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This site is an extension of my other Genealogy sites...
The purpose of this website is to share some interesting facts about a few of my ancestors which I have bonded (somewhat) with as a result of my research. The ancestors I have chosen to put on this website have made their marks on our world. I have gained great appreciation for the hardships that my ancestors have endured to make our world a much easier and convenient place to live. Some of my ancestors were famous and some were just common folk. There are a few who were notorious, some were Royal, some fought Indians, some were Indians, some fought wars, some were born in America  and some were immigrants. There are ancestors from the following countries: France, Wales, England, Ireland, Canary Islands, Barbados, Spain, Germany and Israel. All of these ancestors were very brave and had to cross oceans, fight disease, and live through dire circumstances to colonize America. The ancestors I have chosen to share with you are from both my maternal (mom's)  and my paternal (dad's) lines. I have placed a "P" (paternal) or "M" (Maternal) on the upper right hand corner of each page so you will know which side the ancestor belongs to. Enjoy my website and please do sign my guestbook before you leave.
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