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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Mary Ann Hancox wed 1879 to Charles Edward Theodore Cooke
Eliza Handford wed 1870 to Thomas Hiscock
Albert John Handley wed 1902 to Susannah Christina Zimmer
Thomas Rogers Handley wed 1874 to Mary Ann Finch
Mary Handrahan wed c1860 to James Scales
Thomas Hands came c1880 with Mary Maud Walsh
William Arthur Hands wed 1910 to Florence Mary Gorsuch
Frances Rose Hanigan wed 1888 to Alfred Thomas Grimwood
James Hankinson wed 1882 to Catherine Stratton
Elizabeth Hanks wed 1894 to James Peter Nolan
Sarah Jane Hanks wed 1879 to John William Devereux
Thomas Hanks wed c1858 to Sarah Ashton
Sutton Hanlan wed 1873 to Mary Ann Stanford
Agnes Doreen Hanley wed 1928 to Henry George Laurence Crowhurst
John Frederick Hanley came c1870 and Ann TeresaCollins
Anthony Francis Hanlon wed 1880 to Maude Mabel Smith
Elizabeth Hanlon wed 1882 to George Collins
Henry Hanlon wed 1867 to Christina Mcdonald
James Hanlon wed 1878 to Morsey Gooding Smith
James Hanton/ Hanlon came 1854 on the Queen Of The East with ElizabethSutton
Michael Stephen Hanlon wed 1884 to Sarah Ann Tainsh
William Hanlon wed 1869 to Esther Jerrett
John Hanna wed 1885 to Isabella Grace Gephart
William Hanna wed c1890 to Elizabeth Patterson nee Brewer
William Fran Hannagan wed 1882 to Fanny Hargreaves
John Hannah wed 1878 to Sabina/Ceaviney Parkinson
Charles James Hannan wed 1902 to Matilda Alice Ohrt
Mary Hannan wed 1860 to John Igoe
Bridget Esther Hannigan wed 1876 to Thomas James Gardner
Elisha (Lena/Eleanor) Hannigan wed 1888 to Edwin Grimwood
Elizabeth Hannigan wed 1885 to Randolph William Jones
Josephine Hannigan wed 1885 to John Nickle
Lena Alicia Hannigan wed 1888 to Edwin Joseph Grimwood
Mary Ann Hannigan wed 1874 at Melbourne, Victoria to James Sullivan
Thomas Hannigan wed 1849 at Melbourne to Bridget Mcdermott/McDermot
Ellen Hannington wed 1882 to James Henry William Dobinson
Henry Hannington wed 1853 to Jane Crabb
Jane Hannington wed 1888 to John William Gunn
Augusta Hansen came c1860 with Carl Burmeister
Elizabeth Hansford wed 1870 to John Henry Scott
Elizth Hanson wed 1857 to Thomas Blackwood
Henry Hanson wed 1873 to Emma Matilda Thatcher
Elizabeth Hairbottl/Harbottle came 1853 on the William Miskin with Francis Augustus Cox
Elizabeth Harbour came 1842 on the Earl Durham with William Harbour/ Harbrow
Ann Elizabeth Harbridge wed 1887 to Alexander Wilson Couzins
Louisa Harbridge wed 1858 to Thomas Mead
Mary Harbridge came c1853 with James Chamberlain
Thomas Harbridge wed 1857 to Hannah Charlton
Thomas Harbridge wed c1900 to Janet Tate
Ezelpha/Ezelfer Harbour/ Harbro wed 1851 to Henry Hall
Elizabeth Jane Harbrow wed 1888 to Alexander Nash
Ezekiel Harbrow wed 1874 to Harriett Morley
Frances Harbour/ Harbrow wed c1855 to George Morgan
Jacob Harbrow wed 1864 to Hannah Moore
Jemima Harbrow wed 1867 to George Charman
William Ambrose Harbron/ Harbrow wed 1871 to Mary Elizabeth Mansergh
William Francis Harbrow wed 1896 to Catherine Eleanor Murray
William Harbour/ Harbrow came 1842 on the Earl Durham with Elizabeth Harbour
Edwin Harden wed 1872 to Susan Ann Trevena
Emily Harden wed 1876 to William Keast
Ann Harden /Harding wed 1856 to Thomas Wiffen
Frederick Harding wed 1856 to Emily Eva Cuthbert
Frederick MacKinnon Harding came c1893 with Brice Christian Brown
James Harding wed 1889 to Ellen Amelia Tainsh
Jane Harding came c1850 with Richard Standfield
Mary Hardinge/Harding came c1840 with Robert Stanlake
Sarah Harding came 1857 on the Undaunted with John Patten
Francis Hardisty came c1854 to South Australia with Mary Ann Whittaker
Francis Hy Hardisty wed 1887 to Mary Elizabeth Down
Harriet Hardisty wed 1874 to Philip Cousins
Harriet Elizabeth Hardisty wed 1901 to John Samuel Blick
John Hardisty wed 1877 to Elvina Elmer
John William Hardisty wed 1901 to Mary Frances Burns
Mabel Frances Hardisty wed 1911 to Thomas Everett
Elizabeth Hardy wed 1882 to John Alderson
John Hardy wed 1858 to Jane Erskine
Mary Ann Hardy wed 1865 to William Henry Sire

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