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ANNOUNCEMENT: Since geocities will be closing on 10/26/09, this site, 'Solitary' will be moving to a new address, solitary.netne.net. That site will officially open on 10/26. For now, please continue to visit at this address. ^-^ Thank you for your attention!

10/14/09 ~ Wednesday 6:28 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:28 am - NY

Status: tired ~ Listening to: Ame Ato - w-inds (Kateikyoushi Hitman REBORN! ED) Listen or Save

Gundam 00 movie news

This post will be slightly spoilerish to the ending of the series. My focused statement will give you a hint as to what happened at the last 2 episodes so read with caution. ^^; There have been news leaking out about the movie for Gundam 00 that will be released next year. My favorite part of the news is not about the new Gundams, but about Tiera having a body. *dances around the room* I was wondering how he would make an appearance (being the way he was when we left him,) but he has a body! Yay! Lockon won't be lonely anymore...although he was never lonely since he will always have Setsuna. ^___^

Of course, I can't talk about Gundam news without mentioning the Gundam themselves...but I only have one comment thus far. I love the description of Tiera's new Gundam: 'slimmer version of Seravee.' lol I would love to know what kind of diet did the Gundam go on. ^.^

12:10 am - Tokyo ~ 11:10 am 10/13 - NY ~ Status: sleepy

working hard and playing hard

The lack of posts is due to me lapsing into a cycle of coming home, showering, cooking and watching whichever anime catches my fancy (mostly Detective Conan or BL of the day. ^.^) School has been calm with no major mishaps (besides the usual blatant BL hints scattered about.) After the holiday on monday, I only have wednesday classes to prepare for since all of thursday and friday will be taken over by midterms. Ganbatte, minna! (Like my students ever read my blog. ^^;) The only things I added to my Japanime collection as of late was a single Gundam 00 bromide (Setsuna) which I got last week along with a Gundam 00 manga art poster which I picked up today. ^^V

That said, I'm going to bed! Oyasumi!

10/11/09 ~ Sunday 5:25 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:25 am - NY

Status: confused ~ Listening to: FMA on tv

a mixture of memories

We can hold off saying 'goodbye' to Ling. Today's FMA episode is a mixture of flashbacks...with new and old animation. The different parts of the Ed's past, his father's past and the army...all rolled up together. Moments are shifted so that things are not in chronological order. Everything is connected in some way to tell a single message...that I totally miss since although I have an idea about what they say, the message is lost in my lack of understanding of Japanese. Confused as I am, I love the way the episode comes together.

Some things to note is the new opening which I find the animation to be quite nice...although the song doesn't seem to be a hit with me. ^^; I guess if I hear it more, it may grow on me. The ending song is nice as well. Reminds me of the first season endings that surround Winry. The ending is not just about Winry though...but highlights some of the females in the series. The song isn't as catchy as the previous one, but it's good too.

Back to the flashbacks. They seem to be framed as if Hohenheim (whose first name is Van, btw. o.O) is seeing everything through his eyes even as he sat sitting in front of a fire so many years ago. Kinda like the omnipresent eye of God. This may be a spoiler, but I doubt that to be true. It is only my thoughts of the scene. ^-^ Hohenheim is most likely noting the future as he sees...through the eyes of Father. God...he is not as much as he loves to be. ^.^

There are two spoilers in this episode that is not really seen in the manga. Both have to do with women. Hohenheim is talking with her.... We find out who she is soon enough, but the other one we don't see until the very end.... It puts things into perspective in a very, VERY weird way.

Of course, everything is drawing to that moment when Father steps onto the stage. When Ed returns from the abyss, reunited with Al and then we say goodbye to Ling....

BTW, in the flashbacks, we get scenes with our fav military father as well as a repeat scene of Roy's abs. ^.^ I loooove that scene. He is soooo cut. *drools* If he wasn't hurt in that scene, I would watch it over and over again....

