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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Austerberry Horn wed 1892 to Kate Woodward
Hannah (Annie) Horn wed 1878 to Thomas George Costin
James Horn came 1859 on the Lightning with Esther Austerbury
James William Horn wed 1896 to Jeanie Allen
John Horn came c1854 with Roda Acris
John Godfrey Horn wed 1899 to Frances Sarah Helena Booth
Maria Horn wed 1877 to James Charles Comerford
Mary Horn wed 1896 to Sampson Geo Mitchell
Sarah Austerberry Horn wed c1880 to Thomas Walkerden
Martha Hornblow came 1849 on the Tasman with Thomas Treadwell
George Habbijham/Hornby wed 1854 to Mary Ann Scott Flett
Hannah Horn /Horne wed 1875 to Rose Pigdon
Janet Horne came c1864 with David New
Wm Geo Horne wed 1889 to Cecilia Harriet Crowe
John Horner wed 1870 to Ann Wykes
Annie Mildred Hornsby wed 1907 to Ethelbert Chas Goodwin
Thomas Hornsby wed 1864 to Eliza Gammon
Alice Ruby Howell/ Horrell wed 1910 to John Henry Nankaville Packham
Samuel Gared Horrell wed 1888 to Emily Beale
William Horrell came c1867 with Elizabeth Ann Phillips
Mary Horrocks came c1870 with John Hargreaves
Alfred Ernest Horsfall wed 1888 to Margaret Ellis
Flor Emily Horsfall wed 1902 to Daniel Williams Trickey
Joe Horsfall wed 1875 to Jane Ann Battersby
John Harold Horsfall wed 1887 to Sara Reid
Rose Horsfall wed 1890 to Edwin Albert Flight
Harry Arthur Horsnell wed 1874 to Matilda Maria Coombes Dodkins
Elizabeth Horton came c1852 with John Archibald MacFarlane
Geo Horton wed 1891 to Elizabeth Cuthbert
Henry Horton wed 1869 to Hannah Biggs
Daniel Hortop came c1855 to South Australia with Mary Ann Wymouth
Henry Thomas Hortop wed 1891 to Ruth Onslove Mccorkill Auld
Johanna Matilda Hortop wed 1863 in Adelaide to George Brown Simmons
John Hortop wed 1877 in Adelaide to Annie Christie
Mary Ann Hortop wed 1858 in Adelaide to Joseph Harris
Robert Hortop wed 1863 in Adelaide to Elizabeth Dolphin
Robert Daniel Hortop wed c1907 to Mary Eleanor Bradshaw
David Hosie wed 1872 to Agnes Prescott
Mary Hoskin wed 1861 to John Polglase
William Hoskin wed 1873 to Emma Thomas
Margt Jane Hosking wed 1898 to Geo Madgwick
Philip Hosking wed 1869 to Mary Anne Rowe
Philip Hosking wed 1876 to Mary Ann Jenkins nee Rosewell
Hannah Hoskins wed c1868 to William Joseph Crowhurst
Margaret Hester Hoskinson wed 1886 to George Richard Symes
Jennet Hossack wed 1886 to Thomas German Otto Cracknell
Mary Ann Houery wed 1896 to Isaac Boadle
Joseph Arthur Hough wed 1884 to Sarah Sophia Perry
Lucy Hough wed 1886 to Thomas Symes
William Hough wed 1857 to Margaret Dwyer
Amy Houghton wed 1897 to Arthur Ernest Clissold
Charles Sterry Houghton wed 1874 to Bertha Kloester
Ellen Houghton came c1876 with John Ranger
Samuel Houghton wed 1878 to Alice Ann Reynolds
Sarah Ann Houghton came c1855 with John Chipman
William Houghton wed 1854 to Eliza Ash
Frances Hounam came c1859 with Robert Peart
Mary Anne Houston wed 1870 to James Read
Louisa Alice Hovey wed 1873 to George Batchelor
Caroline Howard wed 1887 to William Henry Batten
Charles Howard came c1872 with Jane McCombe
Edward Howard wed 1881 to Sarah Trigg
Eliza Howard wed 1873 to Frederick Faulkner
Joseph Howard came c1858 with Mary Lockwood
Julia Howard wed 1859 to Samman Lummis
Louisa Flor Howard wed 1905 to Edwin Ernest Challis
Mary Alice Howard wed 1886 to Edward Douglas Peart
Susan Howard came c1859 with Charles Reither
Alice Elizabeth Howarth wed 1897 to John Henry Broad
Ann Howarth came c1852 with William Farrar
Eva Flora Ann Howarth wed 1902 to Richard Alfred Broad
George Howarth wed 1881 to Emma Garner
James Howarth came c1865 with Alice Pickup
James Howarth wed 1899 to Emily Louisa Broad
John Daniel Howarth wed 1897 to Mary Elizabeth Broad
Mary Elizabeth Howarth wed 1886 to John Farmer
Mary Howard/Howat wed 1854 to William Gray
Peter Miller Howat wed 1890 to Jane Alexr Unwin nee Portous
Anne Miller Howden came c1854 from Orkney Isle with William Spence Login
John Thomas Howden wed 1895 to Blanche Eveline Walkerden
William Howden wed 1871 to Euphemia Neilson/ Nelson
Ann Howe came c1850 with Joseph Willey
Elizabeth Marie Hawe /Howe wed 1870 to John Murie
Emily Howe wed 1850 to Phillip Cooper
George Albert Howe wed 1852 to Elizabeth Date Silke
Sarah Howe wed 1851 to William Walford
Elizth Howell wed 1899 to Henry James Everett
Maria Howell came c1876 with John George Ashworth
Mary Maria Howell wed 1873 to George Henry Greenwood
Arthur William Howells wed 1894 to Ellen Redfern
Charles Cecil Howells wed 1909 to Ethel Knoblock
Edward Howells wed 1882 to Sarah Ellen Skinner nee Edwards
Elizth Howells wed 1900 to William Blackburn
Emily Ann Howells wed 1882 to John Alleyn
Frederick Francis Howells wed 1881 to Louisa SarahHope
George Pearce Howells wed c1883 to Marie Helene Lucie Scharffenorth
Herbert John Howells wed 1897 to Eleanor Rose Greaves
Herbert John Howells wed c1910 to Freda Stedwell Stuchlik
John Howells came c1853 with Mary Ann Sheldon
John Evan Howells wed 1863 to Sarah Annie Tomkins
John Evan Howells wed 1895 to Mary Theresa Reid
Lillian Louise Howells wed c1918 to Herman Knoblock
Sarah Annie Howells wed 1898 to Edmund Tassell

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