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The Massachusetts Junior Classical League is an organization which consists of middle and high school students. The Massachusetts JCL is a chapter of the National Junior Classical League, the largest youth organization in the USA. We are devoted to the study of the ancient Roman and Greek languages, literature, and culture.

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2003 State Convention is coming up soon so don't forget to sign up with your sponser!
Click here for State Convention updates and get the Tentative Schedule, the convention packet, and rules about the different contests.

2003 State Convention Updates

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New Contests! Three new "whole club" contests have been introduced with points being awarded toward the school trophy.

 • Massachusetts placed FIRST in the 2002 NJCL Website Contest.

 • Congratulations to Boston Latin Academy with webmaster Amanda Luong for placing EIGHTH in the NJCL Website Contest

 • Good Job, Lynda Le and Viet Luong, for tieing THIRD in the NJCL Website Contest

Chapter Activities
(source: Forum Factorum)

Andover West Middle School - A new chapter in MassJCL this year is Andover West Middle School. The club is made up of 7th and 8th grade Latin students. Four students on the club’s Novice Certamen team came to the BLA scrimmage on January 29.

Boston College High School- The boys at BC High and their four Latin teachers have been busy gathering members for their club. They attended the Boston Latin Academy certamen scrimmage with one novice, one lower, and two upper level teams.

Boston Latin Academy - The BLA Classics Club has been busy working on community service activities. In February they baked cupcakes and in April they plan to cook a full dinner for 12 at the Pine Street Inn satellite house. On March 15, the BLA CC visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Four tours about ancient cultures of Greece, Rome and Egypt as well as their influence in European art were given by Dr. Properzio, Ms. Fillion, Mr. Lane and Mr. Scott Barker, a guest from Andover West MS. The club would like to thank Ms McElroy and Jamaica Hill Realty for making this trip possible for a second year.

Boston Latin School- The BLS-JCL has been training their three certamen teams. They plan to sell candy and wrap gifts as fundraising activities. The club hosted a certamen scrimmage on December 16, 2002.

Lynn English High School- The club at Lynn English brought two Novice, two Lower, and one Upper certamen team to the BLA scrimmage. They held a Lupercalia toga party in February and plan to attend certamen Preliminaries and the State Convention on May 16 and 17 at U Mass Amherst. Some members of the club would like everyone to know that Annie and Jackie are the best.

Mt. Greylock Regional High School - The Mt. Greylock JCL has been very busy. They held their annual raffle, which was a huge success as usual. They sent letters for “Operation Dear Abby.” They also set up a booth at a local elementary school’s “Words are Wonderful” fair, which was designed for elementary school students interested in taking Latin.

Pierce Middle School - MassJCL Historian Devika Gireesh and her scrapbook committee are working very hard on this year’s MassJCL scrapbook. In February, the club held a bake sale at their school. On February 13, fifty members of the club attended a showing of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in the school’s auditorium and afterwards went to Bertucci’s Pizzeria for food. On March 20, the club hosted its very first certamen scrimmage with attendance from Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy, and Milton HS.

Quabbin Regional High School- The club at Quabbin Regional High School has been working very hard preparing to host the certamen Preliminaries under the leadership of their four elected officers. They are also planning an international field trip. The club says that they have been having lots of fun throughout the year.

Tewksbury Memorial High School- The discipuli at Tewksbury High have been busy selling hot chocolate at school. Projected sales topped $400! Also, plans are underway for an annual car wash in April. Besides fund-raising, TJCLers are busy practicing for Certamen, taking the National Latin Exam, and beginning state and national convention projects.

Wachusett Regional High School - The Latin club at Wachusett Regional High School has been very busy since the beginning of the year. They held a food-drive, made holiday cards for the local elementary school and are planning a trip to Italy. The club would like to thank their mascot “Avis” for all his (or her?) help this year.

From June and December 2002