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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Ellen Jane Miller Holman wed 1869 to George Keith Carlton
JaneHolman came c1856 with William Holman Williams
Margaretha Holman came c1865 from Germany with Philipp Poseiner
Rose Ann Holman wed 1886 to David Thornton Hall
William Charles Holman wed 1884 to Fanny Spier
Alfd Edwd Holmes wed 1886 to Eliza Ann Bryant
Annie Laura Holmes came c1885 with William Sharam
Charles Holmes wed 1855 to Maria Cliff
Edward Holmes wed 1875 to Marion Rainey Thompson
Edward John Holmes wed 1880 to Mary Ann Symes
Eliza Holmes came 1853 with Arthur Brideson
Elizabeth Holmes came 1842 from Londonderry Ireland with John McCorkle
Emily Isabella Holmes wed 1895 to Jno Edw Opie
Frances Holmes wed 1876 to William Goodwin
Frances Ann Holmes wed 1906 to Frederick William Judd
George Roudolph Holmes wed 1886 to Elizabeth Ann Carr
Isabella Holmes wed c1875 to Robert McAdam
Jane Holmes came 1841 on the Argyle with Nathan Holmes
John Holmes wed 1872 to Ann Sophia Greed
John Thomas Holmes wed 1883 to Isabella Spence Stewart
Louisa Marian Holmes wed 1891 to George Opie
Lucy Holmes wed 1858 to George Cox
Matilda Holmes came 1853 on the Helen Lindsay with Alfred Dowsing
Nathan Holmes came 1841 on the Argyle with Jane Holmes
Thos William Henry Holmes wed 1855 to Jane Bosley
William Holmes wed 1849 to Amelia Primrose
William Holmes wed 1866 to Sarah Piggott
William Holmes wed 1882 to Harriet Walford
William James Holmes came c1864 with Bertha Elenora Waylandt
Charles Holmfield wed 1880 to Emma Martha Pearse
Amelia Louisa Holt wed 1880 to Thomas Kellett
Arthur Wm Holt wed 1900 to Ann Wharton
Edwin Holt wed 1881 to Margaret McClelland
George Washington Holt wed 1890 to Rachael Wharton
Hester Holt wed 1882 to Thomas Rawlinson
James Holt wed 1884 to Alice Hand Hammond
Mary Ann Holt wed 1877 to Wm Worthy/ Muxworthy
Mary Ann Holt wed 1877 to Wm Worthy
Susan Holt wed 1881 to Robert Kellett
William Holt came c1854 with Mary Ann Cook
William Holt wed 1856 to Amelia Bolton
Ann Holton came 1836 to Hobart Tasmania on the Amelia Thompson with William Major Grayling
Mary Holton came c1858 with John Berkery
Carol Grace Home wed 1880 to Maurice Edwin Kernot
Emma Mary Honey wed 1871 to John Will Wood
Mary Jane Honeycombe was joined c1865 by John Michael Stephen Ennor
Fanny Eliza Honeyman wed 1874 to George Greed
George Honeyman wed 1851 to Margaret Holland
Rose Anne Honeyman wed 1884 to James Stewart Liddle
Ada Emily Hookey wed 1891 to Samuel Goodman Fleming
John Hookey wed 1863 to Jane Elizabeth Vevers Lasslett
Elizabeth Hooks wed 1886 to Thomas Page
James Thomas Hooks wed 1917 to Mary Elizabeth Wood
James Thomas Hooks wed c1886 to Mary Ann Hargreaves
Jane Hooks wed c1885 to William Clark
Mary Hooks wed 1871 to George Cousins
Robert Hooks wed 1850 to Prudence Anderson
Robert Alexander Hooks wed 1895 to Mary Dasilina Lanfranchi
William George Glen Vansittart Hooks wed 1889 to Mary Ann Bradford
Caroline Hooley wed 1880 to Nash Kemp Button
Carol Harris Hooper wed 1891 to William Northill
Charles Hooper wed 1877 to Maria Gowty
Emma Hooper wed 1873 to Edward Saunders Greenway
John James Hooper came 1862 on the Boanergesv with Elizabeth Harris
Selina Ann Hooper wed 1857 to Isaac Chambers
Alice Hooton wed c1918 to Thomas Charles Ladd
Charles Hooton wed 1878 to Amelia McArthur
Eliza Hooton wed 1864 to Thomas Laver
Henry Hooton came 1841 on the Georgiana with Harriet unknown
Henry Hooton wed 1865 to Emma Stevens/Stephens
John Hooton came 1840 on the John Bull with Eliza Patchet
John Hooton wed 1863 to Margaret Qualey
John Hooton wed 1869 to Catherine Felloon nee Mahon
Margt Hooton wed 1895 to Charles Simeon Whiffin
Edward Hope came c1862 with Elizabeth Ann Green
Isabella Hope wed c1870 to Joseph Abbott
James Hope wed 1836 to Emma Stone
Jane Agnes Hope wed 1863 to Edward Broben
Jane Isabel Hope wed 1884 to John Price
John Hope came 1857 on the James Fernie with Mary Ann Omer
John Edward Hope wed 1892 to Priscilla Garbutt
Juliana Hope came c1858 from Switzerland with Frederick Geisler
Louisa SarahHope wed 1881 to Frederick Francis Howells
Lydia Hope wed 1855 to George Free
Margaret Ann Hope wed 1888 to Albert Edward Clapp
Margaret Jane Hope wed 1882 to Walter John Warr
Mary Ann Esther Hope wed 1865 to Charles Haase
Sarah Hope wed 1867 to Thomas Hodder
Catherine Hopkins wed 1862 to Christoph Friedrich Joachim Metelmann
Hugh Hopkins wed 1878 to Caroline Blick
James Warwick Hopkins wed 1887 to Emily Blick
John Hopkins wed 1881 to Mary Ann Smith
John Hopkins wed 1893 to Mary Edwards
Thomas Hopkins wed 1884 to Mary Jane Niels nee Angus
Thomas Hopkins wed in May 1854 to Catherine Morrison
Thomas Henry Hopkins wed Florence Chamberlain
William Henry Hopkins wed 1899 to Pheobe Eva Jane Bailey
Catherine Hopper wed 1876 to Dennis Burnes/Burns
Michael Horan wed 1885 to Fanny Gillespie
Edward Horkings wed 1873 to Anastasia Colston

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