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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Robert Dunbar wed 1889 to Ulricke Matilda Dadswell
Catherine Duncalf wed 1865 to William Rule
Edith Duncalf wed 1885 to Robert Hancock
Emily Duncalf wed 1878 to David Gunnell
Richard Duncalf came 1852 on the Augusta Schneider with Elizabeth Tellam/Trillman
Alfred Perceval Duncan wed 1901 to Julia Stuchlik
Andrew Duncan came c1865 with Isabella Mclachlan
Charlotte Duncan came 1852 on the H C Kidston with John Fithie
Frederick Duncan wed 1885 to Eliza Florance Brandon
James Duncan wed 1875 to Annie Smith
Margaret Elizabeth Duncan came c1861 with Robert Charles Neville
William Duncan wed 1886 to Emma Harrowvin
Wm Ernt Duncan wed 1902 to Martha Maria Treadwell
Hannah Dunkley came c1854 with Benjamin Johnson
Hannah Johnson nee Dunkley wed 1874 to Daniel Diffey
George Herbert Foster Dunlevey wed 1896 to Frances Amelia Thompson
James Dunlevey came c1862 with Emma Foster
William John Davenport Dunlevey wed 1893 to Ruth Edis
Alice Maud Margaret Dunlevy wed 1888 to Francis Sydney Barker
Matilda Rosalind Dunlevy wed 1883 to Arthur Blunn
Elizabeth Dunn came 1854 on the Parsee with Charles Truscott
Elizabeth Dunn wed 1881 to Thomas Toulen
Ellen Dunn came c1860 with Charles Lewis
Ellen Dunn wed 1880 to Thomas John Buse
Ellen Dunn wed c1886 to John Dodson
Fredk Wm Dunn wed 1910 to Minnie Theodore Chiller
Grace Dunn wed c1892 to William Francis Johnstone
Hannah Dunn wed 1859 to James Laughlin
Helen Dunn wed 1865 to George Samuel Stephens
Henry Dunn wed 1854 to Elizabeth Barr
James Dunn wed 1859 to Caroline Davis
Janet Dunn wed 1887 to Archie Donaldson
Mary Dunn wed 1862 to Henry Kermode
Mary Dunn wed 1898 to Andrew Keiler Ireland
Robert Dunn wed 1883 to Ann Jane Henderson
Rosannah Dunn wed 1887 to William Renison
Sarah Jeanette Louise Dunn wed 1896 to John Tennent Veitch
William Dunn wed 1883 to Hannah Martin
William George Dunn wed 1883 to Agnes Grey
Caroline Dunstan wed 1895 to Charles Robert Hall
Christina Dunstan wed 1863 to Richard Pryor
Edward Healey Dunstan wed 1887 to Annie Jenkyn
Elizabeth Mary Dunstan wed 1878 to Richard Henry Olver
Jane Dunstone/Dunstan came c1853 with William Wyatt
John Dunstan wed 1865 at Christ Church CofE Maryborough to Annie Kerr
Joshua Dunstan came c1851 with Ann Spargo
Juliana Dunstan wed 1885 to her cousin Samuel Dunstan
Kate Elamenta Dunstan wed 1887 to John Thomas Renney
Peter Dunstan was joined 1859 by children and Phillippa Olive
Samuel Dunstan wed 1885 to her cousin Juliana Dunstan
Sarah Ann Dunstan wed 1877 to John Turner Vincent
Edward Richd Tertins Dunster wed 1900 to Charlotte Grace Treadwell
Henry Richard Dunster came 1861 on the Alfred with Margaret Burrough
John William Dunstone wed 1868 to Sarah Legassick Trinnick
Adam Dunt came 1855 on the Maria Hay with Harriet Elizabeth Hewett
Emma Josephine Dunt wed 1875 to Alfred Fox Kay Sayers
Ernest Horatio Dunt wed 1882 to Margaret Naomi Potter
Gilbert Lorenzo Dunt wed 1889 to Emily Rhoda Knight
Grace Victoria Dunt wed 1882 to Edward James Forbes Sayers
