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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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David Hines came c1856 with Sarah Ann Shaw
Emma Sarah Hines wed 1885 to Frederick Albert Powell
Alfred Henry Hinneberg wed 1899 to Martha Louisa Sulman
Charles Frederick William Hinneberg wed 1896 to Elizth Emily Sulman
Chas Fredk Gustave Hinneberg wed 1912 to Ruby Forrester
Emma Louise Phillimore Hinneberg wed 1893 to Wm Geo Loader
Frederick Ernest Leopold Hinneberg wed c1900 to Mary Ella Todd
Freiderick Hinneberg wed 1867 to Johanna Augusta Kroschel
Heinrich /Henry Christofer Hinneberg wed 1868 to Kate Goodland
Heinrich Christof Hinneberg wed c1911 to Emelie Auguste Huf
Hulda Johanna Maren Hinneberg wed 1915 to Albert Bernhard Huf
Ida/Ada Maria WMina (Ada Wilhelmine) Hinneberg wed 1890 to Valentine Becker
Wilhelmine Hinneberg wed 1864 to Wilhelm Eltze
Christina Anders/Anderson Hipwell wed 1899 to James Pickering
David Hipwell wed 1886 to Susannah Alice Roach
Eliza Hipwell wed 1869 to Joseph Sims
Eliza Jane Hipwell wed 1892 to Richard Youd
Elizabeth Hipwell wed 1865 to William Burton
George Hipwell came 1853 on the Confiance with Sarah Anderson
George Hipwell wed 1864 to Elizabeth Sims
Harriet Hipwell wed 1877 to Francis William Chester Cruickshank
Harriet Hipwell wed 1892 to Alfd Watson
Mary Ann Hipwell wed 1862 to William Pickering
Sarah Elizabeth Hipwell wed 1888 to William Abner Forrester
Sarah Jane Hipwell wed 1855 to William Rigby
Sophia Letherlan/Linerland Hipwell wed 1899 to Edward Pickering
William Hipwell wed 1879 in New South Wales to Jane Cotton
William Hipwell wed c1873 to Rosetta Thomas
William Richard Hipwell wed 1897 to Sarah Agnes Fraser nee Chapman
Susan Hird came 1853 on the Australia with Alexander Rintoul
Jane Hirst came c1852 with Henry Peatling
Archibald Hiscock wed 1905 to Jane Jose
Ellen/Helen Hiscock wed 1857 to John Walter
Emma Hiscock wed 1872 to Samuel Bevan
Fanny Hiscock wed 1855 to George Martyr
Henry Hiscock wed 1871 to Janet Dixon
Louis Hiscock wed 1879 to Mary Ridley
Maria Hiscock wed 1859 to Charles Henry Buck
Mary Eliza Hiscock wed 1895 to David Edis
Robert Hiscock wed 1871 to Mary Margaret Mullin
Susan Hiscock wed 1870 to George Sutherland
Thomas Hiscock wed 1870 to Eliza Handford
William Hiscock came 1853 on the Northumbria with Eliza Rolls
William Hiscock came c1853 with Elizabeth Kimber
Emily Marian Hiscox wed 1880 to John Samuel Bayley
John Hislop wed 1855 to Sarah Barlow
John Hislop wed 1860 to Jessie Jack
John Hislop wed 1869 to Givina Abbey nee Goodall
Margaret Donaldson Hislop wed 1886 to Edwin Worsnop
Ann Hitchcock wed 1858 to Jabez Osler
Daniel Hitchcock wed c1866 to Isabella Sharp
Elsie May Hitchcock wed 1908 to Samuel Henry McCartney
George Nelson Hitchcock wed 1890 to Olive Sophia Guscetti
Isabella Guiditta Hitchcock wed 1912 to John Campsie Brown
Joseph/James Hitchcock wed 1850 to Mary Ann Green
Lucy Hitchcock wed 1884 to Henry Gilders
Mary Hitchcock wed 1912 to Mark Brasher
Olive Sophia Hitchcock wed 1919 to Joseph Charles Sloper
Sophia Hitchcock wed 1879 to John Sheridan
Theresa Guscetti Hitchcock wed 1924 to Carl Gustaf Broman
Janet Hamilton Hitchings wed 1902 to William Charles Henry Goudge
Martin Hitchings came c1866 with Elizabeth Kennedy Kilpatrick
Henry Baptie Hoad wed 1888 to Cecilia Caroline Feigl
Henry James Hoad wed 1860 to Elizabeth Baptie
Jessie Mary Hoad wed 1888 to Bertram Coppel
Kate Lilian Hoad wed 1881 to Philip Edward Freeby
Charles Benson (Burson) Hoare wed 1884 to Florence Ida Walker
Ethel Caveth Hoare wed 1899 to John Joseph McKay
Johanna Hoare wed 1871 to Alexander Livingstone
Abraham Hobbs wed 1857 to Harriett Martin
Abraham Hobbs wed 1860 to Catherine Murphy
Alfred Emly Hobbs wed 1864 to Mary Eleanor Rawlinson
Alice Mary Jemima Hobbs wed 1890 to George Edward Peart
Charlotte Hobbs wed 1875 to Charles Thomas Neale
Emma Austin Hobbs wed 1867 to Henry Austin Bennett
Frederick Hobbs wed 1871 to Matilda Greenwood
George Hobbs wed 1888 to Bertha Gaylard
Harriet Hobbs came c1863 with Samuel Trembath
Henry Hobbs came 1852 on the Persian with Ellen Urry/ Hurry
Jemima Hobbs wed 1882 to John Veitch
John Hobbs wed 1855 to Mary Jane Mcquitty
John Edward Hobbs wed 1877 to Margaret Euphemia Smith
John Lowe Hobbs came 1853 on the Lady Kennaway with Anne Austin
Josephine Elizabeth Hobbs wed 1866 to Alexander Frederick Pulling
Kate Sextila Hobbs wed 1895 to Alex Milne
Sarah Hobbs wed 1854 to John Elliott
Sarah Austin Hobbs wed 1871 to Walter Rankin
Vincent Perry Hobbs wed 1887 to Amelia Helen Cowl
Anna Frances Hobby wed 1879 to Charles Fenton
Edward James Hobill wed 1889 to Catherine Jewell
Eleanor Jane Hobill wed 1912 to James Henry Bunn
Thomas Hobill wed 1882 to Lydia Eleanor Craig
Mary Hannah Hocken came c1857 with Francis Bennett
Alfred Hockey came 1853 on the Lady Kennaway with Mary Anne Pickford
Alfred Hockey wed 1873 to Margaret Speirs nee Robinson/Robertson
Eliza Hockey wed 1862 to Alfred Trevena
James Alfred Hockey wed 1878 to Eliza Hawkins
Matthew William Hockey wed 1877 to Mary Annie Forrester

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