10/10/09 ~ Saturday 3:58 pm - Tokyo ~ 2:58 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu - Rie Fu (D.Gray Man ED) Listen or Save

surprise parade

I went to Nakano today to get a package from the post office, but came back empty handed since I requested for a redelivery instead. I also went around Nakano broadway a bit but ended up not buying anything. The trip wasn't a total loss since on the way back, I found a parade coming my way. Pics under the link. ^.^

10/9/09 ~ Friday 9:11 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:11 am - NY

Status: hungry ~ Listening to: Black Diamond - Hoshina Utau (Shugo Chara OST) Listen or Save

basketball...jhs style

Afterschool, there was a basketball competition going on in the public gymnasium nearby. One of the English teachers asked me if wanted to go see...and of course I said yes. ^.^ It was the 2nd year's competition with other junior highschools. Some of the first years were there watching. It was pretty intense match the short time I was there.

My school is the ones in red. Yay! After taking a few shots, they told me to take off the flash so I did. ^^; The first year (and us, the teachers) kept on calling out, 'Fight-o!' which is what is usually said at such events.

The above is a super blurry action shot (with no flash.) At halftime, the score was 20 to 19, in my school's favor. Yay! The teacher and I left (there were other teachers there of course to cheer our team on ^.^) since she was driving me to the train station. During the halftime, the respective teams practiced shooting hoops....

BTW, one of our students was in regular gym clothes running about on the floor gathering balls and helping the players. I honestly thought that the student was a girl and asked the English teacher why is there a girl with the all the boys team. The teacher pointed out that she was a he. ^^; Souka....

Dragon Ball is sexual...oh really?

A parent in Wicomico County, Maryland wants to pull Dragonball manga off the library shelves after their daughter borrowed vol. 1. They say "In cartoon format, it depicts nudity, sexual contact between children and sexual innuendo between adults and children." o.O I don't know what they're looking at but if I remember correctly, DB has fighting, flying and a boy who changes into a giant monkey and destroys things. Well, okay, it does have nudity in there, but you don't see genitalia. ^^; In Asian cultures, DB is well accepted as a children's media...because it was made for kids. I'm surprised the parents are not talking about the high level of violence...people being blown apart and blood and stuff. (But since it's DB, they haven't really gotten the higher levels of violence that DBZ inflicted. ^^;) Perversion in children's media is common. Look at Doraemon with Nobita's voyeurism, the ojisan in Sailor Moon, another ojisan in Ranma 1/2. Of course, Japan is different, but really, sexual content in Dragonball? Mastor Roshi is a perv, but it really doesn't get much beyond that. Honestly, these people have never seen Crayon Shin-Chan. If they did, they'll be shocked to silence. ^^;

Now I'm reminded of Detective Conan when Conan gets red when he ends up taking a bath with Ran.... DC is also a children's show and Conan still gets nosebleeds. ^-^

10/8/09 ~ Thursday 7:11 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:11 am - NY

Status: amused ~ Listening to: Beautiful Fighter - Angela (Shikabane Hime AKA OP) Listen or Save

BL in a straight anime

I have not watched RomeoxJuliet in it's entirety since I know what happens at the end. I'm a major fan of Shakespeare and this anime has a charm all it's own...meaning, I do like it. I'm just not watching it since seeing Romeo and Juliet forced apart is one of the saddest things I see and even the beauty of it...I just don't want to watch something that depressing.

Tragedy aside, the anime has it's own spin on the story in that Juliet is masquerading as a boy (to save the world of course ^.^) and Romeo befriends her thinking she is a he. Everything is peachy (since they're guy-pals...but animevice refers to a scene where it can only be explained as Romeo coming on to this nameless boy. Watch the vid and you'll understand. (I couldn't stop laughing. ^.^) Romeo befriends a 'guy' (who was crying,) takes 'him' for a ride, gets stuck in the rain, goes to a cabin, Romeo takes off his clothes (to dry of course...or something more ^.^) and encourages 'him' to do the same, walks out of the room (so 'he' could undress,) only to walk back in a few minutes later. Honestly? Romeo is closet gay and is coming on to Juliet. ^.^ Or more romantically, he is only in love with Juliet whether she is a girl or guy. ^-^

There are references to Ouran where in the first episode, Tamaki makes passes at Haruhi while thinking she is a guy. Same thing. We already know Tamaki is too gay for words....

