7/23/02 Connect with your Angel Energy

7/22/02 I received a soul drawing.
Check it out! There's a link to get your own.

Controlling Negative Thoughts: Learn to stop infusing yourself and your environment with negativity.

7/5/02 New exercises:
Learning from your Spirit Guides, Conversing with Departed Loved Ones, Settling Issues with Departed Loved Ones

4/4/02 Per the requests of many, I put the link for the
Moon Page back on the main page

3/22/02  I've received more questions in regards to my personal info and how I go about my divination practices, so I've revamped the
About Me page :) I hope you find it more informative.

3/11/02  Due to many requests I've started adding more detailed divination info for beginners. Check out
the pendulum page.

3/10/02 Bravenet is back up! So, guestbook, counter and all else should be working fine.

2/27/02 What's new?  Let's see.....OH YES! I deleted my main page! oops. Hence the new look emerging here (mouse over the moons to visit the pages you're used to checking out!). Let me know what you think! You can email me as well
Welcome to The Waking Moon!  A newly budding home for all faiths and practices! If you have any suggestions or submittals, please feel free to email me. Otherwise, check back often! It's a new site so it's growing every day. If you'd be so kind, sign my guestbook so I know who was here and can give proper thanks ;)
The  Waking Moon is based in Maryland USA
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