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Geta Sandals



geta pictureGeta Sandals
The geta sandal was termed geta because of the "clack clack" sound they made when walking. Geta sandals are any sandal with a separate heel. The wooden geta sandal is the most well known by Americans for the beautiful pictures seen of geisha women. However, there are many other types of geta sandals including those made of vinyl.



Wooden geta have a slightly tapered front heal, making the person lean forward with each step. Geta sandals are not easy for some people to walk on and takes practice to walk correctly.  



sandal picture

The geta sandals shown on the right have a separate heel thus are called geta. The vinyl geta is the most popular geta worn for formal occasions with the kimono. The thongs are normally made of velvet or vinyl and come in a variety of colors.