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Kimono Robe, Japanese Robes


Kimono Robe & Japanese Robes
Although almost every kimono makes a wonderful and very attractive robe, there are only a few types of japanese robes or kimono robes that are actually worn as robes or sleepwear in Japan. Japanese robes consist of; the gauze lined cotton kimono robe, the flannel kimono robe and the cotton yukata robe.


How to Wear a Japanese Robe, Kimono Robe and Yukata Robe
Below are instructions on how to wear a japanese robe, kimono robe and yukata robe. These instructions apply to kimono and yukata when wearing them as robes at bath house, japanese hotels, around the home for relaxation, etc..


Kimono Robe & Japanese Robe Instructions

  1. Put on the kimono robe 

  2. For both men and women, wrap the right side of the kimono over the body, then overlap it with the left side. Right on top of the left is only used to dress a corpse for burial.

  3. Tie the kimono robe sash in a double knot at the front

  4. Turn the japanese robe sash until the knot is center back.




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