10/7/09 ~ Wednesday 8:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:45 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Blue Bird - Ikimono-gakari (Naruto Shippuuden OP) Listen or Save

on the quest for JE

Belated announcement, but those who know her already know this anyway: Iceblueaya came to Japan (for 6 months) last friday. I met her at Mandarake Ikebekuro (the meeting place for all those that know and love BL ^^;) and we had a joyeous reunion. (Haven't seen her since August. ^^;) We first checked out the JE section there and headed over to K-books 2 so that I may show her the Prince of Tennis musicals that they have show there in the background. Every day. (Now that I think about it, the store workers must really be sick of hearing the songs everyday....) We stopped by my fav shop, K-books 2 where I did a quick browse before we ventured off for dinner. In short, Ikebekuro is big on BL, less so on JE. ^^;

We went around looking at various restaurants since iceblueaya was craving Omurice...same as animemiz. ^-^ Unfortunately, we didn't see any (besides Milky Way, but that's overpriced for average dish,) so we settled for typical fastfood at Matsuya vending machine restaurant.

After dinner, we headed for the train station and our separate ways. (We went through a particular entrance just so I could show her the Viewfinder advertisement that is still there. I hope they never take it down. ^.^) There will be more opporunities for us to me now that she is in Japan and more places to hit on our JE adventure! ^-^

chocolate train

Last night, I was trying to catch the train from Ikebekuro to Shinjuku. Unfortunately, the doors closed as I got to the platform. Maybe it was good thing since I was able to get this pic:

Mmm...yummy, a chocolate train. ^.^

more Gundam and ramen

I remember posting about Nissin ramen releasing limited edition Gundam figures with their ramen. I've seen them and declined from buying them since I didn't like the ones they chose. Mostly Zakus...and none of them are red. Well, now we have a limited edition ramen with a Zaku cup inside. Why red? Of course, it is Char's MS so the red one is the best! ^-^ The soup is red, the flavor is curry and the dish is spicy. Mmm...all of my favs in one. Guess I'm eating ramen again.... ^.^

more BL in school

Just because I haven't posted about BL in school lately doesn't mean that it disappeared. The guys are still all touchy and today's display of affection made me blush as my thoughts went in inappropriate directions. ^^; It was simple really, a student decided to pick up another student by the legs. Meaning, he wrapped his arms around the hips of a student and lifted him up while the other student held onto his shoulders. Why...why in the world must you do these things in the middle of the hallway? In front of me with my BL addled mind? ^^; It's pure torture.... lol

10/6/09 ~ Tuesday 9:53 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:53 am - NY

Status: hungry ~ Listening to: Bokutachi no Yukue - Takahashi Hitomi (Gundam Seed Destiny OP) Listen or Save

update to yesterday's lesson...

An update to yesterday's dismal failure aka. My Lesson, I executed the same thing with much more preperation and it went off beautifully. *dies* There were some problems (like I copied Class 3's papers twice so class 4 had none of their own papers which meant alot of marathoning between the gym and the office >.<) but everything went off quite well. The super game that ended everything went over the period but since we didn't hear the bell (even though I, like all good teachers have their eye on the time) and everyone (including all the teachers helping me) were sooo into the game, I let it slide. We were only 5-10 min. over which in Japanese case is a big deal, but the students were totally trying to finish everything. ^___^ It makes me sooo happy to see my students having fun.

In short, an awesome complicated game needs waaaaay more preperation, and today's preperation was on top of things and the lesson went well. I have redeemed myself...I think. Well not really (considering the poor first years >.<) but today was good and I'm happy. ^____^

