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Family History
The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Caroline Elizth Height wed 1884 to Samuel Blackney
Harriet Maria Height wed 1888 to William Edward Doig
Robert William Height wed 1894 to Cath/Kate Roberts
Sarah Jane Height wed 1893 to Samuel Jno Voight
William Height wed 1860 to Susan Magowen /Mcgowen
Jane Christina Heighway wed 1898 to John Blaikie
Louis Ambler Heighway wed 1914 to Laura May Huntingford
Richard Heighway wed 1864 to Jane Comrie
Alice Heilbronn wed 1874 to Joseph Traynor
George Heilbronn came c1858 with Elizabeth Pelham
George Heilbronn wed 1891 to Eliza Parish
Isabella Heilbronn wed 1882 to George Parish
John Heilbronn came c1853 with Mary Bailey Illidge
Mary Hannah Heilbronn wed 1889 to William Gillies
George Hein wed 1883 to Rosina Bridget Lyon
John Hein wed 1858 to Mary Healy
Frederick Heitmann wed 1894 to Ellen Miners
Ada Heley wed 1880 to Geo Edwin Emery
Charles Heley came 1852 with first wife, Elizabeth Abbott
Charles Heley wed 1857 to Martha Edds
Ann Louise Humphries nee Hellyar wed 1896 to William Riley/Reilly
Annie Louisa Hellyar wed 1883 to Frederick Humphries
Charles Hellyar wed 1910 to Jemima Ann Tranter
Mary Hellyar wed 1913 to Ernest Thomas Knight
Richard David Hellyar wed c1875 to Edith Barker
Charles Hellyar wed 1887 to Louisa Amelia Backway
John Hellyer came 1852 on the Victory with Jane Rider
Richard Hellyer wed 1884 to Elizabeth Gee
Susan Jane Hellyer wed 1886 to John Duke
Thomas Spencer Hellyer wed 1865 to Maria/Mary Ann Wrixon
William George Hellyer wed 1883 to Mary Ann Pitcher
Alfred Charles Hemley wed 1883 to Sarah Driver
Annabella Irene Hemley wed 1918 to Bertie Henry Backway
Charles Hemley wed 1883 to Margaret Ann Johnston
Daisy Mcchesney Hemley wed 1916 to Walter Aubery Butler
David Hemley came c1860 from London with Catherine Hidgcock/ Hedgecock
David Hemley wed c1885 to Anne Bella (Annabella) Clark
Eliza Hemley wed 1887 to Charles William Johnson
Frederick Thomas Hemley wed 1902 to Esther Hart Cath Reed
George Hemley came c1855 with Elizabeth Chandler
Martha Hemley wed 1898 to James Ridley Johnston
Mary Hemley wed 1890 to Ernest Ervey Phillips
Mary Ann Hemley wed 1848 to Joseph Broadstock
Sarah Hemley wed 1880 to William Kingston
Susan Hemley wed 1898 to Allan Galloway Aitken
William Hemley wed 1884 to Theresa Smith
James Hemphill came 1852 on the Bangalore with Marg Macrae
Leitch Hemphill wed 1897 to Gabrielle Elizth Darlot
Margaret Anna Hemphill wed 1884 to William Lyall
Alice Maud Henderson wed 1899 to Charles James Dickinson
Ann Henderson came 1856 with John Baxter
Ann Jane Henderson wed 1883 to Robert Dunn
Elizabeth Henderson wed 1870 to Joseph Broadstock
Flora Henderson wed c1856 to Charles John Cleary
Francis Henderson wed 1871 to Mary Jane Curry
George Henderson wed 1896 to Lily Glance
Isabella Winifred Henderson wed 1887 to Joseph/James Goswold Rawlings
James Henderson came c1862 with Ann Jane Ervin
Jane Henderson wed 1861 to David Band
Jane McNab Henderson wed 1860 to William Watson
Janet Henderson was joined 1854 by John McIsaac
Letitia Henderson came 1855 with William Clayton
Maria Henderson came c1857 with Robert Plowman
Mary Jane Henderson wed 1868 to Theodore Basan
Thomas Henderson wed 1870 to Agnes Emma Grayling
Petria Anena Hendricksen wed 1894 to Charles Noah Wigley
Jessie Henley / Hendrie came c1854 with Alexander Slorach
Susan Hendy wed 1882 to Edgar Alfred Hicks
Lavinia Henley wed 1862 to William Lizard Blamires
Euphemia Helen Hennessey wed 1899 to Peter Greenfield
Arthur Pope Hennessy wed 1871 to Eliza Bamford
Edith Cath Hennessy wed 1895 to Jonathan Thos Poynton
Phillip Philip Hennessey/ Hennessy wed 1863 to Violet Thorburn Henry
Thomas Burnet Hennessy wed 1884 to Margaret Shearman
Bridget Hennessey/Hennessy/ Hennesy came c1857 with Thomas Smith
John Hennesy wed c1853 to Julia Riordan
Margaret Hennington wed 1876 to Frederick James
Annie Cath Quixane Henriques wed 18824 to James Peatling
Alexander Henry wed 1856 to Emma Johannah Cronk
Alfred Albert Henry wed 1894 to Sarah Brownbill
Ann Jane Henry wed 1857 to Henry Sumpter
Carol Letitia Henry wed 1909 to Francis Bertie Gilbert McNair
Isaac Henry wed 1895 to Sarah Spedding
James Henry wed 1871 to Mary Ann Baglin
John Henry from Tasmania wed 1870 to Elizabeth Ann Wells
John Henry wed 1875 to Esther Linder /Ethlinda Pegg
Joseph Henry wed 1866 to Elizabeth Ann Robbins
Margaret Emma Henry wed 1887 to Frederick Freke
Mary Ann Elizabeth Henry wed 1892 to William John McClelland
Sarah Henry wed 1855 to William Brownbill
Sarah Rosanna Henry came c1868 from Sydney with John Henry Feelor Bruyeres
Thomas Henry came c1838 with Isabella Rooney
Thomas Henry wed 1879 to Mary Leon Pegg
Thomas William Henry came c1859 with Eliza Gay
Violet Hennessy nee Henry wed 1870 to Richard Evans
Violet Thorburn Henry wed 1863 to Phillip Philip Hennessey/ Hennessy
Ann Hepburn came c1845 with Joseph Mousley
John Hepburn wed 1862 to Jane Banfield
Mary Ann Hepburn wed 1883 to Isaac Barratt Rowe
Michael Hepburn wed 1887 to Georgina Julia Althorpe
Robert Hepburn came c1863 with Jane Cummings

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