girl...what happened to her boobs? lol

When the one Teito loves is threatened by death, he unleashes his true power. And gains a third eye. I won't say where! ^^; Incoherency aside, ep. 6 is more then interesting enough.

12:03 pm - Tokyo ~ 11:03 pm 5/16 - NY ~ Status: good

Happy 4th anniversary, Solitary!

I'm still surprised that I've been writing on this site for 4 years. This blog holds alot of memories for me. In truth, these are my memories. Not so much as a diary as this is what I wish to share with my friends. Sometimes it's a bit tl;dr, but getting it down into words can perhaps help you understand even if you're not physically there at the moment.

Last year, I wrote during the 3rd anniversary post that I don't like displaying my life on the net. That still holds true to some extent. I don't want EVERYONE to know what's going on, just you guys who read this. ^.^ For you, I wish to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings. Especially now that I'm in Japan, it's a way for you see how I'm doing here. My experiences are limited, my accomplishments are few. Sometimes pain and stress render me incapable of continuing...but perhaps you can see into my world just a bit more.

This is the last day of Mascot week! For this extra special day, here are 3 mascots that are more then mere stuff animals. We started with plushies and it is appropriate to end with them as well.

Suzuki-san - Junjou Romantica

Usami Akihito named the bear thus because he believed the most common name in Japan is 'Suzuki'. (However, Misaki proved him wrong to his chargrin. ^^;) He populates the Usami house with his many forms...but the one everyone knows as Suzuki-san and my fav is the large one. He sleeps beside Usami every night and is at the table every morning for breakfast. He is beside Usami when he is on the couch and in his office working. In truth, it seems that when Usami is anywhere at home, Suzuki-san is found. But he is more then just a bear to Usami, he is acknowledged as a friend. At times, he is also a confidant. He is present as Usami speaks his inner most thoughts. Misaki even uses him as a buffer or to create between him and his 'problems'. Patience is the key to Suzuki-san and it's something that I admire in his character. Throughout the chaos around him, he is able to keep a straight face...even when a bowl of udon is poured over his head. ^.^

Suzuki-san is from the series Junjou Romantica created by Nakamura Shungiku-sensei.

Kuma-chan - Ouran Highschool Host Club

Kuma-chan was given to Suoh Tamaki when he was young. Although Tamaki is older now, Kuma-chan still appears from time to time. He is very versatile...usually getting roped into some of the schemes the host club cooks up individually and as a group. For example, he was dressed as Nekozawa's senpai's little sister in the battle plan to unite the siblings. In the episode concerning Honey-senpai and sweets, he was a replacement Usa-chan as well as a replacement 'treat' of sorts. Alas, Kuma-chan is very patient and quite durable as he felt the wrath of Honey-senpai's throws. His face forever bears a bored look but I'm sure he is amused inside from the antics around him.

Kuma-chan is from the series Ouran Highschool Host Club by Bisco Hatori-sensei.

Kuma - Gakuen Heaven

This nameless bear is the symbol and heart of the school Bell Liberty Academy. The school chairman, Endo Kazuki uses him to speak to the board of directors as well as with the students. In truth, the bear is the chairman to the students since none have known to seen his face. His likeness is on the school supplies and documents. Very little is known about him save the fact that he is very important to Kazuki. Perhaps it was a memory of his youth with Keita (depending on which version of the story that is looked into. ^-^) Everyone looks to his presense as the spokesperson of the school. Not every bear can have that kind of influence. ^.^

Kuma is from the series Gakuen Heaven by Higuri Yuu-sensei, TAMAMI and Spray.

5/16/09 ~ Saturday 11:59 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:59 am - NY

Status: satisfied ~ Listening to: You're the One - Ichiko (Zero No Tsukaima OP) Listen or Save

Mokona - Magic Knight Rayearth

The versatile, perfect travel companion and friend throughout the many worlds. My fav mascot is the original Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth. Although he only utters the sound 'puu,' some people are able to understand him. His eyes never open and he has a gigantic mouth in which to eat many things. The ruby adorned on his forehead stores the many necessities the girls needed in their journey. However, his part in the stories doesn't end there. In the OVA, Mokona is the creature that gives the girls their jewels and powers to summon the Mashin. In the manga, he is the creator of the universe and decided to travel to different worlds at the end. In truth, the extent of his powers are not known and cannot be measured. Even who he is really is still a mystery. He is truly special.