Ikebekuro shopping...minor splurge

When I'm in a good mood, I feel better about spending money...I think. ^^; Today, it was still rainy but not as heavy as yesterday. I headed to K-books 3 first to do my usual browsing (surrounded by foreigners...tourists by the look of how much they bought...signs that it must be their first time there) and found a Kuroshitsuji poster...the pic of Ciel sleeping and Sebastian next to him, patting his head.... *drools* I stopped by K-books 2 to see if they have anything new before heading to Lashinbang. (This store may be added to my shopping route. ^^;) I found a beautiful dark blue Fullmetal Alchemist tote with the tiny army symbol on one corner. At first, I thought it was made out of the same hard material as my Junjou Romantica tote (the blue one I bought in Japan, not the pink one that Pearl-chan found for me *hugs*) but it turns out that it's made of sturdy cloth and the handles can actually be made longer. Yay! I'm definitely using this one from now on. *packs JR bag away* I also found the Evangelion phone strap that has a charm on it of Shinji's face on one side and Kaworu's on the other. I didn't buy it when it first came out and it was sold out super fast. Soooo happy to find this. ^.^ KaworuxShinji 4eva! Finally, I ended up at Animate and bought what I originally came to Ikebekuro for: the Gundam 00 postcard book that I was pining away for. I used the Viewfinder toshocard that I bought months ago and got 500yen off the price. With purchases in hand, I headed home.

I don't know how many phonestraps I have now...and I still don't know when I'll get to use them all. Not to mention all the Hello Kitty ones I bought as omiyage.... ^^;

Domo-kun invades 7-11!

Speaking of only-in-Japan omiyage, Domo-kun has started a business venture with 7-Eleven in the US and the brown teethy monster will be all over the goods in the fall. People will be drinking from Domo-kun slurpee cups drinking Domo-kun slurpee (aka. Fuji Frost) and eating hot dogs from Domo-kun boxes among other things. ^.^ And seems like there is only-in-7-11 Domo-kun straw holders. Sugoi! Why can't I be in NY to see this? lol

Diana-chan, I want to see you in your Domo-kun cosplay visiting a 7-11 to buy a Domo-kun slurpee. ^_^ lol I doubt you'll go out of the house like that so how about buying one to take home and having a private photoshoot?

10/5/09 ~ Monday 8:25 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:25 am - NY

Status: calm ~ Listening to: Brightdown - Nami Tamaki (D.Gray Man OP) Listen or Save

a prayer to God

How very fitting that Tamaki's seiyuu saids this line as Ling when Vic Mignonga (a Christian) who is the voice actor for Tamaki.

Episode 26 of Fullmetal Alchemist is one of despair and hope. Ed discovers a few more things about the Gate and with it, a way out of the Abyss of Gluttony's tummy. We also discover the truth of Xerxes as well as the truth behind the army as told by Fuhrer Bradley himself.

The gross factor of this episode doubled when people started oozing out of Envy's body. x.X I think he was a lot cuter when he was just one person and not a hundred oozing heads. >.< (The manga promises that he'll be back to his slim self soon enough.)

Edward's theory of escape flew over my head (same as Ling ^.^) but I got the gist of the soon enough. Repeat viewings will elucidate the alchemy terminology and the chain of events are understood even if the theory is not clear. Decomposition and Reconstruction.... Fav moment has to be those few moments inside the Gate and who Edward saw. Emancipated, thin and undeniably naked cute. ^___^ "I'll return for you!" A confession of love in a few seconds.... *happy sigh*

A few more flashbacks are to come in the next episode and then the pain saying goodbye to 'Ling'.... *sniff* That may be a spoiler, but I do need to prepare myself for this since I do like his character. He's like me, cheerful, loyal, optimistic and loves to eat. Also, he fights really well with a sword. ^^; (Okay, not really like me....)

7:00 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:00 am - NY ~ Status: restless


There are many reasons why I didn't go for my usual excursion to Ikebekuro today: one being the rain and the other being the dismal day at school. Instead, I went grocery shopping, bought an extra slice of salmon for dinner (brainfood) and proceed to type out my thoughts before shower and dinner to clean and refresh myself.

If I ever failed as a teacher...well, I did so today. Today was a giant class activity in the gym led by yours truly. The class was the 1st years and it was two major activities which I prepared for...but not well enough. The 'I could haves' fill my head and make me headdesk and facepalm so many times. I won't go into details, but the second activity was explained poorly and I totally messed up on the setting up of the cards which was the heart to making the activity go well. >.< In short, I FAILED.

