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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Thomas Halley wed 1877 to Ann Grace Brookfield
Alice Mary Halliday wed 1881 to John William Cawood
Caroline Kate Halliday wed 1884 to William Rees Miller
Daisy Trays Halliday wed 1893 to Francis Geo Mitchell
Elizabeth Halliday came 1850 with Arnall (later Arnold) Buckle
Elizabeth Halliday wed 1884 to Thomas Wallace Shelley
Henry Albert Halliday wed 1883 to Julia Elizabeth Claridge
Hugh Hamilton Halliday wed 1857 to Elizabeth Jane Long
ThomasHalliday wed 1856 to Alice Webb
Thomas Halliday wed 1884 to Annie Jane Doepper
Andrew Thomas Halligan wed 1893 to Isabella Main Chalmers
James Halligan wed 1868 to Margaret Ryan
Sarah Halliwell wed 1872 to George Pulham
Lucy Ellen Hallman came c1859 with William Henry Dean
Elizabeth Halls came c1853 with William Cunning
Mary Jane Halls wed 1872 to Henry Pearce
Victoria Halls wed c1865 to Charles William Ladgrove
Ellen Hally wed 1892 to Joseph Muxworthy
Elizabeth Hallybone came 1852 on the Mary Harrison with John Hutchinson
Edward Ernest Ham wed 1882 to Julia Ann Locker
Edward Ernest Ham wed 1884 to Mary Jane Tilburn
Richard Ham wed 1863 to Margaret Cronk
Annie Hambleton wed wed c1895 to Robert John Aitken
Charles Hambleton wed 1864 to Hannah Bailey
Emma Hambleton wed 1889 to Benjamin Charles
Henry Eadley Hambleton wed 1916 to Elizabeth Haas
Samuel Eardly Hambleton wed 1888 to Annie Coleman
Samuel Eardly Hambleton wed 1892 to Eleanor Hannah Ruddock
Jabez Hambrook wed 1877 to Jane Kinnersley
John Hamden wed 1906 to Rachel Maud Akers
Alexander Hamilton wed 1886 to Ruth Oldis
Annie Hamilton wed c1889 to Charles Edward Kirk
Barbara Hamilton came 1854 on the Earl Of Eglinton with John Woodburn
Elizabeth Hamilton came 1853 on the Reaper with Thomas Staley
Jane Hamilton wed 1867 to John Trigg
Jane Lancaster Hamilton came c1861 with Arthur James Kearney
Margaret Ann Hamilton wed 1883 to Thomas Samuel Rooms
Mary Hamilton came c1866 with Moses Holden
Mary Hamilton wed c1873 to Joseph Dixon Puflett
Mary Ann Hamilton wed c1887 to William Unwin Wright
Priscilla Hamilton wed 1879 to John Campbell
Robert Hamilton wed 1864 to Mary Ryan
Samuel Hamilton wed 1858 to Mary Tuttleby
Sarah Hamilton came c1853 with James Armstrong
Sarah Hamilton wed 1869 to Reuben Mansell
Sarah Ann Hamilton wed 1866 to Alfred Hodges
Sarah Jane Hamilton wed 1860 to Alfred Bunn
Tamar Hamilton wed 1891 to William Graham
William Hamilton came 1864 on the Lightning with Mary Gibson
William Hamilton wed 1877 to Ellen Maria Elmer
William Hamilton wed 1887 to Jane Blaikie
Robert Hamilton came 1852 on the Cambodia with Mary Ritchie Staley
Mary Ann Hamley came c1853 with William Wood
Eliza Emily Hammersley came 1864 from Tipperary on the Empire Of Peace with Francis James Mansergh
Selina Hammersley wed 1882 to William Glover
Alice Hand Hammond wed 1884 to James Holt
Edith Hammond wed 1885 to William Henry McClintock
Ernest Clark Hammond wed 1887 to Alice Ahern
Harry Beaumont Hammond wed c1895 to Helena Mortimer Stocks
John Clark Hammond wed 1850 to Elizabeth Andrews
Mary Ann Amelia Hammond wed 1876 to Charles Cooper
Mary Jane Hammond wed 1868 to Henry Northfield
Robert Hammond wed 1872 to Jane Sadlier Northfield
Mary Ann Hamon wed 1858 to Alfred Frederick Le Roy
James Hampton wed 1873 to Alice Lodge
William Hampton wed 1887 to Annie Barnet
Adelaide Hancock wed 1903 to John Thomas Read
Albert Edward Hancock wed c1905 to Emily Louisa Andriske
Amber Stephenia Hancock wed 1911 to James Edward Cracknell
Archer Hancock wed 1874 to Caroline Taylor
Archer Allen Hancock wed 1914 to Mabel Maud Bramley
Archer Allen Hancock wed c1910 to Laura Winifred Adelaide Taylor
Archer Herbert Hancock wed 1893 to Margaret Keefe
Carol Hancock wed 1907 to Daniel Riordan
Caroline Hancock wed 1856 in South Australia to James Batley Leeder
Cornelius Hancock wed 1907 to Mary Caroline Morse nee Wilson
Cornelius Hancock wed 1909 to Mary Johanna 'May' Smith
Edward Hancock wed 1903 to Albertiene Muller
Eliza Hancock wed c1876 to his mother's younger sister William Leeder
Eliza Edith May Hancock wed 1908 to Samuel James Adams
Ernest James Hancock wed 1904 to Adelaide Annie Treble
Fanny Hancock came 1848 on the Cheapside with Francis Emery
George Hancock wed 1862 to Eliza Taylor
George Hancock wed 1893 to Clara Ann Henrietta Scholefield
Georgina Eliza Hancock wed 1888 to Solomon Kerrison
Harriet Hancock wed 1875 to William Rowe a href="">Bassett
Ida Hancock wed 1885 to David Rintoul
Isabella Hancock wed 1874 to William Lang
John Hancock wed 1868 to Elizabeth Atkinson nee Neill
John Steven Hancock wed 1836 at St Johns Launceston Tas to Caroline Kerrison
Joseph Hancock wed 1913 to Sarah Eliza Wilson
Kathleen Mary Hancock wed to Cecil Albert Williams
Layer Hancock wed c1888 to Thomas Sears
Linda Hancock wed 1924 to Douglas Edwin Ladd
Lottie Catherine Hancock wed 1925 to John Harold Stent
Martha Hancock wed 1884 to Charles George Greenham
Mary Ann Hancock wed 1853 to Henry Blabey
Rachael Caroline Hancock wed c1890 to William Akers
Richard Hancock wed 1876 to Elizabeth Ann Stacey
Robert Hancock wed 1885 to Edith Duncalf
Rose Hancock wed 1885 to Samuel Charles Atherton
Roy Cecil Hancock wed 1918 to Catherine Bravo
Sarah Hancock wed 1900 to James Read
Sarah Ann Hancock wed 1864 to John Alfred Burke
Stephen John Hancock wed 1889 to Mary Jane Pickard
William Hancock came c1849 and renewed wedding vows 1862 to Ann Jackson
George Hancock wed 1896 to Ellen Louise Arnold

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