Although I say the first Mokona is my fav, that doesn't mean I can exclude Mokona and Modoki, the white and black Mokonas from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Xxxholic. In truth, all of them are connected. Yuko mentioned that Mokona and Modoki were created in the image of the original Mokona with the ability to talk. They wear a single earring to match the jewel on their foreheaded. Their purpose in the story seem to be similar to the MKR series in that they assist in Sakura and Syaoran's in their travels, but in truth, the reason for their existence is much deeper. Despite the burden upon them, both of them are light hearted and cheerful. They are a pair, always connected in some way even as the white one travel the different dimensions. Their true names are SOEL and LARG. Their powers are varied and many...although there are some differences between them. My favorite parts are when they are small enough to fit on a hand or sit upon someone's head. Mainly Kurogane and Watanuki's head (white and black respectively.) ^.^

Mokona is from the CLAMP universe created by CLAMP.

Shopping at Shibuya

After my usual Saturday grocery shopping, I met up with animemiz at Shinjuku. Then I lead her to Shibuya. We took a short detour through Harajuku where I show her the famous JE shop. Being Saturday afternoon, there was a looooong line with people waiting for tickets to get into the shop. (Tickets are free of course, it's just to limit the amount of ppl in the shop.) She grabbed a few pics outside and we continued on to Shibuya. First stop was Book Off and I saw the Sukisyo game as well as some really sexy BL games for the PS2. *drools* We continued onto the anime CD section and the dvd section. *drools over Junjou dvds* BTW, the drama cds are in the cd section...so we have BL dramas as well. I found the 2nd Viewfinder drama cd! ^.^ I didn't buy anything but animemiz found a few treasures.

Next stop was Mandarake where I found another set of the Ouran playing cards I bought before. Animemiz found another Sailor Moon artbook as well as at the pile of pencil boards and cards. Sorting through them bought out even more must-buy treasures. Her biggest find is probably the Yu Yu Hakusho cards. There were some nice Kurama cards in there. *fangirls* We left Mandarake and headed back to Shinjuku to meet with my French roomie for dinner.

yakiniku tabehodai FTW!

Yakiniku was the cuisine of the evening. It just so happens that the one we found was tabehodai aka 'all you can eat.' As all tabehodai in Japan is, this one has a 90 min. time limit. lol The restaurant placed out shoes in a cuboard and we sat on cushions on the floor. (Not in a tatami styled room, but one with low tables.) The restaurant was not that big, only a few tables with the large plates of meat at the side (refrigerated area of course) as well as vegetables and some pre-cooked things like yakisoba, okonomiyaki, croquetts and rice among inari sushi and fruit.

Thoroughly famished, I ate ALOT. *blush* ^^; I counted up to 9 plates by the end of the evening...but not all of it was meat. I had a plate of cold vegetables (kimichi and the like) as well as a small plate of potato salad and inari sushi, yakisoba, etc.... lol But it was delicious and the price was reasonably fantastic. Even though I was full, I had to try the dessert which included banana with whipped cream on top. Simple but delicious. We finished the last 3 bananas on the buffet table. ^.^

One of the owners passed by talking and I heard Mandarin Chinese. o.o Later at the register, I asked if she was Chinese and she said yes. I automatically spoke with her in Chinese. ^.^ We spoke a bit about me being in Japan, her daughter in a Japanese university and I admired her fluent Japanese. Yay for Chinese ppl in Japan! Needless to say, I'm going back to the restaurant. ^-^

5/15/09 ~ Friday 11:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:45 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Yakusoku - Kiuji Saori (Shounen Onmyouji ED) Listen or Save

Totoro - My Neighbor Totoro

Forest spirits in Tokorozawa, Saitama who are only seen by the lucky few who are in the innocence of youth. Totoro was thus dubbed by Mei mispronouncing 'tororu' for the 'troll'. He makes sounds that are often heard as the rustling in the deep forests or flight that is mistaken as wind. However, my favorite of the famous trio is the small white Totoro that first catches Mei's eyes. Small, practically armless with little feet and round eyes. Under the stars, they would play ocarinas in the light of the moon, the soft sounds mixing in with sounds of the night. Their powers also extend to creating dreams...but truly aren't dreams in reality. Of course, controlling nature and the like is something in the realm of their abilities.

The concept of a large creature with a mouth full of teeth being one of the most lovable creatures of Japan...is a unique one. But I love them all the same. ^-^ Their ability to communicate without words but by mere expressions is something that touches hearts.

