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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Andrew Hocking wed c1868 to Jane Oates Davey
Christopher Hocking came c1864 with Tamzin Jewell
Edward Burkshire Kin Hocking wed 1872 to Margaret/Margaretta Wootten
Elizabeth Hocking wed 1891 to William Addison
Ellen Hocking wed 1882 to Arthur Hare
Henry Hocking wed 1897 to Mary Berryman
John Hocking came c1860 with Christina Mitchell
Margaret Ann Hocking wed 1899 to William Addison
Mary Ann Hocking wed 1857 to Richard Trembath
Mary Davey Hocking wed 1903 to William Addison
Sarah Elizabeth Hocking wed 1888 to Andrew Hare
Tamzin Hocking wed 1890 to Daniel Hare
Thomas Henry Hocking wed 1881 to Ellen Skene
Thomas William Hocking wed 1869 to Welmot Grenfell
Mary Hockins came 1854 with William Corrie
Mary Hockley came 1853 on the Sacramento with Henry Tuttleby
Emily Elizabeth Hodder wed 1862 to James Milnes
Emily Elizabeth Milnes nee Hodder wed 1876 to William Walter Wathen
Henrietta Hodder wed 1887 to William Bott
James Hodder wed 1874 to Margaret Braney
Matilda Hodder wed 1882 to James Crouch
Millicent Hodder wed 1872 to George Dight
Thomas Hodder wed 1867 to Sarah Hope
William Hodder came 1842 on the Earl Durham with Sarah Curtis
Ann Hodge wed 1879 to Robert Aird
Christina Hodge wed 1872 to William Boyd
Emma Fairlie Hodge wed 1863 to Frederick Cook
James Mckinlay Hodge wed 1890 to Margaret Scurrah
Janet Hodge wed 1880 to Thomas Aird
John Hodge wed 1888 to Sarah Watson
Margaret Hodge wed 1875 to John Mcgregor
Mary Scott Hodge wed 1896 to Robt Graham
William Hodge came 1853 on the Charles with Christina Gibson
Alf Jas Hodges wed 1897 to Mary Savin
Alfred Hodges wed 1866 to Sarah Ann Hamilton
Louisa Hodges wed 1897 to Frank Pickersgill Cheetham
Albert Henry Hodgetts wed 1884 to Emily Clara Haigh
Frederick Cazimir Hodgetts wed 1882 to Margaret Jane Farrell
Mary Elizabeth Hodgetts wed 1877 to James William Palmer
Walter Joseph Hodgetts wed 1890 to Victoria Mary Ann Vendy
William Hodgetts came c1853 with Maria Breeden
William Booth Hodgetts wed 1878 to Elizth Jean Glover
William Booth Hodgetts wed 1881 to Bridget Ryan
Martha Hodgins wed 1873 to Edward Gamble
Charles Hodgson wed 1886 to Lizzie Anne Tinker
Ellen Hyde Hodgson wed 1880 to Thomas Plumley Derham
Emma Hodgson wed 1880 to Alf Trumble Ward
Henry Askew Hodgson wed c1858 to Sarah Ann Buck
Richard Hodgson wed 1852 at Methodist Church Melbourne to Margaret Hyde
Sarah Hodgson wed 1859 to Jules Thomas Terrier
Sarah Terrier nee Hodgson wed 1884 to James Day
William Matthew Hodgson wed 1866 to Jane Parkinson
Henrietta Minna Louisa Charlotte Hoffmeister wed 1871 to Alexander Gray
Ann Horgan/ Hogan wed 1861 to Joseph Lockett
Cath Hogan wed 1862 to Michael Meehan
Edith Annie Hogan wed 1901 to Matthew James Jamieson Withers
Ellen Hogan wed 1890 to Michael Neagle
Hannah (Ann) Hogan wed 1854 to James Gardiner Hynson
Mary Hogan came c1842 to Melbourne with Michael Cusack
Mary Hogan came c1855 with Charles Dawson
Mary Frances Hogan wed 1855 to John Morris
Philip Hogan came 1864 on the Marco Polo with Charlotte Moore
Sarah Ann Hogan wed 1888 to Charles Power Toole
Thomas Hogan wed 1868 to Jane Mary Carland
Thomas Henry Hogan wed 1897 to Emily Martha Bazeley
William Isaac Hogan wed 1871 to Emely Matilda Withers
Francis Moore Hogan wed 1879 to Rosina Gorsuch
Andrew Hogg wed 1859 to Jane Jarvis
Bathia Hogg wed 1855 to John Young
Isabella Hogg came 1852 on the Wanata with William Cook
Mary Hokin wed 1867 to Richard Thomas Edward Draper
Alice Marion Holden wed 1893 to William Challis
Ellen Holden wed 1864 to Andrew Benson Lister
Moses Holden came c1866 with Mary Hamilton
Emily Susannah Holdsworth wed 1868 to Frederick Slaughter
Jessie Brown Holdsworth wed 1870 to Robert Harrison Burstall
Joseph Holdsworth came 1854 on the Lady Peel from London with Elizth Osman Cuzens
Mary Ann Eliza Holdsworth wed 1877 to Augustus Molyneaux Earles
Sarah Jane Holdsworth wed 1886 to Frederick Verey
Laura Hole wed 1910 to John Melton
Robert Hole wed 1870 to Matilda Sarah Pike
Alfred Joslin Holland came 1856 on the Omega with Lucy Vernon
Amelia Holland wed 1878 to Daniel Ambrose Frederick Burgess
Emma Holland wed 1874 to John Downes
John Holland came 1853 on the Ann Milne with Mary Streeter
Louisa Holland wed 1878 to Edward William Gorsuch
Margaret Holland wed 1851 to George Honeyman
Mary Margaret Holland wed 1884 to James Barwick
Sarah Holland wed 1867 to George Ginger
Theresa Sarah Mary Hollaway wed 1886 to Robert Langford Sidebottom
Fanny Hollingshead came 1855 on the Asia with Thomas Dally
Rebecca Clara Hollingsworth wed 1884 to Edward James Martin
William Hollingsworth came c1866 with Ellen Rogers
Eliza Hollins granted permission to wed 1835 to convict William Tivey
Emma Hollis came c1863 with Richmond James Gooch
Isabel Hollis came 1852 on the Bombay with James Hull
John Holloway wed 1864 to Sarah Anne Cunningham
John Henry James Holloway wed 1889 to Susannah Langford Sidebottom
Sarah Maria Holloway came 1858 on the Roxburgh Castle with Charles Robert Belcher
Ellen (Helen) Louisa Holm wed 1895 to William George Welcome Bateman
Jens (Louis) Holm wed 1872 to Matilda Campbell

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