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It's chaos central here on in! ^^;


5/25/08 - Decided to keep my layout as 'faithless' for the rest of the year. Added v5 ~still~ back to the option choices.

5/17/08 - v.8.2 ~faithless~ - In celebration of my site's 3rd anniversary, this layout will be default for the following week. Since the main focus pic is in black and white, I went with the 'grundge' look and mixed it with a dark texture background. The color is a dark blue (almost black) shade that I rarely use. I love how the focus of the layout is on the closeness of Ritsuka and Soubi. Its a tender moment not often seen...Ritsuka leaning over to kiss Soubi with Soubi's eyes closed in aceeptance. *faints* The title, ~faithless~ may seem inappropriate, but it refers to how Ritsuka abandoned all other things for this moment. What he believes to be true (faith in life, knowledge of his brother) pales to the present time with Soubi. (It made sense in my head. ^^;) I got the brushes from and The texture base is also from I took away all other layout links except for v7, v8 and v8.1 for people to choose/view/vote as my next layout of the upcoming year.

5/16/08 - v.8.1 ~petals~ - Ritsuka holding onto Soubi's arm possessively is like saying 'He's mine!' ^.^ That is certainly a fav part of this pic and a reason why I chose it. For such a dark layout, I love maroon colors of this background. I used more brushes, but still tried not to go overboard with the decor. Had to use the same butterfly brush from v8, but I felt it fit quite well. The title of this layout is ~petals~. Seems that the duo have been standing there for sometime since sakura petals have fallen upon them. ^_^ Perhaps Soubi doesn't want to move since his master is holding on so tightly.... Brushes from and Chatterbox got smaller in order to not block the pic. However, everything is still readable. After speaking with Pearl-chan, I pulled down the layout v6.2 ~white~ to make room for this one. 'White' was pulled since it was impractical (though pretty) as a layout. (Problems with it was addressed below.) In the future, I'll rotate the layout choices every once in awhile so people can use whichever they're most comfortable with.

5/15/08 - v.8 ~faded~ - I love the pic of Ritsuka from layout v.6 so much that I decided to use it for this new layout. Ritsuka and Soubi are contrasts of each other: Soubi in gentle colors with Ritsaka blending into the black background. (Soubi's pic is also fav for many being that he is naked in the pic. ^^;) I returned to the 'boxy' format of my previous layouts with the chatterbox on the left side. I moved the links menu above the iframe. Since I felt that the black area was too empty, I added a sprinkle of stars and a butterfly. I chose the title 'faded' to emphasize the grayness of the butterfly. However, both the two main characters are clear and bright even in the dark. Faded could also refer to the memories that Ritsuka had, but couldn't remember. Even though that is the case, they are not bound by the faded memories, but by the present. Brushes are from

5/14/08 - v.7 ~restrained~ - Haven't updated the layout of this site in a looooong time. O.O I decided to have a slightly different layout since people have been complaining about my chatterbox. New chatterbox coding, new layout. ^.^ Again, I stuck with manga styled Loveless and went back to the black and white color scheme. I wanted to go for a 'grundge' kind of feel, but didn't want to dirty up the pic too much. This is labelled 'restrained', since Ritsuka is kind of pensive and is wearing an outfit with many strings and ties. He has a vibrant personality that seems to be held back in this pic. *hugs Ritsuka* The brushes are from I took down v6.1 ~chained~ since I will be putting other layout choices up. Other changes include taking down 'download requests' (since it was unnecessary) and giving 'viable' the section galleries.

5/6/07 - First site update of the year...though it's not much of an update. ^^; I decided to put up mood themes into my blog. The current mood theme is from Loveless and credit for the set goes to mitmiya on livejournal. ^.^ It was pretty awesome, 130 pics in one set! O.O I had to trim it down to 81, but I dunno how long it'll take for me to use all of them. Since I'm adding mood themes from Loveless, I changed my background to v.6, 'waiting'. As you can see, my v.5 layout is still available at the bottom. ^-^

10/23/06 - v.6.3 ~andante~ - This new layout choice features Fujimi Orchestra, a novel created by Akizuki Koh. The art is drawn by Sei Goto. This is one of my fav pic from the series. The blue of this pic shows the different shades of conductor Tonoin Kei and concert master Morimura Yuki's relationship. I increased the opacity of the background to improve the readability of the text. The title is 'andante', meaning a slow tempo in music notation. 'Andante' could also refer to the slowly growing connection between these two characters. I kept the layout clean and simple (like before) since it suits the softness of this pic. My fav part is the violin in front of Yuki. ^.^ The brushes are from and

