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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Joseph Alex Steven wed 1888 to Commeriana (Comorina) Quak
Alice Bertha Stevens wed 1886 to Herbert John Matthews
Catherine Stevens wed 1889 to Friedrich Wm Max Weisheit
Edwin Stevens came c1849 with Adelaide Hatch
Elizabeth Stevens came c1841 with Charles Sterry
Elizabeth Stevens wed 1885 to James Matthews
Ellen Stevens wed 1869 to William Renkin
Frank Lawrence Stevens wed 1905 to Susan May Seater
Georgina Stevens wed 1863 to Thomas Pascoe Grenfell
Julia Alexandra Stevens wed 1870 to William Clark
Lawrence Stevens came c1856 with Ellen Roach
Mary Stevens came 1855 on the Sea King with William Friday
Mary Ann Stephens/Stevens came c1854 with Daniel Backway
Richard Stevens came c1846 with Elizabeth Hill
Richard Henry Stevens wed 1869 to Isabella Anna Harris
Samuel James Hatch Stevens wed 1888 to Clara Elizabeth Blyth
Sarah Stevens came c1880 with Richard Stephens
Sophia Hannah Stevens wed 1884 at Raglan to Henry Thomas Templeman Gillingham
Walter Leslie Stevens wed 1885 to Mary Cath Blyth
William Francis Stevens wed 1883 to Mary Catharine Talbot
Allan Stevenson wed 1877 to Florence Thurling
Barbara Stevenson wed 1888 to Joseph Ick
David Stevenson came c1854 with Matilda Shaw
David Charles Stevenson wed 1884 to Matilda Shaw
Eliza Catherine Stevenson wed 1877 to James Peebles Tivendale
Elizabeth Stevenson wed 1872 to Hugh Crothers
James Stevenson came 1852 on the Europa with Barbara Bremner
John Barr Stevenson wed 1888 to Hannah Wisby
Louisa Stevenson wed 1873 to George Sutton
Maria Louisa Stevenson wed 1891 to George Herbert Douglas
Mary Jane Bell Stevenson wed 1877 to John Plain
Thomas Stevenson wed 1868 to Theresa Sandey nee Chapman
Thomas William Stevenson wed 1901 to Alice Maud Appleby
Elizabeth Steward wed 1889 to Constantine Frank
John Steward wed 1891 to Sarah Ellen Blencowe
Ada Maud Manning Stewart wed 1896 to Walter William Clissold
Albert Stewart wed 1902 to Mabel Rose Corrie
Alexander Stewart came 1852 on the Wanata with Grace Mckenzie
Alice Jane Stewart wed 1885 to Arthur Plumb
Alison Stewart came c1858 with Henry Rintoul
Alison Rankin Stewart wed 1881 to George Stephenson Pigdon
Annie Lavina Stewart wed 1884 to Humphrey George Christopher Sherriff
Annie Nelson Stewart wed 1878 to Francis James Mansergh
Archibald George Stewart wed 1899 to Edith Annie Newall
Charles Edward Stewart wed c1909 to Mary Alice Aird
DavidStewart came 1852 on the Wanata with Margaret Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart wed 1885 to William Job Clissold
George Stanley Stewart came c1873 with Lydia Alice Needham
Harriet Stewart came c1868 with Alfred Thomas Sims
Helena/Eleanor Stewart came c1870 with Walter Harris
Isabella Stewart wed 1887 to Samuel Clissold
Isabella Spence Stewart wed 1883 to John Thomas Holmes
James Stewart wed 1866 to Mary Anne Creen nee Attewell
Janet Stewart wed 1885 to Edward Thomas Middlin
Janet Stewart wed 1887 to Geo Godber
John Stewart came 1852 on the Wanata with JanetMatheson
John Stewart wed 1875 to Ellen Marianne Bartlett
Julia Stewart wed 1883 to James Frederick Elmore
Margaret Stewart came 1852 on the Wanata with John Stewart
Mary Ann Stewart wed 1887 to David Godber
Mary Ann Pearl Stewart wed 1911 to Percy Victor Appleby
Rosina Ann Eleanor Stewart wed 1896 to Alfred Albert Weate
Rosina Ann Eleanor Stewart wed 1896 to Alfred Albert Weate
Thomas Stewart came c1863 with Mary Rankin
Thomas Sloane Stewart wed 1857 to Elizabeth Twigg
William Montgomery Stewart came c1882 with Frances Lush
Henry Stiggants wed 1875 to Amelia Maria Wilson
Joseph Stiles wed 1877 to Harriet Allender
Lilian Stiles wed 1898 to George Alexander Beard
Thos Hy Stinger wed 1897 to Mary Weatherson
Emma Stirling came c1860 with John De Mouilpied
Janet Stirling came c1850 with Robert Craigie
Daniel Stirrat wed 1870 to Elizabeth Barclay
David Grieve Stobie came c1852 with Catherine Vert
David Grieve Stobie wed 1856 to Sara Anna Mead
David Grieve Stobie wed 1891 to Jessie Eleanor Hunt
Edward Haldane Stobie wed 1886 to Mary Finn Kirby
Edward Haldane Stobie wed 1898 to Mary Teresa Jenkins
Hamilton McLeod Stobie wed 1904 to Catherine Elizabeth Comrie
Jessie Stockend came 1852 on the Ticonderoga with John Isbister
Alfred Stockford wed 1888 to Louisa Alice Kirwood
Sarah Stockford came c1853 with William Bunn
Benjamin William Stocks wed 1856 to Esther Andrews
Edith Stewart Stocks wed 1887 to Herbert Frederick Hall
Helena Mortimer Stocks wed c1895 to Harry Beaumont Hammond
Marian Stocks wed 1858 to John Bulmer
Alfred Edward Stodden wed 1891 to Beatrice Maud Carvosoe
Anne Stodden came 1858 via the Parsee to join Richard Stodden
Richard Stodden was joined 1858 via the Parsee by Anne Stodden
William Stodden wed 1888 to Martha Saunders
Elizabeth Annie Jane Stoe wed 1884 to William Harvey Thorp
Peter Ernest Stoffer wed 1879 to Margaret harris nee Mains

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