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Advanced Real Time Pre-Built Stock Screener - No more hours of endless research to find a great stocks, let The Mentor Center do the work. There are 42 searches within the Advanced Stock Screener set up specifically to screen for stocks based on specific chart patterns and performances. With 42 unique searches, the Advanced Stock Screener becomes adaptable to virtually all investment strategies. You can find stock that are trending up, bouncing off moving averages, crossing specific indicators, forming specific candlestick patterns, etc. This is a feature that will save you an extraordinary amount of time as well as help you find stocks that can be profitable. It is unique to the Mentor Center and truly is remarkable.
Investrio Wall Street Mentors
Mentor Center Technical Analysis - Technical analysis works like a weatherman. Just as with any good weatherman, he has tools and indicators that gather information to help predict what the weather may be. Technical analysis works in the same manner. You gather information on specific patterns and indications within the history of the stock and based on that information you can make a forecast on what you think that stock will do. There are basically three elements used in forecasting your stocks, which are: Indicators (MACD and Stochastics) , Volume & Moving averages.  When the RED & BLUE lines cross over the black lines, this represents your indicator to buy & when they cross again it is time sell.
Mentor Center Fundamental Analysis - Search through every stock on the NYSE in seconds, find the strongest stocks for your industry group or sector, with just a click of your mouse.  You are looking at the fundamental strength of a company and its potential growth in the future. The bottom line is the more the company makes, the more they are worth. This information includes the company's money management, P/E ratios, EPS growth, earnings etc. You may have heard of such people as Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet or Benjamin Graham. They are all famous for being fundamental investors
The days of putting all your money into one large cap company for 40 years and retiring on the return are over. These large cap companies are slowly being diminished to mole hills. The market is too volatile and uncertain. In today's stock market you need a personal compass that is not set on these toppling stocks. You need to build your own portfolios of wealth using foundation building fundamentals and structure forming technicals. This will allow you to determine in what areas to invest. With Investrio Wall Street Mentors, we give you the tools necessary to test each stock fundamentally and technically to determine its investment soundness. The three questions that most investors have are:

      What stock do I buy
      When do I buy that stock
      When do I sell that stock

How do most investors answer these three questions? Typically they guess! In other words they get a tip off the news, from a friend, an associate, a neighbor, co-worker or from the internet which tells them that this is a good stock to buy. The problem with this, however, is that there is no supporting evidence. Many have lost millions of dollars from just taking someone’s “word for it”. The market is too important to passively take suggestions without supporting evidence. But in order to do the necessary research you need four key elements. They are


You need the right investing TOOLS to be able to watch the market, determine its direction, create a strong portfolio,
and establish where your buys and sells should occur. This of course requires the right investment TRAINING. With  Investrio Wall Street Mentors, you will receive the training you need to utilize our software & education and have access to some amazing investor resources. The training will help create rules that you can consistently follow in making your investment decisions easy and manageable.

At the beginning of any long exciting trip, you would most likely sit down and plan out the roads you will take, the direction you will be going, the time it will take to get there, and your final destination. This will minimize your risk,
help you determine your direction, help you know how long to stay in a position, and give you a realistic final destination. You will begin to understand how to analyze a stocks and formulate a forecast on what that your potential stocks could do for you. Here are some of the amazing things you can do with our stock trading software & investing system:

      Quickly view your portfolio's performance through Real-time portfolio values including gain/loss
      Follow the stock market at the exact time it changes through Real-time streaming data, quotes & feeds
      Find the best stock available through the D.A.R.N process, our proprietary fundamental analysis tool
      Know when to buy and sell through enhanced custom charting including live long term historical charts,
      intraday and sector tracking
      Sift through thousands of stocks to find the few that are setting up for a buy through advanced search tools
      with our Advanced Proprietary Stock Screener and other pre-built searches
      Know the direction of the stock market before and after it closes through the pre/post market analysis, upgrades
      and downgrades, market percent movers and dollar movers
      Make sound investment decisions with earnings and economic calendars
      Know the direction of the stock market before you buy through broad market analysis tools
      Find the best stock in the top performing industries through the Industry analyzer
      Follow the large institutions buying and selling using institutional and insider analysis

However, these tools are not enough. Any good mechanic knows that good tools are essential. The problem is there are hundreds of them out there. Therefore the training on how to use those tools is vital to your success. You need to be educated on what tools to apply and where to apply them. Investrio wall street mentors gives you numerous resources to make this education process easy and convenient. In spending just thirty minutes a day, you will  feel very confident about your trading abilities. Here is a list of some of our tools &  features to help you in this process:

      Our weekly  newsletter is written by a stock market professional to give you specific stock picks, ideas and strategies
      Listen to seminars on tool application given by a professional traders through audio training sessions
      You will never have a question go unanswered through free continuous mentoring & customer support
      Learn from actual traders through live online webcasts
      Take advantage of ourinformation and reference tools through additional manuals, videos, and training CD’s
      Talk, ask questions & share ideas in our live investor chat room.
      Get educated on every feature of our software through live conference calls & online interactive

The Investrio Mentor Center
The Mentor Center investment software will simplify the entire online investing process for you. This powerful stock trading & custom charting software, harnesses thousands of different data sources on the internet and brings them all to your fingertips. With The Mentor Center, you can manage your investments in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Just 30 minutes a day! The Mentor Center is the simplest, quickest and most powerful management and research tool available to the investing public. With our  3-Step Investing Process, that can now be completed in seconds rather than the hours that most online investors have to spend. Think of The Mentor Center  as your home base for investing.

