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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Henry Eades wed 1855 to Elizabeth Abbott
Henry George Eades wed 1883 to Alice Annie Thwaites
Sarah Wilson nee Eagle wed 1864 to Samuel Nicholson
Annie Nicholson Eaglesim wed 1906 to James Charles Flight
Thomas Brown Eaglesim wed 1884 to Elizabeth Nicholson Young
Adeline Maria Brown Earles wed 1882 to Stephen Wrathall
Augustus Molyneaux Earles wed 1877 to Mary Ann Eliza Holdsworth
Edward Earles came 1852 on the ship Abel Gower with Sarah Leagoe Coste
Edward Coste Earles wed 1863 to Ann O'Loughlin
Fanny Coste Earles wed 1885 to Edward Joseph DeHenzell
Frederic(k) Earles wed 1864 to Jane Danvers
John Earles wed 1876 to Elizabeth Banks
Sarah Jane Earles wed 1888 to Charles Smith
Hannah Early came c1856 with James Collis
Sabaina Elizabeth Earney wed 1882 to Edward Field Campbell
Jane Eason wed 1871 to Seth Enos Joab Buckle
Charles Henry East wed 1902 to Elizabeth Emma Middleton
Jane East wed 1873 to George Garlick
John East wed 1896 to Anna Elizth Menzel
John Charles East wed 1854 to Mary Ann Shaw
Mary East wed 1891 to Dennis Stephen Quill
Robert East wed 1863 to Elizabeth Gibb
Robert East wed 1894 to Elizth JaneRundell
Samuel East wed 1917 to Eunice Seadon
Susan East wed 1900 to William George Fithall
Sarah Jane Easterbrook wed 1892 to Thomas Wark
Thomas Easterbrook wed 1852 to Sarah Taylor
Thomas Easterbrook wed 1897 to Margt Eliza Ryan
Elizabeth Eastgate wed 1865 to Edwin Stephenson
Emily Eastgate wed 1883 to George Francis Hagg
Robert Eastgate came 1856 with Susannah Maton/Maitland/ Mason
Robert Edward Eastgate wed 1868 to Sarah Anne Pattison
Elizabeth Eastlake came 1855 as Assisted Immigramnts on the Epaminondas with Thomas Bevan
Celia Eastwood came 1859 on the Great Britain with William Grey
HenryEathorne came 1876 on the Somersetshire with Eliza Drew Richards
HenryEathorne wed 1887 to Harriet Elizabeth Brockey
Rebecca Eaton wed 1884 to Arthur Akers
William Henry Ebbels wed 1874 to Elizabeth Gist
Elizabeth Eccles came 1858 with James McCullagh
Mary Ann Eddington wed 1883 to William Durran
Martha Edds wed 1857 to Charles Heley
James Eddy wed 1892 to Ann Daglish
Charles Edelsten wed 1886 to Susan McRostie
Samuel Joseph Edelston/ Edelsten came 1854 on the Great Britain from Liverpool with Elizabeth Johnston
Martha Edgell wed 1867 to Joseph Bales
Eliza Kendall Edgley wed 1880 to James Chalkley Goad
Clara Jane Edis wed 1891 to Andrew Carnie Morris
David Edis came 1853 on the Thames with Hannah Smith
David Edis wed 1884 to Hannah Rogers
David Edis wed 1889 to Mary Ellen Johnston
David Edis wed 1895 to Mary Eliza Hiscock
John Edward Edis wed 1873 to Martha Saunders
Luke William Edis wed 1874 to Emma Papworth
Mary Ann Edis wed 1881 to Henry Coram
Robertson Edis wed 1889 to Christina Morris
Ruth Edis wed 1893 to William John Davenport Dunlevey
Hugh Edmiston wed 1895 to Emma Mongan
Isabella Edmonstone wed 1842 to Thomas Foley
Edward Richard Edsall wed 1883 to Margaret Sinnott
Edward Sydney Edsall wed 1860 in Vic to Mary Ann Elizabeth Lambeth
Marion Agnes Edsell came c1855 with Alfred Shoebridge
Alexander Edward wed 1884 to Catherine Emma Gardner
Alice Edward wed 1906 to Edwin Corris Kewley
Charles Penglase Edwards/Edward wed 1886 to Amelia Ann Penglase
Euphemia Edward wed 1880 to George Watson
Euphemia Edward wed 1885 to George John Parton
James Edward came 1853 on the Childe Harold with Euphemia Boyd
Mary Ann Edward wed 1888 to Michael Pimblett
William Edward wed 1858 to Mary Ann Catsby/Gadsby
Alice Edwards wed 1861 to Charles Lund
Alice May Edwards wed 1878 to James Pollock
Ann Edwards wed 1861 to James Walker
Charles Edwards wed 1863 to Ellen Harvey
Charles Edwards wed 1887 to Margaret Low
Edward Edwards came c1854 with Gweny Morgan
Emma Jame Edwards wed 1893 to Frederick Chas Wm Rose
Francis Gilbart Edwards wed 1870 to Caroline Ralph
George Archd Edwards wed 1907 to Theolinda Basan
Harry Edwards wed 1868 at St Arnaud to Evelyna Crowhurst
Herbert Thomas Edwards wed 1894 to Jemima Miriam Hearn
James Edwards wed 1865 to Susan Martin
James Francis Edwards wed 1874 to Mary Roughead
James Hobart Edwards wed 1887 to Harriet Eva Eliz Greaves
Johanna Edwards came c1856 with William Trembath
Johanna Edwards wed 1858 to Matthias Popple
John Edwards came 1860 from SA with Jane Jones
John Edwards wed 1866 to Hannah Snow nee Graham
John Edwards wed 1876 to Louisa Lovelock Verey
Lucy Gilbart Edwards wed 1896 to John Robert Baker
Mary Edwards wed 1893 to John Hopkins
Mary Anne Edwards wed 1862 to Lawrence Cunningham
Mary Hopton Edwards came 1853 with James Watkins Bates
Mary Jane Edwards wed 1889 to Amos Hinchcliffe
Maude Edwards wed 1903 in Coolgardie WA to Alfred Higgs
Mildred Hannah Edwards wed 1878 to George Henry Clark/ Clarke
Phoebe Jane Edwards wed 1881 to Richard Hain
Richard Edwards wed 1881 to Maria Pelinn/Paulina Benjamin
Robert William Edwards wed 1879 to Catherine Fernando nee Lindsay
Sarah Ellen Edwards wed 1878 to Alexander Skinner
Sarah Ellen Skinner nee Edwards wed 1882 to Edward Howells
Thomas Edwards came 1848 on the Lysauder with Mary Gilbart
Thomas Edwards wed 1853 to Caroline Burden
Thomas Parker Edwards came 1854 on the Lord Stanley as Assisted British Immigrants with Margaret Upton
William Edwards came 1857 on the Morning Star with Amelia Adelaide Green
William Henry Edwards wed 1888 to Ellen Glew
William J Edwards wed 1884 to Mary Ann Mongan
William John Edwards wed 1875 at Hobart Tasmania Australia to Elizabeth Ellen Ibbotson
William Samuel Edwards wed 1875 to Catherine Malcolm
Emma Eeles wed 1867 to Henry Hester
Jane Eeles wed 1874 to Richard Thomas Richards
Thomas Ellis/Eeles wed 1851 to Susan Hester

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