Tomorrow, I will executing the same activities for the 2nd years and I prepared everything I was supposed to do the first time around. For the rest of today at school, I was somberly thinking over my problems and how to solve them. It will be tomorrow that I will see if I can pull myself out of this ditch I discovered myself in.

10/4/09 ~ Sunday 8:00 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:00 am - NY

Status: hungry ~ Listening to: me typing quickly

Ghibli in the dark

After posting my entry about Inyasha, I headed to Mitaka for my 5th visit to the Ghibli museum. My entry time was 4pm, which is the last round of guests for the day. Japan has one of the strictest seasonal changes and as soon as October hit, it gets dark around 5:30pm. That was quite a non-sequitur, but I am referring to the fact that I could see the sights of the Ghibli museum at night. One thing I noticed is that the morning and early afternoon visiters are mostly of children and parents. The late afternoon and 'evening' visitors are comprised of more adults. (Many of the children/parents are around the Ponyo room and the nekobasu area.)

I discovered my puzzle upon reaching the museum and receiving my filmstrip bookmark. It was of a window of house at night with a silver of the moon shining above. And I had no idea which movie it was from. O.o That...has never happened before. *faints* I skipped the super crowded first floor and headed via the spiral staircase up to the third floor. I entered the sketch rooms and noted happily that there were new watercolored storyboards on the walls. In the inner walls, I discovered more of Howl's Moving Castle, some from Nausicaa above the 'Owl box' and a few pen sketchs of faces (not from any anime in particular) on the side of the 'Owl box'. (What is the 'Owl box'? It's the tv-like looking box with a owl pic inside...you'll see when you go to the museum. ^.^)

I entered the background room which boasted a change of a bike with the sign 'Piccolo Spa' on it. (A similar sign with the same words was found on the outside of the exhibition rooms. Perhaps the bike was not a new addition but always there? ^^; I always notice something new each time I come....) I overheard ome of the guests (don't ask me why I refer to museum goers as 'guests') asking one of the staff which movie their filmstrip is from. Omoide Poro Poro aka. Only Yesterday was her answer. She was able to name others too. I decided to ask her mine.... Neko no Ongaeshi aka. The Cat Returns. O.O The staff further noted that it was Haru's room. I knew it! How could I have forgetten? To drive home the answer, when I entered the storyboard room, I discovered the storyboards from Neko no Ongaeshi, Laputa and Ghiblis 2. ^^;

I went around the Ponyo room next and headed down and out to the roof. I grabbed my usual pic of the guardian robot and the rock before heading down to buy some things.

I headed to the books room and bought two picture books of Mei to Konekobasu and Hoshi o Katta Hi. They are short picture books of the animated shorts at the museum. (Animemiz has one of the Mei to Konekobasu.) I went around the crowded giftshop once before heading downstairs. The hallway that has mini exhibits (that changes every once in awhile) has become something like out of a school or children's summer. Reeds, 'fishes' that are 'cooking' were hung from the ceiling and drawings on the walls of children playing. The sounds of a school bell was in the background music.... I don't know what the exhibit was for exactly, but the feeling was quite nostalgic...even if I didn't grew up in Japan. ^.^

There was already a huge crowd waiting for the next showing, so I decided to wait for the one after they go in (so I can get a good front seat.) I went around the first floor animation room which was practically empty. After the crowd went in, I went on line to wait 15 min. (I watched 3 Loveless amvs as I wait. ^-^)

The ghibli short was Mizugumo Monmon aka. The Water Spider Monmon. From what I have seen of the pictures (even before seeing the short for myself) I knew it would become a fav. And certainly, it's in the top three along with Hoshi o Katta Hi and Mei toKonekobasu. The story is simple with no words, kinda like the the apple story, Yadosagash I saw the first times I came here. It is about a water spider who met a fly who can glide upon the water. Curiosity first drew them together, danger even closer (and then apart) and finally friendship bloomed between them (or many may have imagined...love? ^-^) It was an adorable story with beautiful music. My favorite moment has to be the 'dance'. *happy sigh*

Afterwards, I headed out and around to grab some pics of the outside of the museum before leaving. Unfortunately, my night shots of the museum didn't come out, but the scenes will always be in my memory.

