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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Edward Stanlake wed 1884 to Mary Binding
Elizabeth Celia Stanlake wed 1861 to Joseph Trotman
Jane Stanlake wed 1868 to Nathan Unwin
Margaret Mary Stanlake wed 1861 to John Rogerson
Robert Stanlake came c1840 with Mary Harding(e)
Robert Stanlake wed 1876 to Christina McLeod
Samuel Stanlake wed 1875 to Jane Knox Denham
Emma Stanley wed 1874 to John Venn Walkden
Louisa Stanley came c1853 with William Bates
Ada Stansfield wed 1886 to John Thompson Smith
Catherine Stapleton came 1865 on Star of England with James Stapleton
James Stapleton came 1865 on Star of England with Catherine Stapleton
James Stapleton wed 1865 to Catherine Darcy DaveyDarcey
Mary Stapleton wed 1889 to Joseph Gabel
Ann Starling came 1853 with James Trigg
John Henry Starling wed 1875 to Jane Gapper
Mary Ann Starling wed 1862 to John Sell
Albert Isherwood Starr wed 1884 to Mary Elizabeth Barbara Lobb
Albert Isherwood Starr wed 1895 to Rachel Ada Ruddock
Charles Starr wed 1857 to Mary Jane Isherwood
Thomas Turner Starr wed 1885 to Bertha Webb
Thomas Turner Starr wed 1885 to Bertha Webb
Marion Staunton came 1852 on the Bombay with Frederick Julius Nelson
George Stayner wed 1870 to Flora McLeod
Mary Stayner wed 1894 to James Friday
Hannah Stead wed 1872 to Joseph Raisbeck
Alfred Charles Stearman wed 1876 to Eliza George
Charles Stearman wed 1849 to Maria Loader
Charlotte Ann Stearman wed 1881 to William Thomas Ryding
Susan Stearman wed 1876 to Samuel Grant
William Loader Stearman wed 1883 to Eliza Garbutt
Jane Steel came 1854 on the Persia with James Spedding
Jesse Steel wed 1883 to Mary Rebecca Mills
Jesse Jameson Steel wed 1856 to Fanny Stephanie Seitz
Richd Edgar Steel wed 1892 to Elizabeth Amelia Hince
Robert Steel wed 1885 to Martha Margaret Glass
Thomas Steel wed 1863 to Ann Cole Matthews
William Steel wed 1858 to Elizabeth Matthews
Susannah Steele wed 1854 to Frederick John Matthews
David Steels wed 1872 to Jessie Mckenzie
Thomas Alexander Robert Duncan Steels wed 1899 to Alice Elizabeth Gladstone
Margaret Steenson came 1844 on the Wallace with John Rock
Harriet Steer came c1849 with Edward Ashton Woodhead
Harriet Woodhead nee Steer wed 1866 to George Frederick Jordan
William George Steere wed 1881 to Mary Blanchford Jones
William George Steere wed 1885 to Clara Eliza Best
Catherine Steins wed 1885 to Matthew Runciman
Walter Charles Stenning wed 1882 to Euphemia Parker
Walter Charles Stenning wed 1882 to Euphemia Parker nee Cuthbert
Edward James Stent came c1865 with Matilda Anne James
Harry Ernest Stent wed c1898 to Joan Curtis Winterbotham
John Harold Stent wed 1925 to Lottie Catherine Hancock
Thomas Stent wed 1856 to Ellen Elizabeth Sara Austin
Clara Violet Stephen wed 1886 to Hibbert Henry Gildea Newton
Elizabeth Stephen wed 1883 to Daniel McKeegan
Frederick Wilber Stephen wed 1879 to Clara Battams
Harry Parland Stephen wed 1884 to Margt Ledwich Darlot
Herbert Ravenscroft Stephen wed 1888 to Mary Hamilton Kearney
William Ravenscroft Stephen wed 1853 to Mary Ann Sarah Walkden
Adelaide Feodora Stephens wed 1898 to Charles James Cheetham
Ann Steavens / Stephens / Stephens came c1856 with George Candry/ Coddery
Edwin Stephens wed 1881 to Edith Emily Bullen
Eleanor Stephens wed 1861 to David Goodwin
Elizabeth Ann Stephens wed 1853 in Adelaide South Australia to Joseph Waters
Elizabeth Jane Stephens wed 1861 to Francis Bassett Beel
Emma Jane Stephens wed 1881 to Joseph Treweek
Emma Stevens/Stephens wed 1865 to Henry Hooton
Florence Cooch/Gooch Stephens wed 1911 to Albert Gainger
Francis Wm Stephens wed 1895 to Rhoda Shepperd Olney
Frederick William Stephens wed 1887 to Anna Lade
George Stephens wed 1863 to Mary Hannah Vivian
George Samuel Stephens wed 1865 to Helen Dunn
Henry Stephens came c1878 with Mary Jane Rodgers
James Stephens came c1885 with Annie Norris
James Stephens wed 1884 to Mary Ann Kindred nee Thompson
James Brenton Stephens wed 1897 to Emily Bunn
Jane Stephens came c1858 with John Cole
Jane Stephens came c1862 with John Tinney
Mary Stephens wed 1845 to Daniel Conolly Beith
Phillipa Sidonia Stephens wed 1877 to John Thomas Colston
Richard Stephens came c1880 with Sarah Stevens
Richard Stephens wed 1872 to Emma Elizabeth Rattle
Robt Rintoule Stephens wed 1920 to Ethel Grace Sulman
Rosetta Stephens wed 1900 to Edmund Thomas Adamthwaite
William Stephens came c1853 with Emma Sibley
Ada Lavina Stephenson wed 1904 to Robt John Thos Newcombe
Cath Stephenson wed c1905 to Thomas John Shinner
Edwin Stephenson wed 1865 to Elizabeth Eastgate
Eliza Stephenson wed 1879 to George Dooly
Hannah (Joanna) Stephenson wed 1890 to Henry Pain Radnell
John Foster Stephenson wed 1872 to Agnes Manley
Margaret Haig Stephenson came c1856 with Thos Greenfield
Thomas Stephenson wed 1882 to Mary Ann Parish
Thomas Stephenson wed c1855 to Rosanna Mahony
Alexander Sterling wed 1876 to Teresa Manning
Mary Jane Kath Sterling wed 1892 to Wm Balfour Balsillie
Charles Sterry came c1841 with Elizabeth Stevens
Henry George Sterry wed 1882 to Mary Anne Lees
Lillah / Zillah Sterry wed 1866 to George Henry Newton
Samuel Alfred Sterry wed 1872 to Harriet Willoughby
William James Sterry wed 1863 to Catherine Quinn
Zillah Elizth Sterry wed 1890 to Charles Dodson

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