Totoro is from the anime My Neighbor Totoro which is created by Miyazaki Hayao-sensei.

kyuryo = salary

I got my pay today! I returned to the Azabu district in order to pick up the cash (since I don't have a bank account for direct deposit) and finally got my first pay in Japan. ^^V Of course, I already have a budget in mind that include savings and BL in separate categories. Afterwards, I met up with animemiz who returned from her overnight trip to Kyoto. She was in Nakano Broadway doing another round of Mandarake. We decided to eat at McDonald's since she wanted to try the ebi filet I had before. I ordered my usual fish filet meal and later went to get dessert...which is when the bacon potato pie aka. 'becon poteto pai' caught my eye. Of course, I ordered that instead. ^.^

12:09 am - Tokyo ~ 11:09 am 5/14 - NY ~ Status: amused ~ Listening to: Pandora Hearts on the laptop

Raven really is....

Current episode: 6. I found the connection between Gilbert and Raven! I was kinda suspecting it when Oz was commenting on how worn out the mansion was...and I'm right! Which means...RavenxOz FTW! I knew Oz would be uke. ^.^ I'm loving this series more and more. Of all the Spring anime I'm following, it's the only one with a moving plot at a steady pace. (Not counting FMA who has the plot moving at breakneck speed.) Awesome developement in Pandora Hearts for me who haven't read the manga. Now I can truly love the BL coupling in Raven and Oz. So happy.... BTW, I love Oz's calm, positive personality more and more. ^.^ Episode 7 tonight but I'm going to sleep before it starts so I'll catch the raws later. Gotta teach tomorrow!

FYI, Gilbert kneeling before Oz...totally screams Kuroshitusji. <3 And the moment when Oz opens up Raven's shirt.... Double <3. ^.^ I love Oz's last lines in this episode. "I had believed in the "forever" that you told me about. But...if it will become a lie because of me, then before I see that moment come to pass... It would be better for me to die right here."

5/14/09 ~ Thursday 7:15 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:15 am - NY

Status: tired ~ Listening to: Yappari Sekai wa Atashi Legend!! - fripSide NAO project! (Koihime Musou OST) Listen or Save

Puu - Yu Yu Hakusho

The creature that is a reflection of Urameshi Yusuke's heart. Puu was born from the egg that Yusuke kept with him as part of his pact for a second chance at life. It feeds off his energy and would have turned into a monster if Yusuke's soul was evil and ultimately eat him when he hatches. However, Yusuke's kind soul reflected onto Puu and turned him into an adorable spirit beast with large ears that double as wings. However, his small form only hides his true form which doesn't appear until near the end of the series.

Puu is a kind creature that aids Yusuke when needed. He gained Yusuke's trust during the Dark Tournament. Yusuke had just fainted from exhaustion after receiving Genkai's energy. Puu is tied to his spirit so he too was weak from exhaustion. However, he struggled to bring Yusuke water which granted Yusuke strength and finally compassion to note his spirit beast who was in pain. No small feat since Yusuke is bullheaded most of the time! ^.^

Puu also has the ability to form barriers and when Yusuke gain his demonic powers, Puu evolved into a huge bird. He also has a sense of humor and tends to make faces at the rash decisions Yusuke makes. Ultimately, Puu will die when Yusuke does since they share the same soul.

Fav moments include Puu appearing on Yusuke's head for the first time (seems to be his favorite spot) and acting as a plushie upon Yusuke's bag. Of course, when trouble comes, Puu flies to assist. An additional note, Puu's hair is the same as Yusuke's. ^-^

Puu is from the series Yu Yu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi-sensei.

5/13/09 ~ Wednesday 11:59 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:59 am - NY

Status: busy ~ Listening to: tv

Pikachu and Pichu - Pokemon

You may laugh, but the electric pokemon that Ash Ketchum received as his first is one of my fav mascots of Japanime. Pikachu (who I am sure is a 'she') is very loyal. She wasn't very quick to trust Ash, but they soon formed an unbreakable bond. I loved her best since she has the stubbornness to not accept being carried around in a pokeball. She also received the trust and equality in friendship with Ash. She is his partner in battle as many episodes and movies show. Also, I admire her determination to fight as herself and not be compromised in her longing to stay as Pikachu and not evolve into Raichu. All this can be easily gained from the first series. But her character and personality grew even more as she interacts with others.

Perhaps I love Pichu since he is the baby type of Pikachu. Even if it's simply that, Pichu his small enough to fit on your hand and has a pretty mean electric shock. (Perhaps it's good enough to power up my cell in a hurry? ^.^) The bad part about it the electric attack is that Pichus have not developed an endurance or absorbance to electricity so they themselves become shocked. I consider that a brave (or foolish) attack since they will be rendered vulnerable to attack at that time.