2:58 pm - Tokyo ~ 1:58 am - NY ~ Status: satisfied

return to the velocity

I initially thought that Inuyasha: The Final Act will be at 2:20pm...but it's really 2:20am on saturdays (early Sunday morning.) >.< So I stayed up last night to watch it. The opening and ending sequences were awesome, but I have to love the ending so much more. 'With You' by AAA with scenes from previous seasons (like episode 1) was included in the shots along with new ones. I can't wait until the full ending is out!

As for the story, there was certainly no slowing down in the first episode. Since the story was well established, everybody seemed to jump right back into the plot...as it should be since there was no real ending to the previous season and this is just a continuation. Everybody goes back into play including Kagome's return from the present. The only major change in character is Kagura...but that is a plot driven change so I won't say how she changed. ^.^ Naraku has executed his latest plan to get the shikon jewel and everybody (and their brother) is on their way to stop or assist the attack. Things were happening all the time everywhere which makes me feel like the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood...people coming in from everywhere (though there were as much as 3 things happening in 3 different places.) Unlike Brotherhood, it didn't feel like fanservice though, but more like bringing everyone (the audience) in to see who is where and doing what.

The run-on feeling of this review post on the episode is exactly how I felt when I was watching it. So much action packed into the 20 some minutes of the episode. Not entirely bad since we are in the last leg of the journey (it seems) between Naraku vs. Everyone else. Of course, there is still a bit more character development in play as well as Kikyo's resolution with Inuyasha. Awesome return of the series and I look forward to seeing more of it. (Although probably streaming or downloading since I can't stay up until 2am every week to catch this. ^^;)

10/3/09 ~ Saturday 3:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 2:45 am - NY

Status: calm ~ Listening to: Broken Youth - NICO Touches the Walls (Naruto Shippuuden ED) Listen or Save

Don't Forget Oct. 3

Today marks the day that Ed and Al burns their house, never to look back at their decision to set out and get back into their bodies. Their determination against the odds, the forbidden and the danger...strikes me as one the strongest things about them. My heart goes out to them always....

Happy Moon Festival!

Today is the Moon Festival that is much celebrated. In Japan, it's the Tsukimi or moon viewing festival. Similar to sakura viewing, people gather in places to view the full moon at night. ^.^ Dango is eaten as well as other forms of autumn foods like chestnut rice. I don't have any yummy moon cake here, but there is dango aplenty. Decorations of reeds and rushes are placed around to accentuate the view. May you see the moon tonight! ^.^

Hello Kitty Hospital

Taiwan has always been 2nd best to having the most unique Hello Kitty franchise. (The best is obviously Japan. ^.^) Their latest is a a hospital. The pink surroundings grace the medical grounds. I would love to be hospitalized there...as funny as that sounds. ^^;

10/2/09 ~ Friday 9:07 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:07 am - NY (EDIT)

Status: busy ~ Listening to: Chu-Bura - Kelun (Bleach OP) Listen or Save


I ventured into Ikebekuro remembering the fun fighter and I had. *cries* Okay, enough dramatics, but I'm still teary about her being away from Japan. In attempt to cheer myself, I decided to shop and buy some more things on my to-buy list. ^^; My search at k-books 3 proved unsuccessful so I headed to Lashinbang, a store right next to K-books. I had never been there before and discovered it to have small sections of everything. I also discovered happily that it had a Gundam 00 mini-shitjiki that I wanted along with the a few Kuroshitsuji box charms. I even found the very one that I wanted, the silver and blue butterflies one. ^.^ I bought them up immediately. I headed to Mandarake and decided to buy the Gundam 00 Complete Mission Fanbook for season 2 (since I have season 1 already.) That done, I went home.

Current mood? Still teary but dinner and ice cream should cheer me up....

more 07 Ghost?

Diana-chan pointed out to me that 07 Ghost has an ep. 26. O.o Dattebayo fansubs released it and I had no idea. I'm downloading it as I type this and will be watching it tonight. She has noted that it's confusing and exciting. Can't wait to see! Frau and Teito on their journey....