9/14/06 - v.6.2 ~white~ - The pic for this new layout is from an artbook by Azumi Tohru titled 'Pieta'. (It doesn't have anything to do with the manga of the same name by Haruno Nanae.) Tohru-sensei's 'Pieta' is her doujinshi artbook of various series, Gundam Wing included. Though I don't know which series this particular pic is from, it is one of my fav from the artbook. ^-^ Since the art itself is so pretty, I tried to make this layout as simple as possible. To stay true to the light feel of the pic, I made the background white with transparent rose colored frames. The pink stars/sparklies scattered throughout the background was added with some afterthought. ^.^ Again, photoshop brushes are from and I labeled this background 'white' due to the simple outlook of this layout. ^.^

9/13/06 - v.6.1 ~chained~ - This is second in a series of Loveless backgrounds. I was just playing around with Photoshop last night and this was the result. I went back to the blue and black color scheme and made an iframe transparent background that didn't make all the words/links/pics transparent as well. ^.^ The pic is of Ritsuka and Soubi. Again, there are the butterfly motifs, though in a lighter style than yesterday's. I also added chains that eludes to the battle scenes. The background is named 'chained' since (though unclear in the pic) Ritsuka is holding a chain that is connected to Soubi. Also, the restrictions of their spell battles are of chains. ^.^ The photoshop brushes are from and

9/12/06 - v.6 ~waiting~ - New layouts! I'm going to be making several layouts which can change the appearance of the site. The first (and only other choice at this time) is from the anime Loveless, my new obsession. ^-^ It's a pic of Ritsuka with the butterfly motif that is commonly seen throughout the series. The color scheme is much lighter than my usual style, with varying shades of maroon and dark pink. The font colors for the links have nearly disappeared and some aspects may not show up in other browsers (aka. Mozilla,) but I hope to make adjustments in the near future. ^^; The beautiful photoshop brushes were from and This background has been dubbed 'waiting'. With all these butterflies around, it seems that Ritsuka is waiting for someone.... ^.^

3/1/06 - v.5 ~still~ - I saw this pic and I thought 'I want this as my online background.' So here it is. ^.^ The modified pic of Edward and Alphonse Elric is from the Fullmetal Alchemist 2006 anime calendar. Although the readability of the text has decreased, I really like the blue in this background. Again, the photoshop brushes were from (I think I overdid it a tiny little bit with using the brushes...oh wellz.... ^^;) This version has been named 'still.' 'Still' refers to the two brothers frozen in this moment...or that Alphonse is still in the armor.... Or that Ed and Al are posing sexily for the calendars. (FYI, all the pics from this calendar have the characters dressed and posed like models. Totally hot. ^.^)

11/29/05 - v.4 ~taken~ - Since it's the end of a new year, time for some changes. Well, a little change. ^-^ I know that this new background still has some problems with my layout. (I'm too lazy to think up another layout, so my site will stay like this for awhile. ^^;) The links are nearly invisible...but I'm trying to fix that. This version is of Edward Elric from the FMA manga artbook. The mixture of photoshop brushes are from Makes a pretty nice effect, ne? ^.^ The name of this layout (or pic ^.^) is 'taken'. This is reminiscent of everything that Ed lost throughout his life. Also, I chose this pic especially since his automail is kinda shattered...something you don't see alot. Weird I know. ^^; This certainly is an interesting combination for my pic, but I hope you like it. ^.^

10/13/05 - v.3 ~elements~ -Finally a background! It's not much, but I'm still learning. This is the first trial background. I'm going to be testing out different things to see what works. This current one is from "Fullmetal Alchemist". I shall name this layout 'Solitary: Elements'. ^^; Not very imaginative, but I think 'elements' is a good desciption since the decomposing and combining of different elements creates alchemy. As said, this is only a trial layout. They'll be some minor changes, but nothing too confusing. Simplicity is still the key to my lazy htmling. ^.^

9/28/05 - Site is kinda unstable since it keeps getting knocked offline due to large files. No worries, I'm working on it so it should be fine...within a few weeks...I hope. ^^; At least the mp3s, (which for about a month was gone) are back and ready for your listening pleasure. ^.^

8/22/05 - v.2 - This site is going through a few modifications in layout. Not too different, but hopefully it will a bit more easier on the eyes. ^.^ For the time being, the different pages should still be working, but there may be a few problems if the text overlap. ^^; Give me some time and I'll clean things up. ^-^

7/19/05 - There have been lots of updates...but I didn't bother announce them. Afterall, you would have known by either reading about them on my blog or hearing about them from me. Or if you're really tenacious, you would have found out on your own. ^-^ I am still playing to put graphics on this site...but until my computer is fixed, I can't do anything about it. But still...enjoy your stay!

5/17/05 - v.1 - 'Solitary' online