Of course, both Pikachu and Pichu are pokemon that carried the stories through the years. Their contribution to the people around them are essential and their quirks and joys enjoyable. An additional fact is that Pikachu love to eat berries and while knocking them off trees with their electric attacks, they toast them at the same time. I wannna eat berries toasted by Pikachu! ^.^ Both the Pikachu and Pichu store the electricity in the pouch in their cheeks. Kawaii!

Pikachu and Pichu are from the series Pokemon by Tajiri Satoshi-san and Ono Toshihiro-sensei.

BL and good food

Animemiz waited for me at the Yamanote platform rather then me directing her to wait for me elsewhere in Ikebekuro. ^^; Then we started our journey down Otome Road...the haven for fujoshi. Of course, me met up with Fighter at Mandarake and I oogled at doujins (another Loveless doujin that I want but can't buy yet <.<) while Fighter picked up several from our fav FMA doujinka, Idea. We directed animemiz to the bara section for her big, burly, manly men BL and we settled ourselves with Slam Dunk, D. Gray Man and a bit of Reborn. ^^; They made their purchases and we headed to K-books 1 where we found Natsume Yuujincho doujins...mostly NatorixNatsume. I want TanumaxNatsume! There was only one, but the NatorixNatsume one drew Tanuma soooo much cuter on the cover! ^^; We headed to K-books 2 where I found and actually bought an Odagiri Hotaru 2008 calendar and 2 pencil boards of the gothic duo (the title of the seriesI kept on forgetting. ^^;) At K-books 3, I bought another Junjou SP card and Loveless SP card. Yay! *dances with joy* Animate was nearing closing time at 8:30pm so we decided to head to dinner instead.

Animemiz wanted soba but our ventures directed us to the vending machine ramen restaurant and her love for the uniqueness of it drew her in. We had huge bowls of ramen which totally filled us up...but then we saw Milky Way cafe which boasted of delicious ice cream desserts. Of course, we went right in for desserts which were meals in itself. ^.^ Oishi! They had desserts that were represented by their astrology signs...but we each chose our fav flavor and style. I forgot which sign each of us chose, but Fighter and I had a chocolate mixture while animemiz had strawberry. All three looked delicious. Of course, many pics were taken and mine is below. ^.^ BTW, the cup had steam coming out of the bottom. Oishi! Below the ice cream is cream and fruits...so good! Next time, I'm ordering a multi-layored chocolate cake.

Fighter and I made several plans for when our other BL-loving friend comes in August. Plans that include Shinjuku-2-chome, butler/maid cafes and of course, BL shopping. ^.^

On our way to the subway station, there was a large stuffed bear statue (kinda like Suzuki-san) standing next to a store. Of course, I grabbed a pic of it...and it started moving! *jumps back* It totally freaked the three of us (or just me ^^;) out. Apparently there are sensors. Never going near it again! ^^;

5/12/09 ~ Tuesday 9:50 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:50 am - NY

Status: tired ~ Listening to: Yubikiri - Goshuushou-Sama Ninomiya-Kun OP Listen or Save

Haro - Gundam

Haro has been as much a part of the Gundam as the pilots and mecha. The first Haro in existence is the one by Amuro Ray and is the size of a large basketball. Haro returned in the Gundam Seed universe in the size of a small softball. The one in the Gundam 00 universe, it is 25cm, smaller then Amuro's model. With cute high-pitched mechanized voices, they aid their owners any way they can. Almost like a personal AI computer though their functions are varied depending on the series and most definitely dependent on the owner. Though all these creatures bear the name, 'Haro' it will be a mistake to think of all of them as the same. It is most obviously seen in the Gundam 00 universe that the Haros are individualistic as the characters themselves. My fav is the one held by Lockon Stratos, the pilot of the Gundam Dynames and later, the Cherudim Gundam.

The orange Haro is the essential co-pilot of Lockon (who as Gundam pilots go, don't really need a co-pilot) who assists as needed. His many roles include detecting enemy units and in-coming attacks. Haro even works as auto-pilot when Lockon is sniping and he can pull up shields. His presence in the Gundam is an important one and Lockon truly feels the difference if he is alone or in a battle without him by his side. Haro has his own sense of loyalty as he served at Lockon's side and continued working with his twin in season 2. Though it's strange to claim a machine as Haro feeling, there is some sense of acknowledgement of pain from the battles and friends passing on. I will say that Haros do have hearts of their own.

My favorite aspect of Haro is his ability to hover via the ear flaps. Sometimes he can even have little arms and legs that come out from the top and bottom. But my favorite form is when he is simply a ball that rolls and hovers by your side. Kawaii!