Herbert Robert Dunt wed 1871 to Mary Jane Hunt nee Sargent
Robert Ward Dunt wed 1848 to Emma Ward
Ruby Winifred Dunt wed 1905 to Edward William Britter
Charles Henry Dupe wed 1891 to Sarah Wood
Henry Dupe wed 1884 to Sarah Susannah Bayley
John Herbert Dupe wed 1837 at Hobart to convict Susan Berry
John Herbert Dupe wed 1872 to Annie Whiteside
Mary Elizabeth Dupe wed 1867 to John Harris
William Dupe wed 1863 to Maria Mclean
Annie Mary Durdin wed 1880 to Robert Mason Tivendale
George Juer Durham wed 1872 to Isabella Burton
Otto Sander Durham wed 1903 to Mary Jane Beardsley
Elizabeth Durran wed 1857 to John Bruce
Emma Durran wed 1882 to Robert Langhorne
Francis Durran wed 1885 to Sarah Annie Waller
James Durran wed 1885 to Jeannie Dick
Job Durran wed 1857 to Mary Anne Port
John Durran came 1854 on the Joshua with Eleanor Woodford
John Durran wed 1887 to Henrietta Elizabeth Plain
Joseph Durran wed 1884 to Emily Bath
Kezia Durran wed 1888 to George Smith
Margaret Durran wed 1859 to James Grant
Sarah Ann Durran wed 1883 to George Deller
Selina Durran came c1853 with Thomas Gardner
William Durran wed 1883 to Mary Ann Eddington
Wm Francis Hardwell Durran wed 1914 to Harriet Owen Llewellyn
Elizth Jane Durston wed 1894 to William Alexander McKelvey
Geo Robt Durston wed 1901 to Eliza Cardwell
James Thomas Durston wed 1864 to Margaret Kinselle
Sophia Margt Durston wed 1895 to Jno Alex Kent
Sanford Duryer/Duryea wed 1858 in WA to Ellen Amelia Leeder
Fanny Emily Dutton wed 1896 to George Robertson Allan
Harriet Maria Dutton wed 1883 to William Trotman
James Dutton wed 1877 to Sarah Harris
Mary Ann Dutton wed 1877 to John Beale
Thomas Dutton came 1849 on the Nelson as Assisted British Immigrants with Fanny Moore
Thomas Henry Dutton wed 1877 to Sarah Beale
Thomas Henry Dutton wed 1885 to Elizabeth Ann Powles
Caroline Devon/Dewar/Dwan wed 1856 to Patrick Lennon
Catherine Maria Dwyer wed 1888 in Daylesford to Alexander James Mcmaster
Elizabeth (Alias Bridget Crowe)Dwyer wed 1838 to John Moore Britten
Ellen Dwyer wed 1881 to David Robb Crockett
Johannah Dwyer wed 1874 to Henry Nunn
John Dwyer wed 1896 to Anne Theresa O'Brien
Maggie Jane Dwyer wed 1887 to Henry George Lechte
Margaret Dwyer wed 1857 to William Hough
Stephen Dwyer wed 1868 to Winifred Conner/Connor
Richard Dyas wed 1879 to Harriet Stonehouse
Rosina Dyce wed 1884 to William John Plumb
Eliza Emma Dyer wed 1865 to Thomas Henry Cowley
Fanny Dyer wed 1876 to John Henry Cleaver
James Henry Dyer wed 1888 to Mary Bofill
Robert Dyer came c1853 with Charlotte Tibbs
Selina Eleanor Dyer wed 1862 to Joseph Stone
William Dyer convict wed 1850 in Tasmania to Bridget Rody
William Dyer wed 1883 to Elizabeth Hutchins nee Green
Martin Dyke wed 1880 to Alice Matilda Jarvis
Caroline Emma Dyster wed 1852 to John Slater Smith
Caroline Emma Dyster wed 1892 to widower with 4 children Thomas Collison
Thomas Dyster wed 1834 to Kesia Amelia Summers
Thomas Dyster wed 1859 at Adelaide to Sarah Jane Florence
Thomas Dyster wed c1850 to Jane Swan

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