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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Martin James Collopy wed 1901 to Maggie May Younger
William Collopy wed c1900 to Elizabeth Ellen Walker
William Joseph Collopy came 1855 on the British Trident with Margaret Hayes
John Collyer wed 1884 to Elizabeth Jane Clifford
Emily Ada Colman wed 1903 to Albert Thomas Curtis
Emily Ada Colman wed 1903 to Albt Thos Lardner
Jno Wm Colman wed 1906 to Alice Edith Letts
Samuel Colman wed 1874 to Emily Harriet Hubble
Samuel Robert Colman wed c1901 to Mary Garlick
Anastasia Colston wed 1873 to Edward Horkings
Jno Edwd Colston wed 1895 to Sarah Ann Harnell
John Edward Colston wed 1840 to Anastasia Fitzpatrick
John Thomas Colston wed 1869 to Norah Francis Maher
John Thomas Colston wed 1877 to Phillipa Sidonia Stephens
Lucy Colston wed 1860 to William Boase
Mary Ann Colston wed 1865 to Wilhelm Bohn
William Colston wed 1882 to Sarah Jane Seddon
Archibald Colville came c1861 with Mary Russell
Archibald Colville wed 1913 to Violet Waterson
Edward Richard Colville wed 1877 to Susannah Elizabeth Eastgate nee Mason
Ellen Agnes Colville wed 1900 to Charles William Barber
George Reid Colville wed 1901 to Elizabeth Catherine Barber
Margaret Colville wed 1893 to Robert Waterson
Mary Eliza Colville wed 1889 to Saml Service Crothers
William James Colville wed 1894 to Annie Hall Johnson Waterson
Annie Helen Comb wed 1890 to Frederick John Peacock
Jeannie Comb wed 1897 to Alf Ernt Victor Godfrey
Susannah Teresa Comb wed 1868 to Thomas Weir
Thomas Satchwe Comb wed 1864 to Helen Rebecca Collier
Thomas Satchwell Comb came 1849 with Catherine Ann Barbor
Annie Comer wed 1876 to William Papworth
James Charles Comerford wed 1877 to Maria Horn
Jane Ann Comerford wed 1896 to Alfred Blackney
Richd Jos Patk Comerford wed 1909 to Mary Elizabeth Walsh
Julia Comarford/ Commerford came c1862 with Pierce Blanchfield
John Thomas Commons wed 1868 to Elizabeth Liddle
Alfred William Comport wed 1888 to Bertha Constance Burton
Henry Comport wed 1854 to Rebecca Schooling
Michael Comport wed 1863 to Rosetta Schooling
Mary Ann Compston wed 1882 to William Curry Tully
Allan RanaldComrie wed 1908 to Nora Teresa Magrath
Angus Malcolm Comrie wed 1900 to Mary Ellen Murray
Archbald Valentine Comrie wed 1900 to Edith Margaret Warne
Archbald Valentine Comrie wed 1913 to Myvanwy Jones
Catherine Elizabeth Comrie wed 1904 to Hamilton McLeod Stobie
Ellen Maud Comrie wed 1904 to Robert Rogers
Jane Comrie wed 1864 to Richard Heighway
John Comrie wed 1870 to Ellen Jane Mitchell
CatherineComte wed 1893 to Frederick Milgate
Edward Conder came 1854 on the Marshall Bemnnett with Hannah (Ann) Banks
Thomas Conder wed 1873 to Mary Binder
Margaret Condie wed 1879 to Hugh Oborne
Bridget Condon wed 1859 to William Robert Jarvis
Maurice Condon wed 1883 to Augusta Maria Trevethan
Sarah Ann Condor wed c1900 to John Edwin Skinner
Abel Alfred Conduit wed c1898 to Matda Elizth Payne
Henry John Conduit came 1857 on the Balnaguith with Sarah Alford
Henry John Conduit wed 1883 to Jane Sarah Millar/ Miller
James Conduit wed 1900 to Rosanna Garbett
Martha Conduit wed 1888 to Arthur Hadley Powell
Martha Conduit wed 1902 to Charles Ernest Hill
Sarah Emma Conduit wed 1879 to Thomas Smart
Selina Jane Conduit wed 1891 to Edward Timms
Tom Conduit wed 1885 to Hannah Bendal