Haro is from the series, Gundam by Tomino Yoshiyuki-sensei.

Shinjuku on break

I met up with animemiz in Shinjuku. Then I took her to Kinokuniya and I bought the second vol. of the Loveless novel. Then we headed to Tokyu Hands since she wanted to look at bags. Finally, we headed to the okonomiyaki place that I love so much. Tako okonomiyaki oishigata! Afterwards, we had green tea taiyaki in the subway. Yummy.... ^.^ Tomorrow, we're going to Ikebekuro....

good news and bad news

Bad news first...which is just bad news for me but awesome news for all Otakon attendees. Cellist and singer, Wakeshima Kanon will be at Otakon. *cries softly* I loved her pieces in Vampire Knight and her albums have always been awesome. I will definitely miss seeing her there. I also know that whoever else they announce (especially the manga guest) I will be very sad. ^^;

Good news is...another Finder chapter in Be-Boy Gold. ^_____^ The series ended already, but I always love more Asami and Akihito. Yamane Ayano-sensei FTW! More action for Akihito's behind! ^.^ lol

5/11/09 ~ Monday 9:16 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:16 am - NY (EDIT)

Status: happy ~ Listening to: animemiz typing ^.^

tour...around my neighborhood

After work, I met up with animemiz at Shinjuku and we headed my apartment. After dropping off her suitcase, we went to Tomods to buy shampoo and then headed back towards the subway station so she knows how to get back to Shinjuku tomorrow. I also show her where the post office is since she needs to ship all her Japanime purchases back to the NY. ^.^ Our final stop was Santoku where she bought bento for dinner. I'm going to be leaving her to her resources for the rest of week since I'm only available nights and weekend. (I'm really not much of a hostess.... ^^;)

FYI, my Nishi-loving French roomie and animemiz is hitting it off so yay. ^-^

June manga...why?!?

Animemiz bought me my Princess Princess Plus manga and my Train Train manga...new books from DokiDoki manga (division of June)...without dustjackets. Actually, all new manga from the company has no djs anymore. >.< The only reasons I like June so much was because of the dustjackets. Especially for Eiki Eiki-sensei and Tsuda Mikiyo-sensei manga; they always have something interesting underneath the covers. So we're now missing those omake pieces.... *cries*

On a happier note, animemiz got me some little stuff from 801megane...which turns out to be Minami Haruka calendar that I wanted. *fangirls* There is also a little keyholder which I love. Arigato, 801megane! *hugs*

Mascot Week!

Welcome to the beginning of Mascot week! ^-^ In celebration of Solitary's 4th year anniversary, I will be posting a mascot everyday. Their presence in the stories are very important so it's time to give them the spotlight. ^.^ To kick it off, we're having a usagi theme...of course, with our fav usa-chan, Kumagoro. ^.^

Kumagoro - Gravitation

Sakuma Ryuichi was presented with Kumagoro by his old manager. It's from the K-brand plushie line and has been by his side ever since. Kumagoro has appeared in Sakuma's cosplay and have been with him everywhere in plushie form. His influence has made Shindou Shuichi carry the same bunny around. But most of all, Kumagoro is happy presence in the story and tend to be thrown about by all the humor. (Perhaps he is a buffer to all the drama that appears. ^.^) My favorite moments is when Ryuichi tries to cheers up Shuichi with Kumagoro. Kawaii....

Kumagoro is from the series Gravitation by Murakami Maki-sensei.

Usa-chan - Ouran Highschool Host Club

Usa-chan is the beloved plushie of Honey-senpai given by his grandmother. His uniqueness as a plush is the fact that he has several expressions that reflect the thoughts of his owner. When Honey-senpai is happy, he has one expression. When he is pissed off, watch out for the evil bunny look! ^.^ He once needed to be washed since the twins had a tea accident. Honey-senpai and Usa-chan share cake on their cake nights and eat cake in the day. Well...they eat alot of cake and sweets in general. ^.^

Usa-chan is from the series Ouran Highschool Host Club by Bisco Hatori-sensei.


lol I was watching the subbed version of FMA and picked up the stuff I missed at the beginning...poor Al-in-a-box in the livestock car. lol ^^; Also, Alexander throwing Al-in-a-box at Dr. Marcoh. Go Major Alexander! ^.^ Alexander makes an interesting statment that I didn't understand the first time around. He was actually suggesting to take the stone by force. o.O That is so...unnoble and so un-Alexander-like. However, I do remember a similar scene in the previous series. ^^;

Something that I completely missed all this time...I didn't mention the opening about the law of equivalent exchange. In every episode, it used to be Al speaking about it. But now, its a narrator-type voice that talks about alchemy. ^^; I miss Al's voice....

another reason why Hetalia is BL....

