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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Henry Alexander Drew wed 1886 to Caroline Julia Nelson
Margaret Frew/Drew came c1868 via Mount Gambier East in South Australia with Thomas Pressey
Anna Maria Drewitt wed 1872 to Archibald McNee
Lily Drewitt wed 1902 to James Graydon
Phillip Drewitt came c1878 with Mary Ellen Read
Patrick Drill came 1867 to Victoria with Cath Kean/Keen
Phillip John Drill wed 1887 to Ann Elizabeth Ladd
Elizabeth Dring wed 1877 to Henry Maltby
William Dring came 1855 on the Red Jacket with Sarah Williams
James Dripps wed 1867 to Martha Jane Elliott
Joseph Elliott Dripps wed 1895 to Fanny Agnes Newton
Samuel James Dripps wed 1895 to Jane Johnston Reddie
Thomas Little Dripps wed 1906 to Julia Clarke
William Gregory Dripps wed 1907 to Martha Vivian Twigg
Edward Driscoll came 1856 on the Geo Marshall with Eliza Ann Johnson
Joseph Robert Driscoll wed 1909 to Mary Seater
Charles Driver wed 1846 to Elizabeth Wratten/Ralten
Charles Driver wed 1885 to Elizabeth Jane Goss
Edith Kate Driver wed 1904 to Alex Geo Kinloch
Edmund Richard Driver wed 1905 to Flor Ada Cooke
Elizabeth May Driver wed 1902 to Arthur Robt Heaton
Elizabeth Sophia Driver wed 1885 to Walter Watkins Waddle
Esther Driver wed 1873 to Thomas Carter
Evelyn Frances Driver wed 1908 to John Key
Henry William Driver wed 1888 to Cath Langston
James Driver wed 1877 to Mary Ann Taylor
Jessie Harriet Driver wed 1894 to Fredk Thos Swaine
John Driver wed 1876 to Catherine Alice Hinchcliffe
Mary Ann Driver wed 1888 to Lewis David Jones
Samuel Driver wed 1887 to Clara Elizabeth Hewet
Sarah Driver wed 1883 to Alfred Charles Hemley
Thomas Charles Driver came c1855 with Sarah Mearens/Marrons Mearns
Adolph Henrich Nicclaus Droscher wed 1859 to Eliza Ann Brookman
Adolphi Henry Droscher wed 1884 to Louisa Marshall
Arthur Edwin Droscher wed 1893 to Sarah Ann Buck
Christina Bertha Droscher wed 1887 to James Watts
Daisy Droscher wed 1914 to Ernest Hurtle Davoren
Ethel Droscher wed 1914 to William Albert Treffene
Henrietta Droscher wed c1893 to Thomas Wilson
Henry Adolphus Droscher wed 1908 to Mary Catherine Silva
Louisa Milia (Amelia) Droscher wed 1880 to Andrew Miller
William August Droscher wed 1895 to Rebecca Thurgood
Catherine Drummond came 1855 with James Bissland
Helen Drummond came 1854 on the Bloomer with James Liddle
Alice Gertrude Drury wed 1893 to John William Britten
Bertha Jane Drury wed 1895 to Edward John Pryke
Elizabeth Louisa Drury wed 1882 to Charles Goodland
Henry Drury wed 1853 to Annie Maria Bolwell
Henry James Drury wed 1888 to Mary (Minnie) Jemima Wilson
John Alfred Drury wed 1897 to Cath Houston Volich
Mary Jane Drury wed 1877 to John Thompson Bird
Mary Eliza Dry came c1854 from Tasmania with George Winchcomb
Alexander Douglas Drysdale wed 1872 to Mary Jane Beard
Alexander James Drysdale wed 1891 to Mary Jane Parker
Alice Maud Mary Drysdale wed 1900 to John Mcclure Watt
Andrew Gay Drysdale wed 1906 to Annie Beattrice Austin
Henry Francis Drysdale wed 1906 to Elsie Dooling
James John Drysdale wed c1900 to Edith Dooling
John Drysdale wed 1859 to Margaret Sloan
John Drysdale wed 1872 at Franklin, Tasmania to Jane Inches
John Drysdale wed 1885 to Elizabeth Hannah Bennett
John Drysdale wed 1895 to Mary Ann Sullivan
John Francis Drysdale wed 1909 to Kate Willott Baker
John Walter Drysdale wed 1872 at Franklin, Tasmania, Australia to Jane Inches
Margaret Gay Drysdale wed 1908 to James William Campbell
Margaret Scotland Drysdale wed 1878 to James Park
Margery (Marjory) Drysdale wed 1883 to Edwin Wilson
Walter Drysdale wed 1870 to Alice Mary Austin
Walter McAlpine Drysdale came 1857 to Hobart on Sir W F Williams with Margaret Gay
Jane Duce granted permission to wed 1857 to convict Goymer Shorten
Clara Jane Duckmanton wed 1887 to George Germaine
John Duckmanton wed 1862 to Eliza Womersley
Edred Gurney Dudeney wed 1864 to Isabella McDonald
Ellen Editha Dudeney wed 1919 to Ernnt Theophilus Scot Elmore
Emma Dudley came c1856 with William Langston
Emma Langston nee Dudley wed 1863 to Thomas Elleet
Sarah Ann Dudley wed 1870 to James Grist
Agnes McChristie Findlay Garlick nee Duff wed 1878 to William Garlick
Jane Duff wed c1841 to Robert Freeman
Joan Duff wed 1865 to Robert Henry Heazlewood
Agnes McChristie Duff wed 1865 to John James Garlick
Ann Duffy/Duffey wed 1861 to Francis Robert Facey
Charles Alfred Dutton/Duffin wed 1877 to Sarah Ann Hynson
Elizabeth Duffy came c1861 with John Gordon Irons
Thomas Dugan wed c1886 to Margaret Coromandle Murphy nee Nichols
Timothy Dugan came 1855 from NSW with Margaret Casey
Catherine Duggan came c1841 with John Blythe Powell
Winefred Duggan wed 1870 to Bernard Lanfranchi
Albert Richard William Duke wed 1907 to Wilhelmina Muller
Frank Duke wed 1893 to Grace Eliz Shuttleworth
George Terry Duke wed 1901 to Doris Ellen Fernando
Henrietta Smith Duke wed 1895 to John O'Neill
John Duke wed 1886 to Susan Jane Hellyer
Nellie Jane Duke wed 1915 to Llewellyn Gwynne
Richard Duke wed 1882 to Selina Akers
Thomas Duke came 1853 on the Goldfinger with Jane Harper
Thomas Duke wed 1887 to Mary Elizabeth Robertson
William Smith Duke wed 1867 to Henrietta Eustachia Quarterman
Mary Dumbleton came c1845 with John King
Gustav Dumesny wed 1884 to Margaret Becker
Gustor Dumesny came c1852 in Adelaide and came to Victoria c1856 with Pauline Louisa Borth/ Barth
Herman Dumesny wed 1883 to Emma Nippe
Pauliene Louisa Dumeny Dumesny wed 1879 to Emmerson Robson
Theresa Matilda Dumesny wed 1869 to Carl Adolph Jahn

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