EDIT: lol I won't be posting about it afterall since any words upon this episode will be so spoilerish that it will ruin it. It is not a new episode, but it has to do with ep. 6...and the relationship between Teito and Mikage. ^.^ I have to say one thing though...it was very well done and I loled alot. Fans of 07 Ghost, you guys gotta watch Dattebayo's ep. 26. ^-^

moon festival lunch...Japanese style

Tomorrow will be the Moon Festival (and another special holiday which you see tomorrow ^.^) which is celebrated in both the Chinese and Japanese culture. Although our folklore is slightly different, there are common lines in each. I won't go into that now (since I'm cooking a late dinner) but the above pic is my lunch today which is fashioned in traditional style in celebration of tomorrow's festivities.

Usagi and dango...both symbols of the full moon festival in Japan. I had the pleasure of having two sticks of sticky dango (since one of the teachers left early and bequeathed her lunch to me. ^.^) The sauce is a thicker soy sauce and the dango is slightly sweet. It was delicious...I want more! The usagi ringo was good as well, though I studied it a great deal prior to eating it (to the amusement of the other teachers. ^.^) My conclusion? I'm not that handy with a knife so I doubt I could make such a thing. ^^;

10/1/09 ~ Thursday 9:26 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:26 am - NY

Status: amused ~ Listening to: Casting Dice - Kanno Youki (Amatsuki OP) Listen or Save

moving action

I'm starting to fall in love with FMA all over again. The mixture of story and humor in ep. 25 is one of the best. Simply put, Ling and Ed has entered the Abyss (as I like to call it ^.^) aka. the pit of Gluttony's tummy and the World of Nowhere. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, but that is spoilerish. ^-^ At the same time, Al is dealing with his 'loss' and wonders what to do...along with Shao May, the panda that is now Al's sidekick. On the otherside of town, Scar and Yoki attempt to comfort May who is crying...very weirdly. Anime tears usually go from the sides of the head...outwards. Her tears go forwards. That is very creepy looking.... ^^; And there is Roy having a vocal showdown with the king himself....

The manga plot of army and homunculi has been something I couldn't really grasp when I was reading the manga. It still is kinda lost on me in watching it, but I hope repeat viewings and readings will elucidate what confuses me. Two things in this episode made me exclaim aloud. One is near the beginning when Ed finds something and does something else...totally roflol. ^.^ Second is Bradley's statement about Hughes' funeral and his daughter. I could just punch this guy. >.<

Things are moving quickly now with many storylines. Alphonse will get the first glimpse of the Man behind everything and Roy is facing the world...alone. The next episode is also one that I may dread because Ling's big moment will either be in that episode or the one after that. >.< Kyaaaa...ganbarre, minna!

7:24 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:24 am - NY ~ Status: hungry

Ghibli's latest project(s)

This will be a short news post since I'm hungry and a shower will definitely not hurt. ^^; Japanator weighs in on new Ghibli project, Taketori Monogatari aka. The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. It's going to be about the old Japanese folklore of Kaguya-hime and will be directed by Takahata Isao-sensei. Miyazaki-sensei has 2 more projects up his sleeves (and probably coming out of his ears ^-^) which will be worked on in the next 3 years. Yay! That means any plans for retirements is on the backburner and more awesomeness will come out of Miyazaki's mind. ^.^

Did I say a short post? I'm gushing over Miyazaki. *bows before his awesomeness*

site stuff

As you can see in the above announcement, Solitary will be moving to a new site address on 10/26. Just want to reiterate that if you didn't catch that.... *silence* ^^; Anyway, I do have another update in that I uploaded WL's YunJae calendar request on viable so go there to find it. Since it's her calendar, her family's b-days are on it. If you want a set without their b-days, just let me know and I can remove them easily. As mentioned before, her selection of pics were awesome and I had so much fun working with them. October looks especially nice...not that I did anything to it, but the pic just looks really nice.

On another note, I haven't watched last sunday's FMA yet and will probably get to it tonight. ^^; Been super busy lately. <.<;