In episode 15 of Hetalia Axis Powers, Italy pics up a Japanese picture book, finds porn...and facefaults. He definitely wouldn't do that if those were pictures of Germany! ^.^

5/10/09 ~ Sunday 5:25 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:25 am - NY

Status: amused ~ Listening to: Yubikiri Genman - Hoi Festa Listen or Save

Risembool detour

Ep. 6 of FMA is not wholely based in Risembool. True to the manga storyline, we take a break into Dr. Marcoh's town. Dr. Marcoh actually smiles and sounds pretty confident...which is kind of weird. ^^; Then we have the essential scene of Ed getting info (which should lead into the next storyline of Ed, Al and the laboratory in Central. <.<;

The second part of the episode features Winry. Some points to note is that Ed and Pinako's chibi jokes has minimal screen time this time around...which I miss. ^^; The dog Den carries more flowers and Ed gets to have a short voiceless scene while meeting with old neighbors. Voiceless, because Pinoko and Alexander is talking about the Elric brothers past as scenes of Ed's visits around town is shown. It is a nice scene. Something completely new is Ed's visits to Winry's workshop. My fav part? Ed stretching after getting his new automail...so sexy! ^-^

Episode 6 and we're already well into the story. It seems as if the anime is rushing through everything. I feel as if there is so much going on in every episode...and the anime is trying to catch up with the manga. ^^; I wonder if the storyline will slow down once they reach the parts of 'Father'. We'll see soon enough!

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getting sick in Tokyo is bad

Japan is a country of germaphobes...not necessarily a bad thing since they like to keep things sanitary, clean and germ-free. With the swine flu hitting the western side of the world, the airplane companies have upped their security and health inspections. In Japan itself, we have a problem though. The swine flu has not officially hit Japan (as in, it has not become an epidemic yet,) but hospitals have been turning away patients will flu-like symptons. O.o That definitely isn't good. From a humanitarian viewpoint, it is unfair and illogical since where else can the people receive treatment? I hope that they do something about it soon. >.<

SPJA finalists

One of the few legitimate and long lasting Japanime Oscar-like awards competitions is the SPJA who are associated with AnimeEXPO. We are now down to the top three of each category and the fans vote online. You can see all the finalists without heading to the award page...not that it makes much a difference. ^.^ You guys make your own choices but mine are below....

    Best Actor (JP) - Fukuyama Jun since I love him in everything he did...Lelouch (Code Geass,) Watanuki (Xxxholic,) Keita (Gakuen Heaven) amongst all the plethora of uke voices he ever did.
    Best Voice Actor (EN) - Dave Wittenburg since his voice of Kakashi had the right amount of deepness to it.
    Best Voice Actress (JP) - Maaya Sakamoto for her all her Aerith (Final Fantasy VII) incarnations and of course the brillant songs that she has sung.
    Best Voice Actress (EN) - Michelle Ruff for her Rukia (Bleach) and memorable Chi (Chobits.) (BTW, Michelle was nominated twice for Rukia and Yoko (Gurren Lagann.)
    Best Casting Director - Kaeko Sakamoto since I love her choices for Gurren Lagann and her work on X. (Of course, the casting directors are for the English cast.)
    Best Character Design - Masaru Kitao for his designs on Death Note which was very good transition from the manga. Also I love his works on Card Captors Sakura.
    Best Mechanical Design - Yoh Yoshirari for his design on Gurren Lagann and most notably, his work on Eva original series. It was a hard choice since I also really like Naohiro Washio for his designs for Gundam 00. ^^;
    Best Male Character - Has to be L from Death Note. His brillance, unique style and personality overcomes all. *bows*
    Best Female Character - Difficult choice between Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) and Revy (Black Lagoon) so I'll choose the one more familiar, Rukia. ^.^
    Best Mascot Character - Mokona! I love Mokona from Xxxholic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and his first incarnation in Magic Knight Rayearth. *glomps Mokona*
    Best Background Design - Ogura Workshop for The Girl Who Leapt through Time and Xxxholic. The scenes were amazing.
    Best OVA - Lucky Star OVA from Bandai since it was the most high anticipated addition to the awesome tv series.
    Best Feature Film - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time hands down. It's a touch-your-heart type of film with humor and awesome pacing.
    Best Television Series - Gurren Lagann. Drills, mecha and a society underground. Humor and awesome character designs and personalities.
    Best Original Score - So difficult to choose since I love all these composers! <.<; Yoko Kanno and Hokari Hisaaki for Aquarion but mostly because any work by Kanno-sensei is gold.
    Best Original Song - "Combat" from Afro Samurai Resurrection by RZA and P.DOT. Out of the three choices, this one is the most unique for one of the most unique anime of our time. (Though I still really like "Undine" and "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight". ^.^)
    Best Director (JP) - So hard! If we're just basing it on the anime that they're nominated for, Mamoru Hosoda is the best for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I also really like Hiroyuki Imaishi for not so much his directorial work but his animation on Fullmetal Alchemist and Eva.
    Best Director (EN) - Mike McFarland...for saving the One Piece dubs and his work on Fullmetal Alchemist and Trinity Blood.
    Best Manga (Action) - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I love it. It's by CLAMP. Enough said. ^.^
    Best Manga (Comedy) - Fairy Tail by Mashima Hiro-sensei.
    Best Manga (Drama) - Monster by Urasawa Naoki. This also goes without explanation due to the sheer awesomeness of it. *bows*
    Best Publication - I love shonen stories so Shonen Jump it is! ^.^
    Best Full Motion Video in Video Game - Final Fantasy IV (Square Enix) is another shoo-in for my vote. ^.^