William Conduit wed 1897 to Emma Millar
Charles Frederic Congdon wed 1879 to Parthenia Ann Button
Eliza Longden /Congdon wed 1864 to William Keast
Jane Congdon wed 1860 to John Keast
Ann Jane Conlan came c1859 with Andrew Kennedy
Margaret Nickle nee Conlan wed 1861 to William Graham
Mary Conley came 1839 on the David Clarke with John Beith
Margaret Conlon came 1857 on the Kent with John Nickle
Mary Conlon wed 1885 to Richard Gapper
Isabella Convery/Connery wed 1863 to John King
Elizabeth Phillips Conning wed 1888 to Joseph Henry Yewdale
Henry Jasper Conning came 1870 on the Sussex with Elizabeth West Phillips
Peter Stewart Conning wed 1886 to Annie Phillips
Robert Conning wed 1886 to Elizabeth Fergus
Stephen Francis Conning wed 1888 to Eliza Paterson Mcfarlane
Catherine Connolly wed 1844 in NSW records to James Whiteside
Edward John Connor wed 1883 to Ann Keighley
Elizabeth Connor wed 1881 to Robert Pitcher
James Connor wed 1872 to Rebecca Wright
Patrick Connor came c1844 with Winifred Mcdonnell
William Henry Connor wed 1896 to Gracie Wilshusen
Winifred Conner/Connor wed 1868 to Stephen Dwyer
Hanora O'Connors/ Connors wed 1879 to Joseph Hinchy
Denis Conole wed 1860 to Margaret Maher
Denis Conole wed 1896 to Ann Matilda Foreman
Winifred Connelly/ Conolly wed 1852 to John Murray
Emily Elizabeth Constable wed 1888 to Alexander Bremner
John Constantine wed 1874 to Mary Ann Trigg
Edward Conway came c1857 with Mary Nash
Margaret Conway wed 1882 to Robert Allan
Mary Conway wed 1864 to William Wharton
Melbourne by 1846 with Cath McCaig/McCong/Chougan/Coogan came to Michael Fitzgerald
Andrew Cook wed 1880 to Mary Ann Pryor
Elizabeth Ann On Thong nee Cook wed 1888 to John Wiffen
Elizabeth Prudence Cook came 1855 on the White Star with William Chambers
Elizabeth Sarah Cook came 1841 to Launceston on the Ullswater with William Medwin
Emma Cook came c1856 with James Band
Ernest Edward James Cook wed c1901 to Violet Hilda Bone
Frederick Cook wed 1863 to Emma Fairlie Hodge
Geo Nesbit Cook wed 1857 to Harriet Ann Gail nee Russell
George Liberty Cook wed c1895 to Augusta Magdale
Hannah Cook wed 1880 to Thomas Treadwell
Harriet Cook wed 1885 to Walter William Ching
James Cook wed 1874 to Elizabeth Jane Pope
James Cook wed 1881 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to Annie Jacobson
James Cook wed c1867 to Jemima Cameron
Laura Maria Cook wed 1885 to Josiah Frederick Trevethan
Mary Ann Cook came c1854 with William Holt
Mary Ann Cook wed 1871 to Nathaniel Mckenzie
Mary Elizabeth Cook wed 1880 to Thomas Leigh
Phillip Cook wed 1884 to Frederica Anna Heidenwag
Ruby Violet Cook wed 1920 to Percy Saml Trigg
Sophia Cooke / Cook wed 1874 to Richard Stuart Darling
Thomas Page Cook wed 1879 to Catherine Kennedy
Thomas Thimble (Thomas Thimbleby Strutt Cook) Cook wed 1858 to Charlotte Higgins
William Cook came 1852 on the Wanata with Isabella Hogg
William Cook wed 1863 to Annie Winnell
Mary Ann Cook wed 1872 to Nathaniel Younghusband
Charles Edward Theodore Cooke wed 1879 to Mary Ann Hancox
Charlotte Cooke came c1857 with Elias Trenchard
Flor Ada Cooke wed 1905 to Edmund Richard Driver
Frederick Charles Cooke wed 1885 to Emily Martha Fielder
Sarah Ismay Cooke wed 1863 to John William Henry Loste
Winifred Cooke came c1860 with Peter White

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