The Investrio Mentor Center, is where you start and where you return in your stock analysis and research. You can trade stocks, options, commodities, futures, manage your portfolios, custom stock charting, conduct research, and monitor all the markets all from within this simple portal. Rather than getting lost in cyberspace trying to find the information you need on the internet, you simply launch The Mentor Center, and the information is brought right to your desktop in seconds. With just a click of your mouse you will be able to:

     Search for DARN good stocks
      Perform Fundamental Analysis
      Perform Technical Analysis
      Custom stock charting
      Pre-built Stock Screener
      Get instant Real-Time Quotes & Check the News
      Trade a Stock, Option, Commodity, Future
      Manage your Portfolio's
      Monitor & Compare Trading Strategies
      View your personalized Ticker Tape
      Get support from Investrio Wall Street  Mentors
      Access our Daily Stock Picks & Recommendations

The Investrio Mentor Center software, constantly combs the Internet for the absolute best investing resources and then integrate them into one simple to use tool. All in Real-Time, you get the best research, charts, quotes, analysis and strategies are all at your disposal to make you a confident, successful investor. Every person that invests in the stock market does it for one reason and one reason only - TO MAKE MONEY. Trading stocks then, is simply forecasting
what the future price of a stock will be, and then positioning oneself appropriately to take advantage of that forecast.
Again, investors must  know three things to make money in the stock market:

      What stock I should be buying
      When to buy that stock
      When should I be selling that stock.

However, the average investor is often overwhelmed with all the information, advice, and philosophies that exist in today's marketplace. Company reports, fundamentals, technicals, valuation ratios, industries, trends, market psychology and even the phases of the moon can be discussed when deciding how to invest. Realizing the confusion the typical investor faces, Investrio Wall Street Mentors have combined their many years of front-line investing experience to create
a simple
3-Step Investing Process™ to take the hours of guess work out of investing:

By combining our 3-Step Investing Process™ with the power of the Investrio MentorCenter™, you can quickly evaluate and boldly purchase good stocks and also know when it's time to move into even better stocks. All of this with the least amount of risk and liability to you.

There are basically two schools of thought on how to forecast the future price of a company, the Fundamental Analysis school and the Technical Analysis school. A fundamentalist has little concern for the current price of a stock. Instead, he will focus on the products and profitability of a company. He will look at the relative strength of a company compared
to its competitors and the profit margins they can maintain compared to their industry.

He will look at the historic profits and the expected growth into the future of the company and its products. This is the style of investing that investors such as Warren Buffet (of Berkshire Hathaway) or Peter Lynch (from the Fidelity Magellan fund) have made famous.

Fundamental investing has little concern over the swings in the price of a stock as the markets go up and down, but rather focuses on the long-term appreciation of a stock. This type of investor believes that, "buy the 'right' company and the price will ultimately take care of itself." Many people term this style of investing as a "Buy and Hold" strategy.

In real estate, the old adage goes - to make a successful investment the three key elements are "location, location and location." For the fundamental investor, the three key elements are "earnings, earnings, earnings," and it doesn't matter what happens to a stock's price in the short run, it will go up in the long run if you purchase solid, growing companies with good management; You just need to hold it until it does.  This takes any company through the D.A.R.N. process
to quickly show you the "fundamentals" of the company. So what does D.A.R.N. stand for?

The stock's direction is also known as its trend. A stock will tend to continue in the direction
it's been going, so we need to see the trend and include that in our evaluation of a stock.

We need to see what the analysts on Wall Street are projecting about the stock.If the future
doesn't look good, then we're not interested in that stock today.

By looking at the company's own reports, we can see how consistent they have been in the
past in their growth and their profits.

The present news is very important in our evaluation as to the future value of a company.

To the technician, all of the profit predicting in the world cannot challenge the ultimate truth the markets deal out every day. This is known as the efficient market theory; everything that is known about a company is going to be reflected in the price of that stock on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, the only way a technical analyst can forecast the future value of
a stock is a careful examination of the historical pricing data shown in the charts. They prefer to be handed a chart or graph of a company and then be left to decipher it, much like a pirate decoding a map to the treasure chest of gold.

Some of the more popular technical investors would include John Murphy, Martin Pring, Navid Nassar and Steve Nison. The technical analyst will carefully study the charts because he knows that certain patterns and situations will develop time and time again, and if he can recognize them, he can profit from the expected movement. Much like a weatherman will forecast the weather by analyzing what's happened in the past, so will the technical analyst learn from the past and forecast the future movement of a stock.