As for who I think will win...that is a different list altogether. ^.^

Solitary's anniversary coming up

Inspired by the 'best mascot' category of SPJA, I'm going to do a week of my fav mascots in Japanime. ^.^ Starting tomorrow, everyday will feature a different mascot that I have deign as one of my favs. First year was fav bishies, second year was fav bishoujo and last year was top layouts. I don't have time to do something as extensive as that time. As this is my fourth year, I will simply have mascots as my theme. ^.^ I hope you will enjoy it!

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Kendo love

Today I decided to go visit the kendo club. I spoke with the supervising teacher and he led me to the dojo. The first floor was the judo club, but 3 students were practicing kendo at the side. They were 2nd year teaching two 1st year students. The senpai-kouhai relationship is of course prevalent in this sport among others. It is seen even more when I was led upstairs where the students were practicing their footwork. No bamboo swords yet, just wooden boukens. Some were wearing white hakamas and others blue. I don't remember which is which anymore, but either the white one or the blue meant the home schools. Meaning they wear the color when their competiting in another school. I think it's the white for home.... ^^;

The students all stopped and greeted the teacher and he announced that I wanted to observe the club. One of the students came and pulled up a chair for me. ^^; With the sound of a single drum echoing in the room and the chants of the students, I watched them finish their footwork exercise. Then came a short break where some left the training room to grab a drink of water. Everytime someone leaves and enters the room, the person bows. (Though I think that is customary everywhere and everytime and not just in kendo. ^.^) After the break, they pulled on their protection gear over their hakama and haori. Then every kouhai would go kneel before their senpai and say 'Onegaishimasu!' since he/she is the one training them. With the senpai all on one side of the room and the kouhai at the other, thus begins the next part of their exercise. Stepping across the room in succession, one would hit the other on the head with the practice sword. ^^; Bamboo this time? I don't remember. That is only the first step. Then there are practice hits on the side, with the other sword up, perpendicular and so on.

It was a great learning experience. I'm definitely going to go watch their practices more when I get the chance. Other clubs that I want to drop in on are the music club and English club. Apparently we have one. ^.^

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Mikage approves!

Continuing my anime-catchup with 07 Ghost...which piles on even more BL-ness in it's midst. Teito is still worried about Mikage as Frau and crew is worried about Teito. The hilarity of it all? When Mikage appears, he and Frau hit it on and Teito warns him to stay away from Frau. Jealousy perhaps? ^^; But no need to fear! Mikage sees Frau only as an older brother. His crowning statement is "I was just thinking how you and Frau get along so nicely." Even as I'm a MikagexTeito fan, my FrauxTeito fangirl side was very happy. ^-^

Plot seems to be moving along a bit...though still at a snail-like pace. The focus doesn't seem to be on the plot at all, but more about Teito's relationship and his memories which he is slowly regaining. And about the love triangles that are forming so nicely. ^.^


I dropped by my friend's place today to slip a box of Taiwanese pastries (pineapple cakes and such) into the mailbox along with a cellphone strap with her name on it. Then came grocery shopping where I also bought wrapping paper so I can individually wrap 40+ pastries for the teachers tomorrow. ^^; I did the wrapping while while The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which is an awesome movie. Today marks the end of the Golden Week and tomorrow is back to work. Oshigoto oshigoto!

