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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Benjamin Stokes wed 1886 to Elizabeth Palmer
Eleanor Stokes wed 1874 to Herbert Hugh Mitchell
Fanny Stokes wed 1875 to John Henry Ling
Henry Thomas Stokes wed 1882 to Ann Smart
Rachel Stokes wed 1885 to John Wilson
Sarah Stokes wed 1885 to George Mccreadie Beckett
Sarah Ann Stokes wed 1886 to William Geo Russell Marriott
Thomas Stokes wed 1870 to Emma Oceane Bale
William Robert Stokes came 1857 on the Admiral Boxer with Ellen Britnell
Charles Stoll wed 1887 to Elizabeth Fanny Warner
Alfred Stone wed 1858 to Elizabeth Buzzo / Buzza
Alfred Stone wed 1860 to Sophia Broadway
Amelia Stone came c1860 with William Henry Kegele
Ann Stone came 1859 with George Hadden Mumford
Chas Tucker Stone wed 1892 to Emily Hull
Edna Stone (Frances Edna Stone wed c1895 to Archie Edward Irvine
Edward Stone wed 1857 to Christiana Foster
Elizabeth Ann Stone wed 1883 to Isaac Brudenell
Emma Stone wed 1836 to James Hope
Emma Jessie Stone wed 1888 to John Burvill
Florence Ryland Stone wed 1890 to William Irvine
Frances Edna Stone wed c1905 to Archie Edward Irvine
Hannah Maria Stone wed 1888 to Henry McRostie
John Amos Stone came 1853 on the Gazelle with Mary Ann Tucker
John Henry Stone wed 1881 to Annie Maria Faulkner
John Henry Stone wed 1886 to Thirza Ann Cornell
Joseph Stone wed 1855 to Margaret Foster
Joseph Stone wed 1862 to Selina Eleanor Dyer
Joseph Herbt Stone wed 1894 to Eliza Cath Medley
Lucy Mary Stone wed 1885 to John Waugh
Lucy Susannah Stone wed 1869 to William Richard Field
Margaret Stone wed 1882 to Thomas Alford
Mary Stone wed 1861 to William Henry Thomas
SamuelStone wed 1872 to Elizabeth Ann Pittock
Sarah Jane Stone wed 1886 to John Watters
Sophia Ann Stone wed 1886 to William White Curnow
Thomas Stone came 1819 to Hobart Town on the David Shaw with Ann Withers
Thomas Stone wed 1850 to Mary Ann (Annie) Johnson
William Henry Stone wed 1879 to Susan Allen
Alexander Daniel Stonehouse wed 1892 to Mary Ann Reynolds
Alfred Stonehouse wed 1865 to Lydia Freeman
Ann Jane Stonehouse wed 1837 to John Williams
Caroline Stonehouse wed 1871 at Launceston to Peter Brown
Charles Stonehouse wed 1905 to Sarah Elizth Baxter
Eliza Stonehouse came 1863 via the True Briton to join John Bain Zanker
Eliza Jane Stonehouse wed 1868 to Uria William Smith
Elizabeth Stonehouse wed 1871 to Robert Kerrison
Harriet Stonehouse wed 1879 to Richard Dyas
Henry James Stonehouse wed 1888 to Elizabeth Smith
Jane Stonehouse wed 1890 to William Kirkwood
Lettiza Margaret Stonehouse wed 1876 to John Clancey
Maria Stonehouse wed 1888 to James Buck
Nancy Stonehouse wed 1880 to Robert Kerrison
Robert Stonehouse came free 1817 to Sydney, Australia on the Duke of Wellington with Jane Marsden
Robert Stonehouse wed 1840 to Jane Patten
Robert Thomas Stonehouse wed 1892 to Mary Jane Gibson
Rosebella Stonehouse wed 1881 to George Elisha Atkinson
Ruth (Sophia) Stonehouse wed 1886 to Samuel Smith
Thomas Stonehouse wed 1838 at Launceston to Elizabeth Batchelor
Thomas Stonehouse wed c1872 to Mary Elizabeth Lyon
William Stonehouse wed 1850 at Church of England Belfast Vic to Elizabeth McVay/McVeigh McVey
William Stonehouse wed 1865 to Catherine Conno Gateland
William Edward Stonehouse wed 1885 to Elizth Tait
Bessie Stoneman wed 1894 to Robt Roberts
Blanche Clairville Stoneman wed 1878 to Henry Saunders
Elizabeth Stoneman came 1848 on the Berkshire with John Morrish
Thomas Stoneman wed 1871 to Julia Rowe
Sarah Stoner came 1853 on the Monteagle with John Nelson
Edward Edwin Stones wed 1888 to Elsie Fanny Venner
William Ellis Stones wed 1861 to Julia Sargent
Ada Lillie Storer wed 1915 to Herbt Hutchinson Haynes
Alice Maud Storer wed c1908 to Wm Jno Tierney
Elizth Ellen Storer wed 1907 to Wm Thos Madgwick
Jane Storer wed 1864 to Hugh Torney
Joseph Storer came c1855 with Elizabeth Wood
Jospeh Storer wed 1888 to Ada Lydia Dellar
Mary Storer wed 1865 to William Torney
Sarah Jane Storer wed 1872 to William Isbister
Thomas Storer wed 1888 to Susanna Trotman
Harriett Storey wed 1895 to Henry McDonald Sinclair
Mary Ann Storey came 1857 on the Talbot with William Pegg
Sarah Storey wed 1863 to Luke Woodward Twigg
Elizabeth Melrose Storrer wed 1874 to William Bevan Birdsey
William Stout wed 1879 to Jessie Gertrude Murray
Jane Stow wed 1857 to John Marriott
Joseph Bannister Stow wed 1856 to Mary Ann Fitzgerald
Joseph Bannister Stow wed 1868 to Elizabeth Whimpey
Frances Jane Strachan wed 1893 to Walter Selwyn Grey
Anton Philipp Strack wed 1861 to Johanna Ryan
James Edward Strack wed 1888 to Mary Ellen Titus
Simon Strahan wed 1865 to Ann Bright
David Strain wed 1872 to Eliza Ann Warnecke
Caroline Strange came c1856 with John Fraser
Charles Alexander Stratford wed 1871 to Louisa Wilhelimina Reither
Lucy Ann Stratford wed 1867 to James William Papworth
James Foggs Straton wed 1899 to Constance Emma Vendy
Catherine Stratton wed 1882 to James Hankinson
Elizabeth Stratton wed 1877 to Ernest Harrison
Ellen Matilda Stratton wed 1884 to Henry Thacker McGill
Emma Jane Stratton wed 1881 to Andrew George Gavel
Fredk Hy Stratton wed 1884 to Sarah Ann Riordan
George Stratton wed 1883 to Emily Limbrick
John Stratton wed 1849 to Patience Goddard
Matilda Stratton wed 1882 to Benjamin Bouch
Peter Stratton wed 1849 to Prudence Goddard
Thomas Stratton wed 1874 to Eliza Cook Tainsh
Wm Stratton wed 1883 to Hannah Harrop
Heinrich Moritz Streckfuss wed 1887 to Lina Lohse nee Kraemer

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