A weatherman may be watching his weather charts and recognize a pattern that has occurred many times before. Since the same pattern almost always yields the same results, he can predict with confidence that the same thing will happen this time that has always happened. So it is with the technical analyst and his analysis of a stock's patterns and movement.

The debate over the "correct" method for stock analysis has raged for years and will surely continue for many more because both methods are striving to accomplish the same objective. They are trying to tell us what to buy so we can make money in the markets. As you progress in your investment experience, you may hear advocates of each school disparage the other claiming to have the "true" method for stock analysis, and each methodology has its strengths and weaknesses.

However, the old saying that there is "more than one way to skin a cat" definitely applies when comparing these schools. At Investrio-Wall Street Mentors, we will combine the best of both schools of analysis to provide a carefully blended, powerful strategy for investing.

This is what takes the emotion & failure out of investing. This step is simply applying the knowledge you learn from your stock analysis and research to manage your investments in just 20 to 30 minutes a day. By following some simple rules and performing some regular activities, investing doesn't have to be difficult or confusing. It can be fun and profitable. Most investors allow their emotions to cloud their investing judgment and this is typically the biggest obstacle to successful investing.

Applying some simple money management rules and investment strategies will allow an investor to build their confidence and become more successful in their investing. You'll also learn the importance of following the strongest industries and how to follow the overall trend of the markets so you can position yourself properly in the markets. By taking the best qualities from fundamental analysis and combining them with the time-tested techniques of technical analysis, The Investrio Mentor Center will teach you how to successfully:

Online Investor Training #2
Support & Resistance
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Moving Averages
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2) Buying and Selling (Technical Analysis)
3) Following the Plan (Portfolio Management)
     STEP 2: Buying and Selling - (Technical Analysis)  When to buy and When to sell.
     STEP 3: Following the Plan and Sticking to it.
      Use fundamental analysis to find D.A.R.N. good stocks
       Use technical analysis to know when to buy and sell those stocks
       Follow a good plan to manage your portfolio with simple effective rules and strategies
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With The InvesTrader Daily Investment Newsletter - You will have a mentor who can suggest when to buy, reveal your amount of risk, present a good target profit, and establish an exit point. With the InvesTrader newsletter you have a trading partner who can give you specific stock recommendations on a daily basis. You should still  do your own fundamental and technical analysis on the stocks in the newsletter, but it is a great starting point. Some of this information in the newsletter may be new or foreign, do not worry. You will quickly learn & understand all of the infomation presented. The first section is educational. David Bush walks you through specific strategies, principles and indicators to help you in the market. The second part of the newsletter analyzes stocks and gives you specific buy strategies. The third portion of our newsletter suggests positions made in previous newsletters.
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       Options Overview
       Introduction to Options Strategies
       Expiration, Exercise and Assignment
       Options Pricing 1
       Options Industry Today

       The Human Component
       The Electronic Component
       Market Controls

       Selling Puts
       Vertical Spreads
       Options Pricing 2
       Buying Stock with a Ratio Call Spread
Our free ten day trial offer will help you see the power of this amazing investing software tool and introduce to you new revolutionary ways of tapping into the potential of the stock market. In fact Peter Lynch in his book, One Up on Wall Street, says “The amateur investor has numerous built-in advantages that, if exploited, should result in his or her outperforming the experts and also the markets in general.
”The Investrio Mentor Center software offers that built in advantage. With this investment tool and the education you receive from Investrio Wall Street Mentors,
you can start outperforming the experts!
"I bought and believe in The Investrio Wall Street Mentor Center for two reasons: First, is the vision and value of its overall trading education and investing philosophy.Second, the software has improved my trading results, reduced my time commitment and lowered my operating expenses.
Regarding the Investrio Mentor Center’s educational philosophy, I found it mirrored the truths I have previously described and that have enabled and empowered me to become successful in the markets for over thirty years. The Investrio Wall Street Mentor Center is a tremendous tool, but always remember the guiding philosophy expressed in their education is just as important.
Investrio’s educational philosophy of conservative money management, historically, has helped thousands of everyday investors find their path  to financial success in the market.Most importantly, if you utilize it properly, it will help you! Thanks to The Investrio Mentor Center and their proven educational philosophy and high performance stock trading software… I’ve become a more successful investor!"
Tom Barrett, President US Investors Club
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Investrio Wall Street Mentors also offers an incredible stock options tutorial, for those looking to minimize their risk & invest with less capital. Our stock options software tutorial includes:
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An average savings of over $4600.00!
With all of the tools you have been introduced to you can see the power of The Mentor Center. It truly is the compass you need to navigate through this treacherous bear market. Its resources coupled with the education you receive will give you the ability to tap into the potential of the stock market. Take the challenge and test our system. You will see how necessary a tool like The Mentor Center truly is.

By purchasing The Mentor Center you can apply the four key elements to be successful in the market. You receive the TOOLS necessary through the Mentor Center, the TRAINING on how to apply those tools, the CONFIDENCE to make the right trades at the right time, and the ability to create the CAPITAL through your portfolio and the company's affiliate partnership opportunity.
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