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Family History
The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Edith Emily Garden wed 1888 to Andrew Stephen Berry
Elizabeth Jane Garden wed 1877 to Charles Henry Yeo
Emily Annie Garden wed 1898 to Donald Ferguson Blyth
Francis Britain Garden wed 1898 to Mary Thomas
George Tucker Garden wed 1897 to Emily Louisa Painter
Grace Lee Garden wed 1901 to John William Gordon Mcclure
James Allen Garden wed 1894 to Mary Anne Seamer
John Garden came c1854with Jane Douglas
John Douglas Garden wed 1892 to Mary Agnes Neagle
Margt Dunban Garden wed 1908 to Henry Leslie Fleming
Mary Elsie Garden wed 1889 to Geo Washington Fluent
Rubinna/Robina Margaret Garden wed 1893 to Jamison Fyfe
William Garden wed 1864 to Emily Boundy
William Cook Garden wed 1865 to Catherine Mcintyre
Amy Florence Gardiner wed 1880 to Henry John Lukey
Peter Gardiner wed 1855 to Isabella Mcintosh
Benjamin Edward Gardner wed 1883 to Sarah Ann Burdett
Catherine Emma Gardner wed 1884 to Alexander Edward
Charles Eustace Gardner wed 1888 to Amy Maria Egglestone
Christina Gardner wed 1873 to John Burns
Christina Burns nee Gardner wed 1887 to William Johnston Watterson
Colin Gardner wed 1857 to Mary Gray
Colin Gardner wed 1883 to Mary Smith
Isabella Laing Gardner wed 1882 to Andrew Ferguson
James Gray Gardner wed 1884 to Margaret Ferguson
Jesse Gardner wed 1882 to Agnes Ann Peatling
John Matthew Gardner wed 1879 to Mary Wilson Gray
Joseph Edward Gardner wed 1885 to Elizabeth Jane Prout
Martha Ann Gardner wed 1888 to Samuel Hebbard
Thomas Gardner came c1853 with Selina Durran
Thomas James Gardner wed 1876 to Bridget Esther Hannigan
Thomas James Gardner wed 1881 to Mary Ann Keast
Wilhelmina Joann Gardner wed 1886 to Fred Wright
William Gardner came 1853 on the Ida with Laura Hunter
William Gardner came 1854 with Margaret Morris
William Gardner came July 1853 on the Ida with Lillias MacArthur
William Gardner wed 1878 to Emily Hall
Anne Jane Garland wed 1860 to Alexander Dawson
Annie Isabella Garland wed 1878 to George Atkins
Emily Garland came c1856 from Spain with Frederick Thomas Mylrea
Isabella Margaret Garland wed 1880 to Samuel Hall Pegg
John Mackay Garland wed 1886 to Elizabeth Crothers
Mary Jane Garland wed 1887 to William Clayton
Peter Garland wed 1851 to Isabella McKay
Alison Garlick wed 1903 to Robert Boadle
Annie Eveline Garlick wed 1904 to James George Worsley
Elizabeth Jane Garlick wed 1895 to George Benjamin Backway
George Garlick wed 1873 to Jane East
Henrietta Garlick wed 1897 to Andrew Thomas (as Thomas Andrew) Tussup
Henrietta Tussup nee Garlick wed 1911 to Hy Barry Jack Webster
John James Garlick wed 1865 to Agnes McChristie Duff
Mary Garlick wed c1901 to Samuel Robert Colman
Rosemond Martha Garlick wed 1905 to Henry Dooly
William Garlick wed 1878 to Agnes McChristie Findlay Garlick nee Duff
Edward Garner came 1852 on the London with Anna Maria Gowler
Edward Garner wed 1877 to Margaret Thomas
Emma Garner wed 1881 to George Howarth
Robert Garner wed 1879 to Lydia Thomas
Sarah Garner came c1855 with William Gilchrist
Victoria Garner wed 1889 to James Henry Chapman
William Henry Garner wed 1869 to Margaret Greening Brough
William Smithall Mar Garner wed 1886 to Zipporah Puflett/(Parffett
Benjamin Garnham wed 1862 to Mary Todd
Elizabeth Ann Garnham wed 1888 to William Gow Young
Mary Garnham wed 1883 to Charles Pevitt
Sarah Garnham wed 1888 to Henry Albert Williams
William Edward Garnham wed 1900 to Edith Blackburne
Thomas Arthur Garratt wed 1906 to cousin Flora Addison
Isabella Garrett wed 1886 to Ralph Curry
John Stephen Garrett wed 1886 to Jenett (Jannet) Fry
John Stephen Garratt/ Garrett wed 1858 to Mary Maughan
Mary Ann Garrett wed 1880 to Beat Cautieui / Cantieni
Thomas Arthur Garrett wed 1906 to cousin Flora Addison
William Nathaniel Garrett wed 1892 to Lydia Dellar
Emily Gertrude Garrigan wed c1911 to Charles Bravo
Margaret Garrigan wed 1886 to John Walker
Mary Elizabeth Garrigan wed 1880 to William Walker
Patrick James Garrigan wed 1884 at Young in NSW to Mary Ann Fuzz
Phillip Garrigan wed 1858 to Mary Malone
Sarah Garrigan wed 1910 to John Charles Arnold
Alex Garry wed 1893 to Isabella Youren nee Morrison
Joseph Garson wed 1864 to Margaret Flett
Edward Garth wed 1816 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Ann Bellett
James Garth wed 1815 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Mary Bellett
Mary Garth wed 1845 to Thomas Inches
Susanah Garth wed 1822 at Hobart, Tasmania, to John Bellett
Theresa Gartlen/Gartlan wed 1870 to William Barclay
Abram Edward Gartside wed c1901 to Mary Jane Mcalpine
Elizabeth Mary Gartside wed 1887 to Edward Pritchard
James Gibson Gartside came c1860 with Frances Mary Bowen
John Schogield Gartside wed 1912 to Jane McPhie
Margaret Garvey wed 1887 to Richard Kennedy
Mary Gavin/Garvine wed 1862 to Thomas Lilburne
Henrie Isaac Gascorgine wed 1896 to Agnes Bean
Mary Ann Gaskins wed 1854 to Edwin Bennion
Anna Dorothea Gasmier wed 1850 to Robert Messiter Cole
Catherine Conno Gateland wed 1865 to William Stonehouse

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