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broken limbs

Just watched FMA ep. 5 which is basically an Ed vs. Scar episode. I don't know if it's because I know what happens or because the events are a bit sped up, but I felt that the plot is moving along very fast for a 'stick-to-the-manga' anime. It's interesting to have another version of the story in anime form since this version is definitely played out to be more humorous then the last. It's nice having a less emo version of the story. ^^;

Plotwise, Scar confronts Ed while he is in pain over his ineptness. The ensuing attacks produces the same results as the previous series and manga. No detailing spoilers! ^.^ The major change I noted is that Edward's automail is more detailed in this one, so there is alot of focus on it which I felt gave stronger effect then before as to what happened to him. However, the effect lessens once the humor kicked in in true manga style. I have to re-read the manga to catch the differences, but I thought it was quite meaningful to voice Hughes' realization over Ed and Al's bodies. Something I don't think was officially addressed until now. In the other versions, Hughes always just knew about what happened and the story started from there. Here, Hughes made a side comment to voice his understanding.

The Sins trio makes their appearance at the end with a deepening twisting of the plot. Following the timeline, ep. 6 will be about Ed's return to Risembool. Yay for Winry's entrance!

RavenxOz FTW

Pandora Hearts ep. 5 starts with Oz's first assignment. Oz continues to see the similarities in Gil and Raven...and he continues to get closer to Raven. (Which makes me wonder, will Gil get jealous when and if he finally returns to he story? ^.^) Sharon even makes the remark that Raven cares DEEPLY about Oz and even Break knows it. Ah...subtle BL hints are so sweet. We have a love triangle going on (quad if it's with Sharon) between Raven, Oz and Alice. You can totally see it since Raven and Oz are constantly fighting over Oz. ^-^ Plot point: we find out about the mark of the Illegal Contractors and it looks like the one that Sebastian gave Ciel. lol

showing off a bit

I finally made a purchase on my own at Yahoo Japan auctions. Payment is via post (meaning COD) which is a good thing since I don't have a bank account or a Japanese credit card. I bought a Loveless lot of various cards and things...all for 1060 yen! *dances around the room* Remember my previous Loveless things pic? Now I can add these to my collection. The four cards at the very bottom (next to the pins) are the cards that my co-worker's mother sent to me when I finally moved to Tokyo. (Things that I bought previously at auctions with my co-worker's help.) The rest are all from my recent purchase. I'm so happy to get the clear cards and post cards set since they are difficult to find now. Of course, my regular and special card collection is not featured in the pics. I still have much to buy but my Loveless collection steadily growing. ^.^

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Con Report for Dream Party 2009!

    [ + ] Tuesday, May 5

Con report is up complete with pics. The cosplay pics will be up later. After the con, Fighter and I went to Shibuya to browse Mandarake and Book Off. We got really wet (our pants did anyway) in the rain but had alot of fun. My only regret? Not cosplaying today. ^^; So hungry so going to shower and eat! *runs away*

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I'm back in Tokyo and have unpacked EVERYTHING...which is snacks, snacks, manga and more snacks. ^^; For the 411 on my trip, check it out here. Tomorrow will be my Dream Party convention at Tokyo Big Sight and wednesday will be busy with a variety of things I need to do. ^^;

news while I was away

Since it's super late (and I need to sleep,) I'll make this quick. 3 links about stuff that has been going on. Actually, these are geared towards guys. ^^; Dating your DS! Japan has taken dating sims to the next level. The game starts off as any dating sims would: you choose your girl and woo her until she is yours. Then, you can be with her always. The article makes an interesting comparison, 'Petz animal simulators'...because basically, you'll be 'dating' in realtime. Kinda like Tamagotchi. But comparing a 'girl' to a tamagotchi...lol.

Some time ago, I wrote about paying a girl to slap you...at a 'Maid cafe' with a girl's bedroom theme. Now we have a massage parlor with school girls theme with the article's title as 'pay school girls to walk all over you'. lol Basically in Japan, every guy's fantasy can come true. ^^; I wonder why there isn't a butler cafe with a school boys theme? Perhaps I like my guys in tuxedos...they can massage me too.... ^__^

This is actually NOT in Japan but in San Francisco. The only reason why this would catch a Japanime fan's eyes is because the reigning champion of Masturbate-a-thon is Japanese. x.X A 'Masturbate-a-thon' is just as it sounds...though I wonder how in the world it takes place. ^^; 9 plus hours as the record?!? I didn't realize guys could...um...last that long. *faints*